Evolution and Man

Evolution and Man

At Present we don’t deal with a precipice that opened all of a sudden, but with the natural consequence of a single process.

After having read the previous section, the Consciousness of many of you might have composed a gloomy, hopeless picture. Yes, by his ignorance, nonobservance of the Laws of Nature the man has driven himself into a blind alley having arrived close to the inevitable ruin. Through his unwise behaviour with his own hands he activated the notorious “Apocalypse” (in the sense as many understand it, that is, the “doomsday”, or selfdestruction mechanism).

But these articles aren’t given with the purpose of scaring anybody or of shocking the respectable public. They depict the current state of things from the point of view of the science! Their purpose is assisting people to gain an understanding of the situation by no means ordinary and in many ways contradictory in which all of us have found ourselves.

In the current section named “Evolution and Man” the same picture is shown but from the point of view of the Subtle World People. The Subtle World is the World which is beyond the perception by our Consciousness and our sense organs, which is beyond our control. Our physical world is one of Its constituents for It. Our task is to deliver to you both points of view in a maximally objective and unbiased form, to give clear reference points of getting out of the blind alley and the ways of their achievement.

We want to show you the way to salvation sensu stricto, the rest fully depending on your choice. Our System has everything necessary to teach you how to be healthy. It is our System that will assist you to learn how to manage your thought, to control the consumption of mental and life energies, to manage the unconscious processes on the cell level, developing the neocortex, activating the right hemisphere.

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