Evolution is Life Perpetual Motion Machine

Evolution is Life Perpetual Motion Machine

Life is a continuous Evolution. The Nature (in a broader sense of the word) constantly develops, evolves, this is the purpose of its existence, the sense of its life, if you like. All is in constant moving.

The science named the man “Homo Sapiens”, or Man Intelligent and washed its hands of it. It established this condition as fait accompli, the highest achievement, which the man only capable of. The science kind of put a full stop in his development. If one could imagine for a moment that this could happen, the Life itself would have ceased its existence having considered its task fulfilled! Fortunately all is happening quite the other way round: the life doesn't stop and keep the man moving not allowing him to withdraw from the Evolutionary way of development. Let’s ponder over this.

Many millions of years have passed from the beginnings of life on the Earth. This stage has been concluded by forming human being, a creation universal by its anatomic structure, physiologic and mental processes. Due to this fact the man has occupied a special place in the Nature:

  • only the man is capable of articulate speech;
  • only the man is capable of creation, thinking, putting forward ideas and realizing them;
  • only the man is capable of being aware of himself, of his place in this world and of transforming it.

Yes, the stage of his formation and coming-to-be kind of ends on this. Further on the real Evolution of Man, that is the stage of his self-actualization development starts. On this way the man can acquire, or to be more accurate get back his physical immortality, such supercapabilities as teleportation (moving to any point of space both on the Earth and within the Universe together with his physical body). He’ll be able to materialize objects with the help of his thought only and further on living Nature objects, becoming its Creator, but not the King!

The Humanity could only dream of such prospects. During many millenniums the man has been recollecting the “lost Eden”. It’s the memory of the past might which he had some time before coming to the Earth. The memories of those legendary times have reflected in the tales, bylinas, myths, legends, of all nations of the world. You’ll find there the magic carpet, cap of darkness, magic table-cloth, Yemelya, the national Russian hero, with his “by the Pike’s order, and by my will”. It is the aspiration to get back the lost abilities, yearning for those times that served as an impact for technology progress. It was a peculiar ersatz Evolution in the man’s interpretation.

The man of the West has chosen a complicated way. The people of the Orient have taken a simpler way and have been rather successful on it. One may remember the legends of Tibet, Shambala, of the Eternal Youth Source. Many of the attainments have sunk into oblivion, many are being regenerated now. The difficulty in acquiring of these New Attainments (Testaments) lies not in the fact that they are concealed from us, but in the people being unprepared to receive it not to speak of using it. They have proved to be naïve and primitive for our enlightened minds. In order that the received Attainments give perceptible results one must accept and realize them to the level of DNA molecule of every cell of the organism which means one must merge oneself with these Attainments!

For the sake of this many have to overcome themselves giving up their habitual credos (dogmas, stereotypes) so sweet to their heart. One has to learn making the correct choice and that is a hard labour, requiring honest treatment of oneself, critical revaluation of one’s personality.

You must admit that only few are in the state to manage such work. There are no other, easier ways to the disclosing of one’s super capabilites and super resources. They are just unable! It’s a self-defence mechanism of the Nature: it’s only a man harmonious in all respects that can become perfect.

The Nature has to activate its self-protection mechanism and destroy the man, its creation, not because it fears himself possessing technology progress. It fears a non-harmonized omnipotent man possessing a powerful, unbridled potential of his thought, his mental energy. The man unable to control his mental potential may make and makes already irregular corrections in the processes of the Nature, condemning to a ruin not only himself, but also the Existence, in the full sense of this word, i.e. the Life on other Levels of the Subtle World!

The scientists have ascertained that the Earth is a living creature, much more organized and by far more intellectually developed than the man. It has its own intellectual potential. The man is the Earth’s creation and everyone of us is the member of its family. Just imagine, that in your family an aggressively disposed person appeared. Of course all may be excused by the illness and explain his unbridled aggression, histeria provoking a burst of poisonous mental energy. Yes, it may! But the other family members don’t feel better because of this. In this case there’s only one way out: somehow isolate or neutralize the aggressor! Further actions are to be according to the family members’ choice.

It is in a similar way that our Mother Earth reacts. She, as a higher developed being cannot stand the surge of the man’s aggressive energy. It takes adequate steps to bring its imprudent creation to reason! The Mankind is seriously ill. An aggression unjustified by anything expressed in a powerful surge of poisonous, all destroying mental energy into the ambient space is the result of this illness. This behaviour is impossible to be justified.

That is why the health and revival matter is put in the first place in general. The remaining problems will be solved by themselves when everyone (without looking back at those around) learns to be healthy and stops spoiling life not only to himself and those around him, but also to the Nature itself. As the relatives cannot correct the person, the Nature has to do that. The sick person cannot be healed if he is unwilling to be healed. One must be willing to be healthy! “The man can do anything, but nobody can make him WANT!”

