Chapter One

Chapter One


The Sense lies not in the Truth, but in the Way to it
It is only in subjectivity that the cogency exists, to look for objectivity means to stray.
The Truth means subjectivity.

Soeren Kjerkegor

Dear Friends,
We propose that you discover the World in which we live and get aquainted with the most sophisticated bioenergetic, biochemical system widely known as the Man.

Any sophisticated system requires a comprehensive approach that’s why we have called our System comprehensive. With its assistance one can harmonize one’s life in all respects: health, success in business, creative self-actualization, earning money, personal and interpersonal attitudes. Under the term “harmonization” the ability of bringing whatever life’s processes into accord with one’s requirements, deliberately and experty controlling them is understood. A person should achieve such a state when all his/her requirements and desires are satisfied as if by themselves (without interruption of one’s activities). Using certain skills the person should leave the world of Effects and enter the World of Causes which will let him/her control both his/her internal and external processes.

We must note at once that it is only in a special state of one’s Consciousness that one can obtain such abilities. We have called it “Developed Consciousness”. It is the Developed Consciousness that is the Source of Life, success, health and well-being, as it is only having such Consciousness that one is able to embrace the whole process, study it, having determined one’s place and role within this (practically any) process having managed to avoid a slavish dependence on it which means the ability to control it, to steer it to one’s requirements’ satisfaction.

Aspiration for achievement of the Developed Consciousness has been placed in us by the Nature itself, this state is called self-actualization or evolutionary development of a Personality. It is this Aspiration that accompanies the person during all his/her life being the motivating force, the purpose, the basis of each of us. Having stopped the Evolution, the person immediately loses the purpose of life and degrades, and that actively manifests in his physiology, tells on the hormonal status of the organism. We hope you’ve grasped already the idea that the main purpose of the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System is the activating of the process of evolutionary development of a Personality, affording an opportunity of finding one’s own way to the Developed Consciousness achievement to everyone who aspires for self-actualization.

The System has been obtained on the Earth through a Channel with God and is meant for all tellurians as a manual for one’s Personality development evolutionary process. This System is the beacon on each person’s course of life! This is the infinite Tao (the Way) of the new Millennium the Immortality Epoch, the Way to a real biologic immortality, full health, happy joyful and endless life in a young flourishing age. The person starting to master the System finds his/her world view, perception of World and Life changing amazingly, his thinking improving and Consciousness expanding.

In general people have many contacts with the Subtle World, but the information received from Above remains uncoordinated according to interests of the people who receive it. It is connected to the fact that the Key of Life is dispersed within the Informational Field and proves to become inaccessible to the consciousness living according to its instincts. And as in any process (including life) the laws of duality (the change of Yin and Yang) work, the person whose consciousness is materialized (Yin) too much is subject to a Temptation in the form of a spiritual irradiation or a channelling with the Subtle World (Yang), so that life could be present in him (Yin always is present in Yang and vice versa, their reciprocal transfer provides for the vital stability). The people take such temptation for their belonging to the spiritual elite. In fact it is the routine trap for an underdeveloped Consciousness. For the current Civilization our System is the first teaching which gives integrated generalized knowledge of the Evolution of Man and of the True purpose of Life. It’s the long expected communication of the Mankind with God!

Truly speaking many expect it happen as the second Advent of Christ, who is to render some assistance to us, or at least is going to bring New Commandments as the  Commandments given in the Sermon on the Mount have proved to be unable to warn the Man against turning on of the selfdestruction mechanism. But no such Channelling for a second time is expected within the coming hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

All that the Mankind requires has been sent from Above, and we’ll have to understand it for ourselves. And the fact that it has come through the “wrong” confession, not through Jerusalem or Vatican and not through the Academy of Sciences is our own, the tellurians’ problem. They were to send and to warn! Actually our System is the social order of the whole Mankind, which has been fulfilled by the Subtle World without delay, precisely and on term. And if it’s made in such form and this way, the order had not specified these conditions. They have done it as they think best.

