Conclusion of Chapter One

Conclusion of Chapter One

As you see the representatives of the Subtle World constantly remind about themselves: patronize, protect, warn, but do not interfere in our affairs. They let us grow up by ourselves. But the Mankind with its left hemisfere thinking prefers to stay blind and deft! It constantly isolates and unjoints itself from the True, Unified World. The man has built in his Consciousness his own individual Universe and violently protects his inviolability, although nobody encroaches on it in the least.

Many will say: “Never tell me!”. It is by this statement only that the man actually has curbed himself from the Life. It’s only due to the narrow-mindedness of the man’s Consciousness that a full unity and subsequently a dialogue with the Subtle World is impossible! Most people confine their Consciousness to themselves, their feelings, emotions, problems. Just try and analyse your thoughts. They form the scope of your Consciousness. You think only of kitchen, furniture, work, your Consciousness is confined only to these thoughts, concerns and feelings. Within the scope of such Consciousness there’s no room for either health, or happiness, or Life!

To direct one’s Consciousness toward one’s health it must be studied, desired, thought of. If you want to have money, direct your thoughts to it. If you want to have a happy life, orient your attention to the Life in all its manifestations and variety. “It is only the one who is ready to understand all the sense of Gift receiving, that has been given the skill of accepting the Gift”.

Life is manifested not only in a specific person, but all the Universe is embraced by it. That is why orienting one’s to Life (as a harmonious integral process) the man expands the scope of his Consciousness (spreads his attention) to all the Universe. Thus he lets the Organism of the Universe to understand that he, a cell of this organism, has come to self-realization and comprehension of his place and role within this enormous Organism, has made up his mind to have a dialogue with Him and is ready to receive concern, assistance and care (fulfilling a function within It, his very important assigned only for him function).

In this case the Man, yes, a Man with capital letter, will see the Life in all Its manifestations and “miracles”. A person with an expanded scope of Consciousness is capable of doing such “miracles” for himself, as the Life starts to really manifest in him in all Its variety. This means that his “Birth from Above” has happened. When having a narrow Consciousness the man is doomed to protect his independence till the end of time until his and his children’s death.

One should understand that the Subtle World makes no claims to him, it doesn’t try to control us. It’s only the evolution that makes claims, but that’s another matter. The matter is that the Evolution stands apart over all Universe. Even God dares not contradicting to this austere Lady. It’s only the man that has dared to contradict just because of his ignorance.

Having read this book many people will get astonished and indignant at the fact that such appeals remain without any reaction on the part of the Governments and the science. But we should not forget that the people working there have the same left hemi-sphere thinking and the same Consciousness as all the other people have! That’s why expecting that they issue directions and practical recommendations concerning this is wasting one’s time. Taking into account all stated above one may establish that all characteristics and definitions of the Mankind given by the appeal are the plain truth to our shame. It is doomed to remain in this state until its almost complete ruin, until each of us activates his right hemisphere with one’s own hands and starts to develop one’s neocortex! It is only through the development of one’s right hemisphere that a person can become aware of one’s unity with the True World, having come out beyond one’s virtual Universe, will be able to accept the helping hand extended to us. Without this he won’t be able not only make use of the assistance, but cannot even understand what the matter at issue is, what is happening to us!

In their appeal the Subtle World give practical recommendations concerning the way out of the crisis. They are all the same: reorganization of the thinking. In other words the man must develop not only his left hemisphere, but take care of the development of his right hemisphere. Equal functioning of both hemispheres forms a harmonious person with True Intelligence, develops his neocortex. All this as a whole will let each separate person overcome the crisis.

Observe that the Subtle World addresses itself to “The Intelligent tellurians calling themselves Mankind”. This category embraces only those who have heard this Appeal, taken all given in it personally accepting it as a guide to action, as the command “Fall in!”. Those who with their own hands put themselves on the List of Intelligent Tellurians have made their Choice. All those who in no way reacted to this also have made their Choice, that is they’ve missed the List. They are requested not to bother themselves!

As you can see there is a specific techniques for the reorganization of the thinking. It is so called the Continuous Logical Thinking System. We received it and have given a work-out to it, we’ve given it the name “Personality and Health Harmonization System”. The System’s value is in the fact that it represents a whole, scaled, complete teaching, having no analogues in the world. The System has no limitations, it is accessible to each and everyone, can be individually corrected, dynamic in its usage! That is, all changes of the environment indicated above and new characteristics of the life processes of each person having been entered personally by oneself in the System, immediately turn from negaive factors into advantages!

Our System is the way to the Develped Consciousness, to the harmony with all the processes of the Existense. In combination with such well known practices as: Yoga, Tsigun, the Eye of Rebirth, the System opens unlimited opportunities for restoration and preservation of health for many long years. More over it allows the person extend his life span (having recovered one’s health and youth) for ever and ever! In other words the Personality and Health Harmonization System represents a Universal Key with the help of which the man can solve all his problems. Without this Key all the mentioned practices, traditional medicine, non-traditional healing remain just a sort of conjuration, shamanism and craftiness. Or, at best, a set of physical exercises and recommendations to a “healthy way of life”.

