THIRD APPEAL TO MANKIND, approved in 1929 A.C. (Russian Text)

THIRD APPEAL TO MANKIND, approved in 1929 A.C. (Russian Text)

The Coalition Detachment of Supervisors (hereinafter named CDS) appeals to the intelligent tellurians calling themselves the Mankind. The present, control, appeal to the tellurians is the third one in order. The first appeal was transferred to the inhabitants of Anuradhapoor, the largest city on the Earth at that period, in 576 B.C.

The second appeal was transferred by the CDS in 711 A.C. to the inhabitants of Tkaatsetkoatl, the biggest city on the American continent at that time. This appeal of the CDS to the tellurians is mainly identical to the first two. It has been made in the main of the current telluric languages: Chinese, Russian and Spanish. The text of the appeal has been edited in conformity with the up-to-date level of the knowledge and delusions of the tellurians.

The purpose of the appeal is a proposition for negotiations to be carried out in future between the representatives of the Mankind and the representatives of the Coalition concerning the Mankind’s entering the Coalition. As the negotiations will become possible only after the Mankind’s fulfilment of certain preliminary conditions, the conditions are given below. They are anticipated by a short information of cosmogonic nature and a comparative characteristic of Mankind’s nature of thinking.

By the present time the Mankind has formed more or less correct idea of the Universe than at the times of the first and the second appeals. It's true that the tellurians’ race is not alone in the Universe. But most of your cosmogonic conceptions and suppositions are wrong. Your scientists’ belief in existence of some though undiscovered by them but unshakable laws of the Universe and permanency of world constants is a delusion.

Thus the gravitational constant distinctly changes even within your solar system, without speaking of a greater scale. The ignorance of this fact has resulted in considerable errors in your definition of the size of the Galaxy and the distance to other galaxies, also resulted in appearance of the closed Universe theory, as well as the red shift theory, the scattering galaxies theory.

The conceptions of universality of the three dimentional space, on which primarily your cosmogonic outlook is based, are erroneous too. The World is chaotic. There is nothing unshakable in it, including dimensionality. The dimensionality of space in the Universe varies and smoothly changes in rather wide limits. The best condition for organic life origin is the dimensionality of space equal to “pi” number. A considerable deflection from this value make a ruinous effect on the living nature.

Currently within the solar system there is dimentionality equal to “+3.00017” and the closeness of this figure to the whole value “3” has misled you. In the vicinity of your Galaxy cluster a gravitational cyclone is drifting (having in its center a dimentionality equal to “-3.15”), which can touch with its edge your Galaxy and destroy organic life on all planets where no protection measures will be taken.

Particularly this condition necessitates your joining the Coalition in undertime, in 65 years at the latest from the transfer of this appeal so that the Coalitiion had enough time for rendering the Mankind assistance in preparation for the cyclone.

At present in our galaxy there are about 220,000 intelligent races who have already joined the Coalition and abt. 1,000 races examining the question of joining, including you. The CDS is asking not to interpret the message about the cyclone as an attempt of affecting your reply.

You err concerning the Solar system origin and life origin on the Earth. The Solar system originated from a dust cloud seeded by the building detachment of the Coalition within the Universe meeting two main requirements of an organic life beginnings: in the area distant enough from the other stars and having the dimensionality of the space close to the value of  “+pi” (p).

You err in likening a race to a living individual, imagining in some future an inevitable ageing and death of the Mankind. In the Evolutionary process new types of living beings originate from some old ones. The origin of new races from yours must become your concern. It’s this concern that should determine the strategy of an intelligent race. Meanwhile according to observations of the CDS the Mankind is not guided by such or similar strategy letting it adrift and directing all its efforts to satisfaction of short-term requirements.

One shouldn’t think that your delusions are accidental, transient. They are inevitable due to the specificity of your thinking a short analysis of which the next chapter is dedicated to.

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