Harmonious People are People of Future

Harmonious People are People of Future!

The Apocalypse is not the End of the World, it’s the beginning of the new Evolutionary period of Life. Only those who will desire to become a Harmonious Personality, who will desire to evolve together with Life, will be able to survive. The utilization of one’s latent non-realized resources in a critical situation is meant by Evolution. Each person within the limits of the ninety five-ninety eight per cent carries this reserve stock in oneself. The secret of survival in the current situation is in having a desire and ability to re-activate one’s reserve stock. It’s simple to learn.

It’s only through development of one’s neocortex, through uncovering its limitless potential resources that one can achieve the perfection and all mentioned above. The death and illnesses are earned by the man due to realization of his supreme mental work within two to five per cent of the available. In this case quickly enough the neocortex degrades and disables, shuts off all the main processes of the organism’s vital functions. Evolution is a very austere teacher. It doesn’t want any patients as it has no time to treat them!

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