Man’s Thinking

Man’s Thinking

The living matter’s thinking, its existence itself have a common base. Both conflict with the entropy. Looking for logicality manifests this conflict in the thinking. “Yes” and “No” notions are the basis of your logic. These notions are supposed to be used as really existing and repeatedly becoming apparent at a stepped analysis of any complicated question. At that the number of steps in the analysis is finite, most often extremely small, even if you research the most complicated problems. The search comes to a selection from two, where two is the number of possible steps, whereas the most correct solution most often lies in between them. Using your mathematical language one can say that your logic is based on a discrete foundation instead of continuous one. At that the most primitive function having only two values has been taken as a basis. An inevitable conclusion arises that even if your method of evaluation of existense can be called thinking, this system of thinking is the most primitive of all possible!

The discontinuity of logic and the counting principle oblige to suppose that the number of features of an object is finite and to give a name to each of them. Here a very doubtful possibility of abjunction of certain features from the others appears. You call this method “abstracting”. Moving along the steps of abstracting to more and more general features is considered the only correct way of cognition of the truth. But in fact this is the movement leading to the opposite direction, into the darkness.

Your philosophic systems lose their orientation in the real world having found themselves in a dead end and to the senseless question of the matter or spirit primacy they give a diametrically opposite answer.

Already during several millenniums the CDS has been observing practically incessant wars among you, and with natural flowing of historic processes your wars may subside in 12 years at the earliest. But the CDS cannot assert that these wars will cease within the nearest 100 years. We find a great difficulty in forecasting because of sharp discontinuity and almost instantaneity of your social orders and foreign policy conditions.

It is only the last consideration that lets us consider the present Appeal redeemable, for it is natural that an Agreement between the Mankind and the Coalition may be achieved only after liquidation of your warlike habits. A development of technology is certainly salutary in itself, and summons the CDS to treat the mankind as an intelligent race. But the worship of technology and particularly assigning it a role of the main feature of you civilisation makes put us on guard. But even in this case the CDS does not move away from contacts with the Mankind and its representatives.

The Coalition Statute, the description of its structure and activities may be handed to the Mankind for familiarization without any preliminary conditions at the first request published by the Government of one of the four States and by the League of Nations (UNO) Sectretariat. The Mankind would be useless for the Coalition just as the Coalition for the Mankind without your reconstruction of your thinking logical foundation. In such a case we are not in the state to assist you even in your protection against the cyclone.

As we see it the Mankind will need from 60 to 70 years for reconstruction of its logic foundation, which is the deadline taking into account your imminent danger! You must stop the senseless conflicts, accept to concentrate your efforts in this prolonged process of reconstruction of your thinking, for an acquaintance of one of the nations at war with the principles of the Conttinuous Logical Thinking would be similar to its having a perfect weapon, and in the end could lead to a ruin of the Mankind”.

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