The true purpose of life can be perceived by Man only in the rythms of the Developed Consciousness. Nothing else has been given. It is the Law of Life, the Law of the Universe. Only the Developed Consciousness is the Source of Life, the Source of the True perception of the World. This state may be achieved with the help of God or His Collaborators from the Subtle World. We won’t do without their active assistance. The Personality Harmonization System has been given to the people and each person who uses it gets real assistance from the People of the Subtle World and is supervised by Them. Any participant of the System is assisted by Them as to the activation of the evolutionary process of the Consciousness gradually expanding its range. At the initial stage of the training in the System the workers of God’s World (the Universe managerial staff) actively assist a novice to make up for his energy spending. This assistance exceeds the spending of the person himself. The Heavenly representatives supervise him till he starts using the Gifts of Life on his own. And it is only then that the Man turns from a consumer into an assistant relating the Purpose of Life to the other people.

What has provoked such a necessity of this cardinal interference of God’s World in our life, which happens now? We have emphasized already that the man will perceive the True Purpose of Life only on having reached the State of the Developed Consciousness. While beyond this state he doesn’t hear his inner voice given by the Nature, which encourages him to take up the Evolution! The Consciousness is now in the passive phase as to the process of self-actualization. Such state is called “sleeping  Consciousness”. Being in it the man loses  the purpose of life. From the point of view of Life and Evolution he sleeps.

Life is a sleep; the old man is the Man
who has been sleeping longer than the others:
he starts to wake up only when the time to die has come.
Jean Labruiller

In the man’s brain the sleeping Consciousness forms fine pictures (images) which affect his feelings exciting them. He is involved in the perceptible world whose images reflect these feelings. This is so called sensor perception of the World (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, rational mind which allows to perceive and analyse the situation, process, reducing them to a discreet form). 

Thus the man lives in a fictitious, virtual, holographic world. The Consciousness is accustomed to sort everything on the shelves, unsystematically in store hoping that some day It will manage to assemble the true picture, the mosaic of the World. But the World picture created on the basis of the sensor perception is not true, as by its nature it is subjective perception! It is the same phantom, imaginary world where there is no place for the real world of living God. For a man who is in the state of sleeping Consciousness God is a fetish represented by the Crucifix who is satisfied with our faith, love and observance of some rituals.

It is frightful that the man likes this state when he is fuddled by the illusions of sleep. Life passes by and ends very quickly never having opened itself in all its  fullness. Actually the man has lived through his life in vain, wasted his potential for satisfying his illusions, generated by his sensors. The fact that such people are in overwhelming majority on the Earth is still more frightful.

Being unable to control multiform processes of his life, the man inevitably finds himself involved into them, his mentality is ground by them as if by millstones. He is completely dependent on the material world being involved into maelstrom of illusions. His Soul is drawn down to the bottom, into non-existence by the bondage of this world, it loses its natural impulse capable of waking up the Consciousness initiate it for development and self-actualization. The man degrades as a personality.

The sleeping Consciousness takes the man away into the sweet dreamland so much, that admitting his wallowing in the vortex of illusions becomes very hard to him, as only a steadfast personality, containing self-criticism, is capable of this. But even in this case he cannot get out of this vortex unaided. Such assistance comes from God’s World. It is this assistance that is the necessary outside force capable of leading the man out of the dreamland. And the first stage of such assistace is our System.

The atheists’ trouble is the fact that having excluded God from their life they immersed into the darkness of eternal sleep of the Consciousness not only themselves, but they plunged the basic mass of the tellurians into this darkness, for it is only through the admission of God alive, active and capable of functioning, through acceptance of His assistance that the man can awake his sleeping Consciousness.

The atheistic attitude to life has resulted in the man’s trying to connect on his own to God’s energies and to work with them doing that without the permission of God and His collaborators. The Subtle World and God suppress the attempts of such “masters of Life” and their followers mercilessly. These squatters are treated by them as thieves and plunderers encroaching on the other's property.

