Manifested and Latent Abilities of Brain

Manifested and Latent Abilities of Brain

Let’s scrutiny them in more detail.

1. Reptile brain

During the man’s evolution the brainstem called reptile brain was the first to develop. It’s the man’s weakest component of his intellect. This part of the brain is responsible for the sensory and motoric reactions (i.e., functions of the five sense organs percepting the material world).

The man’s life passes within the tree-dimensional space. Our organs of sense and therefore the Consciousness connected with them are oriented toward the perception of this space range. As you see, if one takes into account that the space is many-dimentional and not at all linear as percepted by us, this range is far from being great. For instance, the architecture masterpieces of ancient Greece do not contain a single straight line or at least two parallel lines. All is slantwise and oblique, but the eyes of the reptile brain percept this as an absolute harmony. Therefore the real world in which we live and to which our Consciosness is oriented is quite different from the one we know and picture (idealize) to ourselves. We are to study, know and render habitable this unknown World.

The behavioural stereotypes put in the reptile brain are connected with the survival instinct, the urge towards kin continuation. This part of the brain is in charge of such functions as: food procuring, looking for cover, one’s territory protection. When we feel a danger this brain commands: “protect yourself!” or “run!”.

When the reptile brain shows its dominating activity the person loses his or her ability of thinking on all the remaining incommensurably higher levels. The development of a brain may be effected only through training, there’s nothing else available: either you strain it or you lose it! The person degrades, if he “loses” his brain.

To avoid this it’ll be enough for the beginning if one accepts the fact of scantiness, imperfection of our perception of the World, archaism of our “reference point” and “measurement”. The aphorism says: “The thing that is going to be measured will be made according to the measurement”. We keep using the prehistoric measurement living in the atomic age. Having had a deeper thought, one can make a conclusion that the perception of the World from the point of view of a reptile (with its eyes) is considered the final truth by the man, and all his world view, morals have been built on this loose and extremely unreliable base.

2. Mammal’s Brain

The reptile brain is surrounded by a very complicated limbic system, which has been called “mammal’s brain”. This area of the brain is situated on a much higher step of the evolutionary scale than the reptile brain and is available with all mammals. It has emotional and cognitive functions. This part of the brain is responsible for perceptions, emotional experiences, memory, and training; it controls the biorhythms, feeling of hunger, blood pressure, sleep, metabolism, cardiac rate, state of immune system. The reptile brain plays an important part in the organism vital functions: it is with this brain that the effect of emotions on the health is connected. The limbic system perceives the signals coming from the organs of senses (hearing, sight, feeling), and passes the received information to the thinking part of the brain – neocortex.

The people whose limbic part of the brain dominates are emotional and touchy. Or they run to the other extreme: they become thoroughly engrossed in their studies, work, business, load themselves with somebody’s troubles and duties, which are onerous and often bring no use to anybody.

As the limbic system is directly connected to the neocortex, its dominating wastes the neocortex mental energy for solving limbic system’s problems and tasks, or simply burns it in emotions, instead of using it for solving of specific practical matters with tangible results. A burst into the organism of a cosiderable portion of mental energy which accompanies “solving” of these problems and tasks paralyses the nervous system, disturbs the metabolism and finally results in illnesses and shortening the life span.

The Mental Energy is a product of the neocortex’ activity which means it’s the neocortex’ property. It’s only the neocortex that is able to use this energy. Once the Mental Energy gets into reptile or mammal brain’s “hands” it turns from a powerful and healing force into a deadly poison for all living creatures, and in the first place for the man himself. So to be healthy one must learn to control one’s emotions, i.e. control the limbic brain, protect it from its access to the Mental Energy in the first place.

You are wondering how that can be done? You’ll find that in our System!

3. Thinking Brain (Neocortex)

The Neocortex is situated on top and on the sides of the limbic system. Its mass amounts to eighty per cent of the whole mass of the medullary substance and it is inherent to the man only. This is the center of the supreme mental work centre of True Intelligence. The Neocortex perceives, analyses, sorts the messages received from the organs of senses. Such functions are inherent to it as: reasoning, thinking, taking decisions, of the man’s creative ability, accomplishment of appropriate motor reactions and speach control, Man realization in general. The neocortex is the sixth (mental, intuitive) organ of senses. Its development activates so called mental feeling which enables to perceive the most subtle vibrations of the Universe, DNA molecules, other people’s thoughts, perceive all unconscious processes, become aware of them and therefore to control them.

The Mental Energy is an equivalent of the Neocortex activity, it’s the Mental Energy that is the Man’s holy of holies. All our troubles come from inability to skilfully control and deal with its potential, enabling us to manage the processes occurring in the organism with the help of thought, as well as actively interact with the processes of the Nature, deriving benefit from such interaction for ourselves.

It’s the Neocortex that limitless potential of cognition process and its realisation in life have been put in. This part of brain controls telepathic, linguistic, extrasensory capabilities. Only due to the Neocortex development the man can achieve creative self-fulfilling and perform a break-through into the Evolution. The science doesn’t even suspect what this may be.

The intuition is the highest form of thought manifestation. It’s the intuition or the man’s capability of reading the information from the outer World (not only three-dimensioned but also many-dimensioned) that allows to expand the scope of his cognition. This cognition lies beyond perception of the five organs of senses. The expanding of the neocortex abilities is the thing that in the Orient is called Tao, or Infinite Way, Way to God, Spiritual growth, Eternal bliss, Evolution, etc. Only this way gives the man specific solving of all his problems and promises getting appreciable profit and dividends..

It’s on this way that the man discovers godlike qualities in himself. It leads to health and true immortality. Working on oneself and on one’s health the person will succeed only through and self-realisation. Otherwise taking into account the coming events nobody and nothing wlll help him!

This work consists in constant learning, developing comprehension, critical self-fulfilling and creative application of the knowledge in practice. Only one thing is implied by learning: every person must know his organism. Don’t forget: “The thing that is going to be measured will be made according to the measurement”.

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