Controlling the Unconscious is One of the Points on the Way to Health

Controlling the Unconscious is One of the Points on the Way to Health

The deepening of the man into the material world has led him to the edge of the precipice. Further on the death of each man and of all the Mankind will follow. It’s time to remember the old very well forgotten thing and turn one’s eye to the spiritual and mental perfection! At present many scientists are aware of the necessity of such reorganization of the Consciousness. The guaranty of the successful Evolution is unification of the Consciousness and Subconsciousness, i.e. the man must learn to deliberately control all unconscious processes of the organism. These processes account for ninety five per cent of the human existence.

Henry W. Walmer, M.D., said: “The human organism has been created and functions according to the Laws of Physics and Chemistry. They never change. These Laws are written on every nerve, every muscle, every part of our body. These Laws govern the cells, tissues, and organs of the body, entrusting them certain functions. The force of law is effected through the central nervous system which is not controlled by our Consciousness”. Here we have that the human being, a thinking being, the Crown of Creation, is controlled by the Laws which are not under control of his Consciousness for 95 per cent! The Consciousness controls only the working activities and the life in the material world, lets comprehend oneself in this world, but not more!

This means that all life and activity of the man are controlled by the left hemisphere, by his Consciousness. All other vital functions are controlled in accordance with the information placed in the genes of the man, i.e. are not controlled by his Consciousness and the left hemisphere.

It should be noted that this generic information a person receives at his birth, he grows, develops according to it. On its basis he builds his world view, his life credo. But the life is always on move, it makes its corrections. The man must keep himself informed about these changes so that he could bring them to every cell of his organism in time. The purpose of our first Chapter is to deliver the health and self-actualization idea to a person who has an active left hemisphere (with the right one deactivated).

And not only to deliver but to show that all he aspires to is inside him and is in his power only! And then with the help of the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System teach the person to activate his right hemisphere, teach him to control and correct his unconsciuos processes on the full scale.

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