Our Health is Objective Reality

Our Health is Objective Reality

There’s an indisputable truth: “It is not the interesting thing which is interesting but the thing without which one does not feel interested”.One does not feel interested without health and money. Let’s start with health.

In recent years a sharp deterioration of people’s health has become evident. This fact is interpreted by the science and public opinion as a regrettable misunderstanding on the background of general welfare: our life is beautiful and amazing! It’s really easy with the health too: it’s all the consequences of the scientific progress! I.e. don’t worry, it’s all under control: you just wait, we’ll restore the ecology and the life will become fabulous… But the reason of the present bad state of the peope’s health is not only and not so much in the consequences of the technological progress and in the wrong way of life. All is connected to the processes happening in the Cosmos with their impact on our Mother the Earth. It is only one thing that depends on us: if we accept the new rules of game and if we are going to keep them, or the rules will start making us accept them. Og Mandino said: “Act! Or you’ll become an object of action”. And we do not seem to be having an alternative.

In recent years the scientists discovered unprecedented oddity in our Old Planet’s behaviour. It’s shown an unprecedented agility and sent the Planet’s science into a deep muse. In 1999 the French astronomers declared that the Earth got off its orbit and moves towards Sun. By 2002 this approach reached anomalous, record values! 

We should note that all data given in this article are taken from the mass media. We also must emphasize that warnings concerning the coming nature changes have been continuously transferred to the Humanity. But that “voice from above” remains a “voice in wilderness”. Nobody hears it considering such statements the next oddity of the deranged channellers. And these warnings are not heard also because they arrive through common people and not through mass media or the Pope, or from the governmental bodies (where from we are accustomed to receive the noteworthy information). Below you’ll find one of such  Addresses to the Mankind.

In 2000 the Russian scientists published the following facts: in December, 1998-2000 the Earth received energy blows from an unknown source. This fact was detected through water which changed its structure to such an extent that all liquids on the Earth could have boiled but for the water’s capability of gradual, within three week period, giving away of received energy. One shouldn’t forget that liquid makes up for more than 90% of the Man’s body. Naturally, such changes distinctly affected the people’s state of health.

In the same 2000 the European scientists published facts that magnetic fields intensity of the Sun and The Earth has increased twice as much, or by 100%. All this doesn’t seem to have to do with the Mankind, but the Mankind has grown up and formed at a constant value of the magnetic field data. From the History it is known that much smaller intensity drops resulted in wars, revolts, revolutions, epidemics.

The Magnetic pole of The Earth (the point of intersection of the Planet’s magnetic axis with its surface) has moved by 200 kilometers, and this fact has been detected by the instruments of Russian Central Military Technical Institute. As the leading research officer of the Institute stated a similar  displacement of magnetic poles has been fixed on other planets of the Solar System. In the opinion of the scientists this happened due to the fact that the planets of the Solar system are passing a new zone of the Galaxy space and experience effect of other Galaxy systems. The scientist indicated also that this phenomenon may tell on the weather and on the people’s state of health.

In Autumn of 2000 the mass media published the data received by the Chilean astronomers, who’d discovered the reason of our Planet anomalous behaviour and changes in the surrounding world. It is the planet named “Bernard-1” that proved to be the initiator of all these changes. It greatly exceeds the Earth in size. In comparison with it our planet is a grit. This wanderer is approaching the Solar system. As the scientists ascertained the planet has come here from the depths of the distant Cosmos. The science knows no star system or galaxy to which this planet could belong.

Global changes on The Earth and in the Solar system have happened due to appearance of this wanderer.  The energy blow that the Earth receives causes global changes in geophysical, chemical, biological processes, the number of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes is growing. This overwelming energy also affects the technical means, hand made child of the Mankind: the number of man-caused accidents and catastrophes increases distinctly. Many technology processes run with departures from the prescribed parameters and often result in unexpected outcome, a catastrophe.

The energy blow also affects people, causing a catastrophic deterioration of their health. The organisms slagged, polluted with overeating are burned by it. It affects the mentality causing people’s unequal behaviour: unjustified aggression, unmotivated murders, wars. All this is the effect of the cyclon brought to The Earth by the planet “Bernard-1”.

