Man’s Fortune is in his Hands

Man’s Fortune is in his Hands

But if God (or Supreme Mind, as He is more often named by the scientists now) arranged and directs all Existing, this means that all that happens has been predetermined and every person’s fate is recorded in the Heavenly Tablets. This is confirmed by the information conservation Law formulated recently: “The information concerning each event precedes its appearance”. In other words all that happens has been predetermined, preprogrammed. But the future predetermined for each of us and all Mankind does not have single meaning, a “spare variant” always exists! And it is only the man himself that is to choose the variant as ‘the present is a process of realization of non-variable past into variable future”!

Prof. Boris Nikityuk, M.D., confirmed that in the end our health, fate (that is life itself) depend on the choice we make every minute. The man is able of making considerable corrections in the fate tablets: hampering the development of an illness for tens of years, extending his life span predetermined by the fate, if he keeps correct, healthy way of life. The man can learn making the correct choice and following it. The modern science confirms that!

Yes, - you might say, - but all these are just conclusions and statement of facts, no one can be surprized by that! In light of the events mentioned above, a special significance is taken on by the answer to the following question: “Where is the way out and what is to be done?”. Shall we wait for the science to wake up and give us some practical recommendations? This will take at least 25 years while the earth has already been involved in the gravitational cyclone’s activity. Now everyone is required of only one thing: to go where he is called for, to be open for the information. And the main thing for everybody is to understand who he is and what he wants.

We’ll talk concerning the practical steps towards one’s health and well-being and the methods of their achievement in the parts of our System dealing with its practical application, if you choose to get yourself ackwainted with them. So far they may be obtained with us only.

But you should clearly understand that the man’s life is indivisible per se, these are: family, work, studies, money, rest, etc. To separate one constituent from another is impossible, so they have to be solved as a whole. At present a rapid, dynamic replacement of one processes by the other ones takes place. It is this factor that doesn’t allow the people getting caught in a problem and trying to solve them separately. All this makes us learn to harmonize ourselves with the World, with Life. “Most people are unable to find out the favourable opportunity as it comes to them in overalls and reminds the everyday work too much” (Thomas Edison).

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