Difference between our System and Well-Known Techniques and Practices

Difference between our System and Well-Known Techniques and Practices

A question far from being idle, as each our reader who has taken to read this book is eager to know the answer. Even more so that all the book counters are heaped with similar literature! Such abundance makes a person go round in circles. The people who have gone round in circles ask us: “Other books declare practically the same things as you do. The other authors promise much, but we did try and practically have got no effect”.

We are answering the item after the item:

1. In the world there’s no technology which lets a person work with the help of thought with one’s organism on a cell, DNA molecule and even corpuscle level on one's own, without fear of harming oneself. Our System enables everyone willing to learn this, on having established a feedback with one’s organism. For a person going in for our System the restoring of a DNA molecule (our genome) occurs in a natural way and spontaneously, as an incidental result, but not as an end in itself. The Science has not a slitest idea of this mechanism it’s not informed so far!

As to the many others who advocate their methods and techniques, they are not cheats and we pledge our word on it! It’s the nature that plays a joke on us. The matter is that there is a huge number of people in the Universe and it’s completely impossible to find two identical among them. We are all dissimilar by infinitely many parameters. That’s why the means that helped Jose Silva, Drunwal Melchisedek or Paul Bregg, will not necessarily help you or me! There are forcible arguments and reasons confirming this.

The history must start from the Soul, which before coming into a person, has made an evolution way from several millenniums to millions of years! That’s why we all are different, and mainly according to the degree of awakening and openness of one’s Consciousness. For instance, Bregg’s techniques helps only those people who have increased their dimesionality of Consciousness to his level. The remaining do not have positive results, but that doesn’t mean that he (or other authors) are cheats. More likely the authors themselves proved to have been deceived just because of their ignorance! They opened their Consciousness spontaneously, intuitively, without having any certain purpose, intentions, being unaware that this is possible at all!

Before our System has appeared on the Earth there had been neither criteria of the Consciousness openness nor techniques for working with it. We always have to justify ourselves for our being the first.

This is equivalent to indigenes living in the wild accidentally finding money. In the civilized world the money value is indisputable, but for the indigenes it’s just glittering round pieces of which one may make a necklace or use a thousand dollar bill for making fire or whatever... A dime could be more functional there than a one thousand dollar bill. i.e. the money has been found not just in another civilisation but in different coordinate system where their value proves to be absolutely different!

The same thing with esoteric teachings on the basis of which all the modern auto-training and self-invigoration techniques have been created. They are passed to us from the previous civilizations by the people whose range of Consciousness reached at least sixty five per cent, which hardly can be compared with our two to five per cent. We are aware of neither the true value nor the pracrical usage of these techniques and teachings! So far this knowledge fot our civilization is the same thing as banknotes for an indigene!

When a person tries to wake his Consciousness any techniques of any author will work! That’s why we emphasize for everyone: it’s not the techniques that works, but your Consciousness does! If you take up our system, do not pounce on the techniques only, but read through the books first, comprehend all. $That is why wins the one who does not grumble like: “Just let me check the first part, have a result, and then the rest will go”. But everyone has his own sense of the meaning “result”. One believes getting rid of stuffed nose to be a stunning achievement, while for another healing from cancer isn’t one. The man robs oneself. Without having formed a true picture of the World in which we live, without opening one’s Consciousness one cannot achieve success neither in health, nor in the other aspects of Existense, and what one gets one cannot evaluate correctly.

Books of Sibyls (Parable from Paulo Coelho)

A group of prophetesses of Ancient Rome, known as Sibyls wrote nine books forecasting the future of the Roman Empire. They brought the books to Tiberius.

– How much do they cost? – asked the Emperor.

– One hundred golden pieces, – Sibyls answered.

Tiberius got angry and chased them away. Sibyls burnt three books and came back to him.

– They still cost one hundred golden pieces, - they said to Tiberius.

He laughed and declined: why should he pay the cost of nine books for only six ones? Sibyls burnt three books more and came back with the remaining three.

– Their price is still one hundred golden pieces, - they said.

Tiberius overcome by curiousity decided to pay. But he was able to read only a part of the future of his Empire. The Master said: “It’s very important not to trade when there is an opportunity”.

