God’s Mental Energy Resource Is Limited

God’s Mental Energy Resource Is Limited

All the Universe exists due to God’s mental energy and in spite of being powerful enough and all embracing, it is exhaustible having its limit! This means that each man has for his life a certain limit of this energy after exhausting which he dies. And he dies not only in this incarnation but the man dies for the Evolution altogether!

We live in the prime of technological progress facing the necessity of improving our intellect through developing and activization of the left hemisphere thinking. The man dully burns the mental energy worked out by this hemisphere for satisfying his material needs initiated by his emotions.

The development of Intellect, mental energy usage increase consumption of God’s mental energy (His Holy Spirit), for it is thanks to Him that the man thinks and virtually exists. Having rapidly exhausted the energy resource allocated to him the person dies. Of course this doesn’t happen at once. First he receives a signal in the form of an illness about increased consumption of mental energy. If the person doesn’t become aware the illness grows progressively worse, all the systems of the organism become involved in the process. Finally having aquired a  heap of chronic ailments he dies.

Our way of life and thinking involve a speedy consumption of God’s energy, starting at an early age. The child, a youth having finished school, it seems to be on the threshold of Life but very often it has already spent the greatest part of its limit. This way it differs from its grannies and granddads: they had proved to be smarter and managed to prolong their limits of energy for 60-80 years, but had failed to teach their grandchildren how to be economical…

Being ignorant about this process the people get into traps of various structures which promise to teach them how to work with those or other types of energies up to the universal ones. But the panacea is far from working with energies though it’s an important side of oneself and the surruonding world cognition.

If the person failed to learn economising God’s mental energy, allocated for his life, no elixirs of life, or the most perfect medicines, the most powerful healers will be able to help him! Even if using the mentioned techniques the person manages escape illnesses, a death from an accident will expect him. There’s no panacea from a brick falling on one’s head…

And the cause of all this is the choice he had made. The Life vibration on the level of a cell represents a continuous process of the change of adenosine triphosphoric acid (АТF) into adenosine diphosphoric acid – (АDF). A continuous change of Ying energy into Yang energy: an oscillation of pendulum from plus to minus, is that same Perpetuum Mobile of Life, unless the man interferes in it with his unwise actions. As having stopped this reaction it is impossible to set it going again.

The Life Vibration on God’s level represents the same pendulum swinging between World and Antiworld, between Existence and Non-existence, between Life and death. All depends on the way the man himself has chosen. One could think that Life and death are mutually exclusive notions and completely incommensurable ones. But those are only the components of the Single Whole, or Existence (the awards both for battle and for good labour are made from the same metal). These components consist of the same small particles, only of different orientation.

There is a joke concerning this: a metalworker engaged at a conveyor assembling sewing machines decided to present his wife with a sewing machine assebled with his own hands. He brought all necessary components home, but his efforts always resulted in a machine gun!

Every minute Life poses a problem of choice before the man, to solve that or another situation one must make that or another step. It all depends on the man’s choice which step he makes. The range of choice in the three dimensioned space is rather limited. The man in this space is in the state of constant dissatisfaction, he looks for eternal Truths and the point of rest, stability, so that the things be in order, tries dividing the Life into fragments, or components, so that sort them out neatly by the shelves. But by this he inevitably stops Vibrations of Life in himself (the pendulum of Life on God’s Level). Through these actions he makes a thoughtless step on which even God Himself has no right!

At that the life is turned from a live, dynamic process into statics, or death (with the best intentions the man prepares the Life as a frog: desiring to learn how to make his lifespan longer). That is why the Universe, Subtle World and God are the source of Life and the Life Itself, and the death is the man’s invention, a sort of pernicious habit, a stereotype.

The Apocalypse is given with the purpose of curing us of these stereotypes having restored immortality. Considering by the highest standards the man comes to the Earth to get learned as entering a University. A young man passes all possible interviews, takes exams, passes a prodigious contest. And then when he has been taken and happy, he forgets about studying and takes to entertainments finally being flunked!

It’s the same thing with the man. By his reluctance to cognize the Life in all Its completeness, his reluctance to support Its vibrations in himself, he unambiguously declares of his refusal to learn and chooses the pendulum movement in the direction of Non-existence as his guiding line, which for the Subtle World means a request to take him from the Earth. And nobody is concerned with the fact that this choice is automatically followed by a rather unattractive and competely unacceptable for the person at fault procedure of his sending down!

To change one’s Life in a qualitative and quantitative sense, to get reliable health and extend one’s life-span (at a great desire to the infinity), the man must stop being a consumer wasting, dispersing God’s Energy. One must learn to work out one’s own mental energy, collect, accumulate it, so that to extend one’s life-span. The key to uncovering of the man’s unique potential abilities (his Reserve Stock) is a skillful, efficient usage of his mental energy.

The distinction of our System from all known to the Mankind so far is in the fact that for the first time during the recent 5 millenniums the man is offered a possibility of cognizing the Life in dynamics. All telluric sciences and teachings are statics. To control dynamics through statics is as impossible as a dead man’s control over a living person!

Having mastered the first four parts of the System you will approach the possibility of mental energy controlling (your Holy Spirit), and that is the first step into immortality. By the way it is in this ability that the practical sense of Spirituality lies. And all our System teaches these very skills.

One must remember that the desire of getting health and immortality must be justified, and if the Consciousness is limited, and oriented to satisfaction of one’s emotions, desires, to satisfaction of individual egoistic needs, such person having got immortality will not know what he should do with it. Naturally if a person directs his choice to satisfaction of his egoistic purposes he will never receive immortality.

Expanding abilities of one’s cognition of the World being in constant studies, working over oneself, the man learns how to orient one’s Consciousness towards all Universe, towards God’s tasks, becomes His assistant and receives the right for immortality as an award. I.e. immortality may be achieved only through constant studies, everyday labour. The studies help to improve one’s intellect, get and expand knowledge of the True World, become a Creator of Life. Such labour helps the man to change the Karma and deactivate its function. If one manages to achieve this, the new state becomes the evidence of the fact that this person has fully left the Karma’s authority and become connected to the creative programs of the Existence.

But you should not think that all this may be received once and for ever! If a person ceases studying and working, bringing to a stop his evolutionary development he starts to spend his mental energy at an accelerated rate including his own and God’s. Naturally the Karma gets activated again and he continues ruining himself further on.

You should make it clear for yourself that having chosen the Way of Creation you doom yourself to constant labour and studies. But that is not a burden: such labour brings the happiness of creation, forming oneself as a Personality which cannot be compared to anything. It is thanks to this that a person enjoys the fruits of the True Life. It is that same state called by the people Eternal Bliss and heavenly delight. It’s only then that the Life grants the Man being in this state all he requires and in the quantiy he needs. He receives all at his first demand as if from the horn of plenty!

And now you can get yourself ackwainted with the Third Appeal to Mankind which we promised to present to you earlier.

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