Man’s Development Code Is Kept in EnergoInformational Field of Universe

Mana's Development Code Is Kept in EnergoInformational Field of Universe

Till recently it went without saying that all information required for forming and developing of a human organism had been encoded in the DNA molecule. Its memory volume was also calculated: abt. 10 billion information units. Any cell nucleus of the organism contains this quantity of data, and therefore all organism does as all cells contain similar DNAs. It’s a huge figure. For a comparison, approx. such quantity of data is contained in one volume of an Encyclopedia.

It might seem all clear, one is only to find out the responsibility of each gene. But the soulless and precise mathematics proved that DNA memory volume was far from sufficient for enclosing the software providing for vital functions of the organism! Even approximate understated evaluations show that for the organism to be able successfully develop, grow, move, fight infections, feel, memorize, create, a DNA molecule must have a memory quadrillion times greater than it can hold! For a comparison: to put down all this mass of information an Encyclopedia 170 times thicker than the distance from the Earth to the Sun would be required.

So where is this unimaginable volume of data contained, if the DNA can hold only one of the volumes of this collossal Encyclopedia? The answer which the scientists have arrived to staggers all the materialistic foundations of the science: the main program of development is kept in more subtle energies and not at all in DNA! The DNA molecule is just a receiver of these subtle energies, created from a denser matter and enabling the organism to receive the required information from “Above”.

For some time this discovery had been “on paper” as they say, until it was confirmed by practice: several years ago independently of each other the American physicists under Robert Pekora’s leadership (carrying out researches on DNA light-diffusion) and the Russian scientists from Quantum Genetics Institute (having elaborated DNA information reading with the help of laser) obtained sensational results! Having destroyed for research purposes some DNA molecules they discovered a stunnig fact: the “empty” places, the holes in the place of the killed molecules kept radiating information!

It’s true that the mode of this radiation changed sharply: it wasn’t a calm “voice” of a sound molecule, but a cry of pain and horror of the dying DNA. This cry has been fixed by the instruments for 40 days exactly (according to the religeous beliefs the purge of a Soul after death lasts this period of time!).

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