Man’s Evolution is Accompanied by his Brain’s Evolution

Man’s Evolution is Accompanied by his Brain’s Evolution

According to the scientific data the Man’s brain consists of three main parts:

  1. «Reptile brain».
  2. «Mammal’s brain» (limbic system).
  3. «Intellectual brain» (neocortex).

The man in his daily and creative activity uses only two to five per cent of the neocortex. Developing this very part of the brain the man can evolve to infinity becoming godlike, uncovering more and more new capabilities in himself.

The Bible testifies regarding this: “Each of you  has a part of God inside”. Therefore potentially everyone has all that is inherent to God, like a caterpillar carries a butterfly in itself. Everyone who has a desire to live must reveal these potentialities in himself and see them fulfilled. From time immemorial the people have been dreaming of the source of youth and immortality, but their main mistake lies in the fact that such source have never existed and cannot exist outside the man! This source is inside everyone of us! To be able to use it one must develop the abilities and possibilities of the neocortex. Everyone is in the state of doing that, one has to have a desire by himself. As you must have understood from the above “the man really can do anything, but nobody can make him want!”.

All our Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System concerns the practical steps on revealing of these possibilities. Every word or deduction made by it isn’t just a statement of facts and idle talk. Absolutely all theoretic computations have practical realization in the form of specific steps and techniques, enabling the person controlling one’s organism on the cell level with the help of thought. In spite of the fact that many views and approaches of our System seem rather uncommon, it’s not a new exravagant theory or philosophy. It contains not more than one per cent of theory in it, all the rest is practice. So evaluating it from the point of view of theory without involving oneself into the practice means to understand nothing what it’s all about.

All practical training and techniques have been thoroughly selected and perfected by the people residing on the Earth and working in close cooperation with the People from the Subtle World. It is in this that the unique peculiarity and complete oneness of our System is! There has been no experience of such practice and cooperation within five thousand years. The stage we are passing now is remarkable and significant: the man in his communication with the Supreme Mind has after all made up his mind to step over the invisible line separating the bare rhetoric from the pure practice and finally dared to ask for assistance in solving his vital affairs. And, Lo and behold! He has received it!

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