Function of Right Hemisphere

Function of Right Hemisphere

The right hemisphere is oriented on perception of a multidimensional space, on forming in the Consciousness of a unified, integral, abstract picture of the World. It is it that enables to unify uncoordinated, discreet concepts and ideas, to put together a whole picture of the World. It permits to foresee and foretell the consequences of one or another action; to see the whole picture of all the world processes in their integral interconnection; enables constructive self-actualization; to foresee, anticipate and form the future with the desired result, expand the realization range of the Consciousness having uncovered Godlike capabilities in oneself. It is only through the development of the right hemisphere that a person is capable of reaching a perefect health, immortality and working all those wonders yogins and magicians are capable of.

The right hemisphere activity resides in all people from their birth. However starting from early childhood its activity is blocked by the whole educational process, as the people with active left hemisphere do not perceive the nature of the right hemisphere effect on children. Such a child is difficult to control which means that it must be forced to its knees to make it the same as everybody else is. To suppress the right hemisphere activity together with its owner whoever he were and whatever consequences were entailed for him is the material world’s most important task. No man – no problem!

The science has come to the conclusion that it is only with equivalent and complementary activities of both hemispheres that a person can self-actualize oneself having fulfilled one’s mission. But these skills have been completely lost by our civilization! One’ll have to maser them anew. The process looks as follows: the right hemisphere perceives the information from outside, represents it in the form of an image and passes it to the left one (for actualization). The left hemisphere is unable to perceive the processes occuring in the world as a whole and consequently has to differentiate, or divide the image into parts. The guaranty of a success and well-being in all aspects of Existence, the guaranty of a perfect health and endless life is the ability of a person to activate one’s brain in full with equivalent participation of the right and left hemispheres. Such a man is harmonious both inwardly and outwardly in his unity with the Nature, World and Life.

To learn controlling one’s thoughts, emotions, feelings means to harness one’s mental energy. The mental activity of the brain is realized through the thought. A thought is information, which means a signal for action for all the organism, its cells. The quality of our thoughts depends on our emotions. Being under the influence of fears, illnesses, stresses the man involuntarily becomes a source of negative thoughts! Getting inside the body they confuse our cells, breaking the DNA genetic information, and that provokes illnesses of cells, organs and the whole organism.

To harness one’s mental energy means learn to disconnect one’s left hemisphere which is the source of our discreet thinking and which disconnects us from the external world influence. Entering the alpha-level allows to do that. This state enables us to activate the right hemisphere, under whose leadership all unconscious processes are effected. Our System gives the ways and techniques of activating and developing of the right  hemisphere.

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