The cause of such failures is concealed only in the degree of the Consciousness development of the one performing the practices!

It is known that the Yogis for achieving the Developed Consciousness became hermits. It is absolutely unacceptable to us, the people of the West, living within a socium, and there’s no need in it too. Our System permits to achieve the results the Yogis acquired without leaving one’s family, society, without practicing self-torture and without spending an incredible quantity of energy and time!

The System is successfully used by us and our followers in practice and works impeccably. Having connected to it you will learn to be healthy, free from stresses, control your success in your life. You will uncover your hidden creative potential, having joined your True “Self”, you will become more purposeful and persistent, you will disclose the outlook of prolonging your life span in a young flourishing age for long years (and never mind your present age). As the Consciousness keeps disclosed the process of recovering the youth, forming one’s complexion, figure and height becomes controllable.

Further on, in Book Three, the situations experienced by specific persons will be given as examples, showing how they could solve their life problems with the help of our System. Our males have shown themselves in this walk of life quite inconsistent and unmanly, though every second one is ready to face a danger. While at a certain stage of the Evolution self-sacrifice has been considered as a Deed, at the new circle of the Evolutioin it’s just a farce. It’s turned out that a special sort of courage is required for oneself to survive and to lead one’s wife, children and grandchildren to immortality. Most our males have been deprived of it by the Soviet Power.

Our females have to compensate for the males’ shortage of courage as the situation was provoked by a woman, Eve, that same Eve from the Bible. The Circle has locked!

“Dear Friends,
We, my wife and I, have read through Chapter One of your remarkable book. We’ve got a feeling that you won’t die of a lack of modesty, but all the rest is impeccable. The book is charming, optimistic, indisputable. We’ll see what’s going to be further on.

Thank you, Alex

Here is the  letter-review from one of the readers of our book. He is from Odessa. He’s managed to concretize and ventilate the opinion of people about our book. His neocortex somehow has remained open. You may believe us, as our qualification permits us define that with a 100% accuracy. The remaining readers whose neocortex is closed reproach us for the lack of modesty. But we dare to assure you that we’ve got no star fever and in no case harm our cause.

Our “immodesty” is connected to the fact that we are channellers, and all of them are upstarts by definition as they go ahead of all, otherwise they wouldn’t be pioneers. Apart from that we are immodest in synthesizing knowledge which we have not just received ready made, but our own Personality Harmonization System has been produced, worked out and created from them! At that our System is only the first swallow and, as it is known, one swallow does not make a summer, but without a swallow there’s no summer! There should be many swallows flying after their pioneers. Otherwise other leaders would have led them other ways, who knows?…. In principle people usually are glad to see the first swallows, if they have not lost the ability of rejoicing at the coming summer and are in the state to see it at all.

The same way we are followed by those each of whom makes one’s own steps (one’s own contribution) to the harmonization, to the summer of Life. Each person who has mastered our System, inevitably makes synthesis of one’s personal knowledge and the knowledge obtained in our System, creating one’s own Harmonization System being the extension of ours. One’s new System will serve as a foundation or starting point for further steps in the Evolution, both for oneself and one’s followers. And each of them will find oneself to a certain extent a pioneer, and that means an upstart!

Each of you having created such a foundation for the Evolution will inevitably feel one’s magnitude for the Life, as well as one’s responsibility and in exactly the same way will look immodest in the eyes of those who have no such a foundation. It's the lot and the inevitable cross of those going ahead, when they do not feel like doing trifles. The guide does not care how he is seen from aside, the main thing is if the followers understand him, if he is not leading them off the Evolutionary path, into a swamp!

The common people who are not burdened with such a load prove to have too high personal self-appraisal (wirh a complete absence of the general picture seeing, which means absence of responsibility burden). The person starts suffering from megalomania finally going down into the lying prophet category, turning into an Ivan Susanin. May the great ancestor forgive us. His name became a common noun. He saved our Motherland having perished himself. It was a tragedy. His thoughtless followers turned the feat of spirit into a lightmided farse. They wanted to excel, but failed as usual…

There is no such danger for us, as we know this “trick” already. We know the value of the System and fully feel its load on our shoulders, you may believe that one can’t jump with such a load: only advance forward so that not to fall down, otherwise it’ll crash you down! At that we are as common travellers as the others connected to the System. The one who is walking has no time for glorifying oneself and narcissism, for one’s way is a labour, the labour over the knowledge received, over its synthesis and over oneself. All stated above can be fully understood only by the person who is walking and passing the way of synthesis of the knowledge, inevitably leading to Harmonization of Personality!

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