Man is Sick Surrounded by an Ocean of Health Knowledge

Man is Sick Surrounded by an Ocean of Health Knowledge

All that the science discovers and proves isn’t anything new, it was known long ago but forgotten: “The Being is wise and efficient, the lumber supplied for making new things is sufficient”. The things which the scientists discover now have been known long ago, all this was combined into a harmonious comprehensive system known as the ancient teaching “Ayurveda”. It reflects integral views on the man, his way of life in unity with the Nature and Life.

The man doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel in his development and perfection: all required information of how it should be done has been existing within ages. It’s reflected in myths, legends, fairy tales, various esoteric teachings (we should remind that all this information is scattered in the Information Field, only a Developed Consciousness being able to gather it and apply in practice). The modern man is only to extend his hand and accept the assistance of his ancestors. He is to take the things belonging to him by succession, which are known to everyone, but he neither sees nor hears them! It’s all because the folk lore doesn’t give ready made recipes but just indicates the way to oneself, to self-perfection.

The Nature has created the man all-sufficient, and absolutely invulnerable, independent from any external conditions and factors. He represents an all-sufficient system closed from external interference of the material world and people! We lack only one thing: an integral approach to ourselves, our health and perception of the World. The main thing which we lack is the critical comprehension of that which is happening. Only our right hemisphere is responsible for these functions and capable of fulfilling them.

But “only studying the unknown is the true science, all the rest is technological progress”. The science summoned for serving the Mankind, has concentrated only on the research of the material world and has exhausted its possibilities. With further development the life sets a task of starting the research of the one beyond seen, tangible and realized, of the thing which inside the man. And the science won’t go away from it: the material world has also exhausted its possibilities in providing comfortable conditions of life for the man.

Mind (parable in Osho presentation)

Use your mind for examining things where they are, but not where they are not, even if they are in the dark. Go inside.

One day the people saw that Rabia by some reason ran out of her hut. They all gathered around her, poor old woman. They asked:

– What’s happened? What are you looking for?

She said without raising her head:

– I’ve lost the needle.

All rushed looking for it. Soon someone hit upon an idea to ask:

– Rabia, the street is large, night has come, it’ll get dark, the needle is so small. Can you say exactly where you dropped it?

Rabia said:

– The needle’s dropped in the house.

– You must’ve gone mad! If the needle dropped in the house, what are you doing here?

– Because it’s lighter over here, and it’s all dark in the house.

– But even if the light is here, how are you going to find the needle, if you’ve never lost it here? It’d be right if the light is brought into the house, and there you’ll be able to find the needle!

Rabia laughed and said:

–You are so attentive to trifles. When are you going to use your mind in your private life? I see that all your aspirations are directed outside, I know it exactly, and now I’ve got certain of that by my experience, that what you aspire to has been lost inside you. Use your mind! Why are you aspiring to happiness in the outer world? Did you lose it there? They were standing astounded, and Rabia disappeared in her house”.

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