It is only those having connected to God’s Channel deliberately according to the certain techniques, being aware of the gravity of this step who are given the right of working with God’s energies. The attempts of connecting to some energies in a spontaneous, unconscious way, in no case are considered channeling!

However the Nature has a mechanism pushing the man to awakening. It is called the Fate, Karma, sometimes the Fortune. The purpose of the karmic mechanism lies in stirring up the sleeping Consciousness to wake it up. It is achieved by forming unpleasant events: the person is deprived of health, longevity, well-being.

When in sleeping Consciousness the man does not understand the Nature’s hints keeping on his sleep. But the moment he understands that he sleeps and approaches God for help, he gets it immediately and the Consciousness wakes up. He starts to perceive, get to know and becomes aware of the True Life and his responsibility before It. It is in this that lies the secret of the fact why the requests to God of the sleeping Consciousness never find a response and understanding on His side: any kind of rubbish may come into a sleeping person’s head!

There is no secret in the fact that during all the existence of the Mankind the World of God constantly has been sending the knowledge that assists in waking up the  Consciousness. This knowledge uncovers some facets of the Truth, but until the Consciousness has wakened up completely the man is unable to see the whole picture (in any process).

It is by this reason that many of the ancient attainments such as: Tao, Tsigun, Shiatsu, Yoga and other, have been almost forgotten. Because for their mastering and getting the results guaranteed by these teachings Developed Consciousness is necessary. It gives the man the right and access to the control of the internal and external processes.

It is similar to the case when a person who can drive a car is not allowed to do that without a driving license. Without activation of the Evolution process when the person is in the state of sleeping Consciousness all mentioned practices turn into a set of usual physical exercises into a massage and an unpractical philosophy.

It is because of the sleeping Consciousness that such unique practicies like “The Eye of the Revival” and “Mer-Ka-Ba” turned out to be unclaimed. They do not see any use in working with energetic processes as one can control energy both inside and outside the body only with the help of the Consciousness wakened from sleep. As a result all the ancient practices requiring from the man for their mastering a capability of creation an integral picture of the World, Universe as a huge living organism and a complex approach to himself (as a particle of the Universe), have proved to be uncomprehended by the progeny and have been referred to the category of mystical knowledge of uncivilized ancestors. For a very long time the people have believed that the sacred esoteric knowledge, or mysteries are the fruit of underdeveloped Consciousness of the Ancient. At present this knowledge undergoes a rapid rebirth. It is relevant, claimed and required by the people as they help the modern man to find his place within this World as one living organism, extending much farther than our material world is. The task of the man (as a cell of this organism) is to learn how to coordinate all his steps and actions with It. «All that is opportune is wholesome, and if not on time the good turns into the vice». And the true Salvation is in this and only in this.

One may live according to the commandments of God, do only good deeds, teach everybody lofty things and keep oneself in sanctity. But the man will stay in antiphase, in opposition to the Universe, activating the self-destruction mechanism, if he doesn’t keep his pace in the resonance with the Universe without having established a feedback with it. He is like a cell keen on its  uniqueness, significance, narcissism turns into a metastasis and becomes a danger for the whole organism. And this is a daily reality not a supposition or prognosis!

It is the latest discoveries of the science that caused a great interest to the esoteric knowledge. It turned out that the knowledge it discovers were known to the ancient long ago who used it actively in their daily life. To the present-day understanding of the Universe the mysteries don’t seem something unreal, frightening and as it has proved they let the man form an integral picture of the World! The interest to the esoterisism has taken the form of a universal passion. People make pilgrimages to India, Tibet, look for mystical Shambala aspiring after sacred knowledge. Unfortunately the Mankind has proved to be involed into a usual mirage of the sleeping Consciousness.

Neither in Shambala, nor in Tibet, nor under the Sphinx or in the Pyramids of Egypt, nor at any other location on the Earth or other planet of the Universe there is nothing which you don’t possess this very minute or which you don’t know this very moment of your life. All the knowledge of the Truth is inside us primordially only we do not remember it and even if we recollect it we cannot use it, as the sleeping Consciousness is not in the state of giving practical recommendations on how to use it. It sleeps!