Our time is called “Apocalypse”, the same title has the New Testament final book. Over 1,500 years the people have been guessing what should be the terrible prophecies described in the book connected to: the change of millenniums, cosmic phenomena, or the Advent. All the events happening on the Earth now can be fit into 25 year time assigned for the Apocalypse. September of 1997 is its beginning. It’s then that the Earth entered the energy gravitational cyclone and started approaching the Sun (and in 1998 the American scientists discovered its flattening at the poles and fast adding convexity in the equator).

This approaching is not accidental: with the help of it The Earth minimizes the damage caused by the passing planet. At the moment of the danger it gives itself together with us to the Sun’s gravitational embrace. The prognosis of the scientists for the coming 25 years is far from optimistic: they believe only a small part of the Mankind will survive in the current cataclysm. Most human beings’ bodies cannot and won’t have time to adapt themselves to the fast changing processes of the environment. Such people’s systems collapse and the person perishes (if he/she is not willing or has been late to adapt him/herself to the new conditions). 

Having read the above one may think that the Cosmos threatens the Mankind. But let’s not forget that all the mentioned awful things are only the effects. Their cause cannot be found in the Cosmos: it’s not there, as the Universe is the Source of eternal, never dying Life. The Life on the Earth, as the Planet itself, is eternal and never dying. But merely within 50 years of the technological revolution the man unhesitatingly interfered in the planetary processes. We are not talking about the harmless blow with an iron piece on the asteroid referred to by the mass media as the beginning of the control over the universal processes. The man has violated the balance of all the Solar system’s planets pumping out the Earth's constituent in the form of oil and gas, as well as getting out many minerals from the Earth's interior. It is due to this reason that the Earth is approaching the Sun and nothing can be done: all must be paid for.

As to the planet Bernard-1, it plays the role of a revolver with which the unlucky fellow of the play (the Mankind) at the end of the performance puts the final dot shooting himself in the head. The same thing happened 150 million years ago when Bernard-1 helped Atlantes leave the Earth without hard torments. As you see the Universe shows its humanity so as not to make a check shot in our head. But as the process of comprehension has stirred up on the Earth, the Cosmic pilgrim has been stopped at a respectful distance from the Earth.

There’s one more “news” from the same series printed in the “Megapolis Express” (a Russian paper) issue of November, 2002. The article is titled “People will live less”. It goes as follows:

“The geneticists of all the world seem to have agreed to keep mum concerning the awful sensation discovered by the Japanese scientists and confirmed by the American researchers. For the first time during the recent years scientific reserch have brought bad news. Very soon the human life expectancy will start to recede. Every individual’s age may decrease to 15-20 years according to the latest discoveries!

At that it will concern everybody without exclusion and not only underdeveloped countries population. Neither the high medicine development level, nor the quality of life, nor high quality products will save anybody. As it turned out a special gene responsible for age can mutate once  a millennium. At this genetic sharp turn dramatic changes to the human life span take place: first this value increases at an unprecedented pace, and then decreases  the same violent way.

The life span gene has been discovered by the American scientists from John Hopkins University very recently, only in February, 2002. It was named after Kloto, the Ancient Greek goddess of Fate. She is one of those Goddesses who weave the human life thread and it is Kloto who cuts it neatly measuring the human life span. The name sounds poetic, but after a month of research the gene started springing surpises on the scientists. Changed versions of this gene, mutated genes, in DNA samples taken from various people were discovered. Judging by the analyses the people having copies of this gene in their organism will have a life span by approx. 20 years shorter than those having Kloto gene in the pure form. At that with the people aged 50 and older such gene wasn’t found, but with the children born after 1990 a burst of mutations was observed!

This means that very soon the life expectancy will amount to approx. 57 years for women and 54 for men. And that’s all! And everywhere on the Earth like this: the Japanese have the same results and the same spread mutated genes by ages! The present japanese pensioners will live longer than all the others on the Earth: on the average 82 years. But their children’s and grandchildren’s life expectancy will be much shorter!