Most people will interpret all the above as somebody’s fantasies and tales: ”This cannot exist as it can never exist!”. And each one is right in his own way. And a carterpillar, the nasty creature, creeping on the branches and devouring leaves will answer the same way, if it is told what a beautiful butterfly it is going to become in the near future! How everybody is going to admire it. Having passed the stage which is called nymphosis, the carterpillar will find out that it really acquired wings and can fly, having turned into the most harmless and beauttiful creature in the world.

Just Think of Carterpillar (parable by Paulo Coelho)

The caterpillar spends most part of its life on the soil being envious of birds and indignant with its fortune and form. “I’m the most unhappy creature of all, - it thinks, – Ugly, nasty and doomed to creep on the soil”. But once Mother Nature asked the caterpillar to make a cocoon. The caterpillar got surprised (it has never made a cocoon before), thought it would make a grave for itself and prepared to die. Being unhappy in the life it has spent, it complained to God: “My Lord, as soon as I’ve got used to the state of things, You take from me the little I have”. It wrapped itself with a cocoon in despair and set to waiting for the end. Several days later the caterpillar saw that it turned into a butterfly. It became capable of flying in the skies and it got amazed of that. It got greatly surprised at the life and God’s intentions."

Our agonies represent the stage of nymphosis. There is just one snag to it. The Evolution Process of a caterpillar has been made automatic by the Nature, a caterpillar is never asked if it’s willing to become a butterfly or not. Of course it’ll be willing and will fly like one o'clock! But the man in this World is another matter: his choice is the Law for all the Universe, including God! The Universe requires a Human Being, and not a clone.

That’s why the man’s choice isn’t to be criticized or discussed on any part whatsoever, but in no case it excuses himself from the responsibility for the accomplished deed. It’s his own problem if he’s made the wrong choice and nobody is responsible for it. This Law of the Subtle World is to neutralize our craftiness.

The responsibility for one’s own Choice everyone carries for oneself. Everyone of us must select the direction of one’s Evolution for oneself, make it on his own will, without anybody’s command and with his own hands. But if the Evolution is genuine, he will receive assistance from Above. In such a case the Man’s choice is the Law indeed for the Subtle World binding upon it rendering the Man any assistance, protection and support.

Up-to-date researches on the brain have shown that the man has practically no difference from the primates, or “dumb animals” in using this wonderful organ. These possiblities cannot be improved or expanded through development of the intellect.

From this a conclusion may be made that the man in his present-day form is far from being a perfect and universal creature. He is rather inclined to declare his perfection, having made a cult of it. We have been warned about it two thousand years ago: “You must be born again” (John 3:7). It is the butterfly’s coming out from the cocoon that its true birth is.

By this message we have been warned against trying to impede the Evolution, against the very thought of resting on our laurels. “To be born again” means the true birth of the man, or the starting point of his Evolution! As you may understand it’s an agonizing and painful process as it is effected by the man deliberately, with his own hands and of his free will, without anybody’s urging.

The idea of Evolution lies in the fact that initially when the Universe was laid, the Subtle World created existence conditions close to ideal for all living creatures. At this stage an adaptation to the offered conditions accompanied by destruction of the nature takes place. The purpose of the first stage is bringing the man to the inevitable necessity of realizing what he has done and of non-aternative entering the Evolution.

This step signifies the beginning of the second stage, when the evolving Man (but by no means all the Mankind) sets his programs to the Nature (Life).

This means that the process of Evolution has not been finished, it’s just starting. What’s it all about? According to the forecasts of the prophets and clairvoyant people the golden Age is coming. This is going to be an Age of Harmonious Life flourishing which means that no struggle of extremes, so vividly pronounced now in all aspects of our existence, will take place. All people are going to be happy, successful and to live an endless life. Godlike children, i.e. children with unique capabilities, will be born. This is true. The Life must manifest itself in all its splendour.

But no miracles exist. First the parents capable of bringing up such children who will bring them to that world must come to the bright future.

You’ll ask: “What bodies on the governmental level are to take care of the training and upbringing such Godlike parents?”. Nobody is going to take care of some deranged (from the point of view of “normal” people) dreamers! The Governmental bodies will stand by the 99% of their electorate and will go with them to the end, into Non-existence.

That is why these parents will have to grow up and teach themselves in the beginnig for the sake of themselves and their future children! The survived one per cent of people will have to rely only on their own strength and resources, overcoming incomprehension and sometimes violent resistance on the part of the perishing world, which has its own toys! In short, business is business!

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