Actual State of Affairs

Actual State of Affairs

You will say: “If the people managed to survive in the times of the Flood, we’ll manage now too”. Yes, so this will be, the life from the moment of its appearance have not ceased for a moment. This point of view was justified while the criteria of selection of the people for living in the Golden Age which has already come to the Planet of Earth was not known. Until now it was believed that those would survive who was lucky, who was protected by the stars, who was favoured by his destiny, who would be saved by his Guardian Angels and God. But bluntly speaking, all assumption was based on our usual “somehow and other”. All hope was set on a good luck: how the cards would lay, or the dice would fall. The loss is a freak of chance and nobody’s to be blamed.

But now it’s become clear that Life is not a game of dice, but a deliberate choice. The person stating that he won’t take it up, turns down his right for Life, deprives of this right all his kin including the children to be born. He actually turns down his right for life in favour of somebody else, maybe much less deserving than he does! But he choses death with his own hand.

The Nature always has reserve ways to salvation and uncovers them to those who is willing to survive, who chooses Life. It’s the same as with the serious illness: the organism mobilizes all its reserves to save itself. The fight for Life is based on activization of all healthy, full value cells and forces capable of fighting the illness. If such cells are in a majority, they are joined by the hesitating ones, and the organism survives, winning over the death!

Nostradamus translated the word “Apocalypse” as “doomsday” (Armageddon), but the accurate translation is “removing of the covers”! This means that such events happen in the Nature which take the veil off our eyes and the surrounding world. To survive we must see the surrounding world and our place in it in true light, having removed the rose-coloured spectacles. New priorities are to be set: each of us must decide what he needs in the first place, what he needs in the second place and what he can part with (many things will have to be given up entirely). Without such inner work, without soul-searching the man condemns him/herself and his/her junior generations for the certain death, which is quite near at that!

The main question which worries everyone is: “How are the people going to be divided into two unequal groups: 99% and 1%? Who is going to become the “scapegoat”, having found oneself within the ninety nine per cent, and how one can get in that precious one per cent?”. It’s quite simple with the first category: they are going to be killed by their holy belief, which is the only correct outcome from any situation – act as all do, and more precisely – leave everything as it is. The principle are very simple: “If you feel like working, lie down have a sleep and all will pass by”, "sleep on it!”, “may be it’ll disperse”.

The scientists write that the Mankind has activatted the self-destruction mechanism. The people have reached the edge of the precipice, many are falling into it already. But there are such ones (unfortunately they are few) who having looked into the precipice, got horrified and are turning back, going from it, forcing their way through the mob. These people look “white crows” to the others: they don’t live as everybody does, they don’t do as everybody does, and they say things which aren’t to be said. It is these people that will make the one per cent group. They learn to survive not in accordance with the experience of civilization, technological progress, social community, owing to incessant concern of the State and achievements of the Medicine, but contrary to all this!

A person may be healthy, if he studies the objective Laws of the Nature, and follows them. Only a comprehensive approach to health, intelligent application of these Laws in practice are the guarantee for his health and survival. There are about ten Laws of Nature and they are easy to follow. One only have to get oneself desire to learn and improve not the surrounding world but oneself, as “the man has a greater freedom inside than the one he has outside himself”. One can make one’s life happy, joyful and healthy only having absolutely clear and honest judgement of oneself and one’s place in the Nature, as well as daily applying of simple, but precise and strict practical techniques.

The people suffering from illnesses, untimely destroying themselves by the wrong way of life dream about fast and easy way to health. They want all at once and in abundance, as at table. Such things never happen! Health must be earned, one cannot buy it. Nobody will sell it to you.

The way to health isn’t a fact, it’s a process, and a cognitive one in the first place. Any process has its peculiarities, qualities and laws. The way to health lies through studying of this process. It is the one having given oneself trouble to study it for years, to follow its laws that will be included in the one percent of the lucky ones who are going to survive in our hard times.

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