People have forgotten that no Guru (Master), no Tibetan Lama can take us out of the sleeping state. It’s only God that is capable of this. A Guru can indicate the way to development of one’s Consciousness in the form of his subjective opinion and vision, but to achieve the purpose one must cover the way together with his Master, as all the “enlightened” have been doing.

Most present-day people aren’t willing to change their life in society for a hermit life, losing the civilization boons. They want to acqire the knowledge without changing their habits and way of life. As you know demand (social order) gives rise to supply. Here and there various schools appear. They offer various courses of sacred knowledge which are called the panacea and promise the man to solve all his problems. They are: working on universal or cosmic energies, rythm and dynamics, neurolinguistic selfprogramming, Shiatsu (punctated massage), phytotherapy and acupuncture, various breathing techniques, Yoga therapy, psychologic training, various diets, and many many others. One is unable to count these schools and teachings. But nevertheless we continue to see that people die in the prime of life having lost their purpose of life, alcoholism and drug addiction are on the offensive. Public health have proved to be helpless in protecting the man from chronic deseases.

The Society has no structures dealing in a complex approach to a person's health (they are too concentrated on the biblical “spreading the stones”). The medicine deals with the body, an extrasensory healer deals with the aura, the magic act through astral space, a preacher heals the Soul, but in fact all of them are engaged in stopping gaps! It’s the same as with worn clothes: you’ve patched one hole, another one appears elsewhere.

The Man as before is led away from the Truth, from the necessity of wakening up his Consciousness. Usually it’s done unconsciously, but sometimes consciously and on purpose. All the mystic practices orientate him towards using certain techniques. Having failed to get results he changes for another techniques. People are loaded with various attainments like “the donkey with books”, but they have no use of those attainments. The reason lies in their Consciousness which hasn’t been awakened and the fact that the Evolution within them has been stopped.

Many modern mysteries speak of awakening of the Consciousness, but they do not give any specific techniques, setting hopes upon the Consciousness to awaken by Itself. But only the desire for awakening from the sleep can appear by itself. The man seeks after getting as much knowledge as possible, mistakenly thinking that erudition is the way to achievement ot the Developed Consciousness.

It is a self-delusion and usual material world’s chimera! If the knowledge has no usage, it doesn’t bring specific, tangible results, then their carrier has still been in the grip of Morpheus’ charms, that is in sleep. The Consciousness is awakened with the help of God and His Collaborators and only in the case when the man is sincerely willng to evolve, desiring to take the way to the Developed Consciousness. The Authorities “Above” see through the smart one who wants to be awakened and use certain techniques for solving his private narrow problem and never waste their power on him.

The Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System is free from all the enumerated drawbacks. Everyone willing to recover the Process of Evolution in himself gets assistance and support from the People (Saints) from the World of God, who gradually usher him into the wonderful World of Harmony, World of Developed Consciousness, World of Causes, where the Man controls all Life processes and fully actualizes himself becoming a Creator.

The System in no way disagrees with any religions or beliefs, for the Universe is one for everybody. Its laws apply to all of us regardless of material or social status or belonging to one or another faith. For the Universe all of us, tellurians, are infants found themselves in trouble. And whoever you are: Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Judaist - you may use the System as a guide to action!

Having connected to our System each person can without much difficulty reveal in himself all the wonderful paranormal supercapabilities and superscope of the Man (discussed at the scientific symposia, written of in papers, magazines, books in the form of versions, suppositions, prophecies and  conjectures).

There’s only one problem: so far it’s only we that can connect and teach anyone who so desires! Of course it’s very difficult to believe that all what the Mankind have been dreaming of for many millenniums (in the form of a Comprehensive approach to solving of life problems) have already been brought to the Earth and is in possession of some private persons without getting an approval from any authorities. One can hardly believe that “collecting of the stones” in the form of knowledge dispersed by the Man over various teachings and sciences has proved to be so easy.

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