It is funny that without any genetic researches the demographers in Russa also obtained the same values of the life expectancy! According to the State Statistics Commitee (Goskomstat) data, published last year “the process of life expectancy decreasing in Russia has no analogues in the World: this value (for the country as a whole) has decreased by six years as compared to the 1960s”. Our statisticians believed that overdosed low quality spirits drinking and low quality life had been the cause of the results. But now after the sensational discoveries of the American and Japanese it became clear that this process has affected all the world, only the Russian statisticians noticed it a bit earliier.

It would be interesting to know that the ”fall” in the life interval is confirmed by historic data. Thus in the chronicles of the Middle Ages there is a reference to a strange century when the people “ceased to die” and lived up to 70 years which was a pure fantasy for those times! And then (according to the chroniclers) the “requital” came: few of the long-livers’ children lived up to 30-35 years. This means that in about the tenth century A.D. the Kloto gene mutation mechanism worked: first a lifetime growth and then sharp decrease.

The accuracy of the prognoses and discoveries of the scientists from various countries was confirmed by the official statement by Mr. Kasyanov, the Prime Minister of Russia, which was made late March, 2002. He admitted the fact of the Russian population decrease on such a scale that without inflow of population capable of working from abroad Russia would not be capable of fulfilling its functions as a State. And note, it’s on the fifth year of the Apocalypse, without great wars and global cataclysms! In Germany, for instance, the shortage of population capable of working amounts to 1.5 million people…”

I.e. the Apocalypse is not a fact in the form of a nature cataclysm or a blow of an asteroid, but a routine process, at first sight undistinguished by anything except a catastrophic decrease of population and numerous nature cataclysms. Only the scientists of all the world seem really to have connived with each other to keep secret of the terrible discoveries due to their complete inability of not only to explain anything distinctly, but even to comment the events that happen. The people want to get an explanation of what is happening and see the way of solving their problems, naturally, on the level of the States and Governments. No problem, they are available, but the medicine isn’t always sweet!

Our book is an appeal to the 1% of tellurians capable of understanding at once what we are driving at, whose Consciousness has not been overcome by the sleep. However the choice has been given to everyone, but the one per cent starts immediately. The remaining part will be long thinking, looking for a catch (the excuse for passivity), looking for confirmation of their correctness in the canonized sources and scientific circles. As “Everyone wants to be informed honestly, impartially, truly and in full conformity with one’s views” (Gilbert Chesterton). But the Evolution is implacable and won’t be waiting for anybody.

“The wildest power carves its way, first destroying, but in spite of that, its activity is necessary… The horrifying energies, those called the evil are the Cyclopean architects and builders of the road of the Mankind” (Friedrich Nietzsche). It is the most accuratedefinition the Apocalypse has ever been given.

Early 2002 the discovery of scientists left unnoticed was published: “One per cent of tellurians’ DNA molecule becomes stronger”. In spite of all that happens! As you see, all the ends have met both in respect of the facts and concerning the percentage!

At present we live in the world of know-alls. Most of them are among the people having education and erudition. Within the coming several years either they (in majority) will come to naught, or due to the enumerated processes their aplomb will come to naught. That’s when the people will start to understand all meaning of the Doctrine and the System. So far we are working with the most happy contingent, for whom no disparity as such between theory and practice exists altogether. Those are the people having come to us as to the final hierarchy, “at five to twelve”, when their trust in religion, science with its medicine and pharmacy has been thoroughly if not completely undermined. 

Their theory usually doesn’t disagree with practice, i.e. they have a happy possibility of watching absolute unity of theory and practice. They never doubt at all. In the beginning they are neither capable of, nor willing to, nor having time for as “The soul parts with the body”. And afterwards no grounds for doubts are left already. Strangely enough, but in majority it is they that will survive, and not the young people sure in themselves, in their absolute protectability and knowledge. “One experienced guy equals two inexperienced ones”. The Subtle World fully agrees to this point of view.

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