Man is Receiver

Man is Receiver

Petr Garyaev made a conclusion: “The experiments have shown that genetic system is not an all-sufficient closed system. There is an external genetic information coming from the Higher Mind. So the hereditary information is transferred not only through the matter of the biologic cell, but through some fields of subtle energy, which carry data concerning that or other person”. The circle has closed: it’s about this thing that the esotericists have been speaking at all times!

Some years ago 53 scientists from various countries, physicists, chemists, biologists (there were Nobel prize winners among them) publicly announced of God’s existence. According to their opinion nothing can explain the beginnings and development of life on the Earth except participation of the Main Personage. Darwin’s theory in the light of the latest data has many gaps and the science has nothing to cover them with!

Each scientist has come to the recognition of the Most High on his own having made certain that many paradoxical phenomena in his field cannot be classified. Petr Garyaev, a Russian researcher, has received the most reliable proof of existece of the Higher Will.

This appeal to Creator of staunch materialists not so astonishing as it may seem. There had been widely known researchers who perfectly co-ordinated Act of God with searching for the mysteries of the Nature. One may remember the great physiologist Pavlov, Einstein, Pythagore, Plato, Aristotle, Avicenna, Omar Haiyam and other scientists and thinkers.

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