Only having awakened your Consciousness you will understand who you are, where you are and why you are here, will learn your true value. Otherwise you will be looking for answers to:”Who is to be blamed?” and “What is to be done?” till the end of time. As everyone will be “to blame” you’ll never decide “what is to be done and how to live” with such mean cheats! It’s much simpler to say: “I don’t like it!” and to leave having banged the door (that’s what many do indeed)…

2. But even having learned to do that for a positive effect on the Consciousness level, the man would have to use most of one’s life for the practices living in solitude having time only for meals and for sleep. That is one’d have to turn into a hermit. To find a way out from this deadlock condition there is a genially simple solution, that is to activate one’s subconsciousness.

Our Consciousness is a young creature, a five year little girl with bows, who is occupied with a very important business: playing a ball and catching grasshoppers. Our Subconsciousness is an old and experienced wise old lady keeping an eye on her grandchild. The grandma does her own business without interfering with the delicate process of growth. But should her granddaughter ask her to read a book for her, Granny gives up all her affairs and takes care of the kid. And if the child asks Granny to knit a pair of socks or a cap Granny will stay overnight to satisfy the beloved baby.

The same way our subconsciousness works: if the Consciousness does not approach it for assistance, it has no right to interfere with the growing up process of the youngest component of human “self”. But should a man addresse for assistance (if especially giving the subconsciousness a specific task), it, like the Granny, will fulfill one’s orders, however many of them it have been given, for 24 hours a day! $The man will never manage to overload his Consciousness as by its power, reliability and operating speed it exceeds all computers in the world together! But the man cannot use this computer (there’s been nobody to teach him); all’s come to a standstill at the level of idle talks and fantasies.

Our System for the first time in the Civilization’s history enables one of giving programs to the subconsciousness, loading it to a full power. It is done through setting all texts, practices and all actions in general to an automatic mode. First in the world practice!

3. For the first time in the world practice our book and the System give determinations of such notions as: Consciousness, Subonsciousness, Karma, Soul, energy body, Supreme “Self”, thoughtform, stereotype. And the most important thing is that functioning as a whole of the most complicated biochemical, bioenergetic system named “Man” is explained. More than that detailed practical instructions, techniques which train a person how to assemble the system into one unit and activate (with the purpose of getting a preset, programmable and predicted result).

Until our System appeared neither the science nor esoteric teachings, nor Yoga with Tibetan monks – all together – possessed this secret. This means that all this system of the man has remained as a half assembled unit. If it were otherwise the Mankind wouldn’t have activated the mechanism of self-destruction and we wouldn’t have discussed the problems of survival now.

For the first time we give the technique of deactivation by the man of personal, kin, and other sorts of Karma effects on him. We give the technique of wakening of Consciousness and expanding its scope (dimensionality). Getting one’s Consciousness from under the Karma effect the man embraces by it all the Universe together with all its processes. He learns to take an active part in them, consciously forms the situation in his fate and on the Earth assisting all the Mankind’s insight.

An invention of a panacea against such misfortunes as: radiation, cancer, AIDS, incurable TB and many other illnesses is considered the criterium of the science highest achievements. We do not consider our System a panacea, but should a man having connected to it restore his epiphysis which works out melatonin, as the organism got rid of any illness casually, by itself! With active working a steady improvement by all factors starts in a week. As to the radiation we do not have to fight it as we are immune to it! But to achieve such results, the person has to work thoroughly on himself! 

4. for the first time on the Earth we’ve given a notion of presence of animal and vegetative systems within a human body, as well as explained the mechanism of synthesis and photosynthesis which have been placed by the Nature in the vegetative system. The person who has connected oneself to the System is given a simple in usage and effective mechanism of activation the synthesis and photosynthesis process in the organism. Now only guesses and estimates exist in the world about the presence of these processes within the organism.

5. Our System is the first to give distinct and understandable explanations who God is, what the Suble World, Universe as a unified living organism represent. It explains for the first time the function, role and place of the Earth, Mankind and an individual man within this organism in their close interconnection.

6. For the first time in this world we explain the Evolution of a Soul and man, the purpose of our arrival to the Earth and Life in general. The conceptions about the Evolution which have been used till now did not stretch beyond the promise: “You just wait, we’ll become somebody without fail!”. The Personality and Health Harmonization System enables the man to consciously activate his Evolution, purposfully controlling all this process.

7. And finally for the first time within the last 5,000 years the so called Universe Key explaining all mentioned above has been received by us through a channeling. Each of the enumerated seven items are discoveries of a world-wide level. All of them deserve a Nobel prize and not a single one! Those who does not take our word can try and find a disproof in the form of similar elaborations or at least mentions about them. You will not find them as they do not exist!

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