Processes Taking Place in Nature Now Require Man’s Evolution through Neocortex Development!

Processes Taking Place in Nature Now Require Man’s Evolution through Neocortex Development!

The thought and connected to it mental energy which is our invaluable treasure are the main results of the brain activity. The Karma stands guard over it. At that the mental energy quantity is proportional to the man’s vital energy quantity.

The Vital Energy is the Fundamental Substance lying in the basis of the Existence materialization, or the Universe building. Due to the movement and modifications of this Substance the Univesrse exist. Nobody is allowed to impede or break the Laws of movent of the Life Substance, as otherwise an illness and inevitable death of the infringer ensue. The man has dared to make such a step…

The interaction with the Life Substance is effected through a thought. Having concentrated one’s thought on some organ the person can cause a surge of the Life Substance to it. Its accumulation in the organ is connected to the improvement of the physical condition and the quantitative index of the mental potential of the thought. The more mental energy the person has at his disposal the more vital energy he can direct to that or another organ. This means that to control one’s health one must learn to control one’s mental energy, increase it and spend economically!

The Consciousness has learned to fix specific events which the person perceives with the help of a reptile’s eyes reacting to them with the brain of a mammal. The events are controlled by the neocortex using for this the 2 to 5 per cent of its abilities limited by the Consciousness and existing on the principle: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. The worldly wisdom exists: “If you have found yourself in a pack and cannot howl, then wag your tail”. So the neocortex has to do its best “wagging its tail” as we have not left any choice for it. But gradually it grows into this role to such an extent that begins identifying itself with an animal brain. The result is known very well: the mental energy is wasted for fighting stresses and fears. They in their turn have been caused by one’s ignorance of both oneself and the Nature within which one exists. It’s connected to the inability to control the activity of one’s brain, i.e. Mental Energy!

The Man’s task at the new evolutionaty turn of his development is to learn controlling unconscious processes of the organism, place these processes all the brain’s activity under his Consciousness. This task may be solved only through expanding of the World perception scope. We must learn looking at the World with the neocortex’ eyes, but not with a reptile’s.

But we use only two to five per cent of the neocortex abilities. Therefore we perceive only the same two to five per cent of both the world and ourselves! We know approx. the same share of ourselves, our abilities, and have a reduced variant of intellect. Having learned to expand these boundaries through the cognition of the World and ourselves in it, the cognition of the healtth processes we develop the neocortex, placing the unconscious processes under our control. As a result all our fears, troubles in the form of stresses, illnesses and death fall back!

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