Criterion of Sleeping Consciousness

Criterion of Sleeping Consciousness

Having read the above you, dear reader, might wonder what a person with sleeping Consciousness looks like and if your indices would be ahead of his if compared.

Let’s define the criterion of a sleepingConsciousness. One shouldn’t think it’s a complicated procedure, like, e.g., definining IQ. All that is genial is simple! How, for example, does a neuropathologist define a man’s nervous system condition? There’s nothing simpler: just take a small hammer and strike on the patient’s knee. By the way the relaxed leg reacted the doctor judges about the excitability of the nervous system. One can define the state of the Consciousness in a way as simple as the one mentioned above.

Your attitude to Life is the criterion of Consciousness, that is, how much you value your life and realize yourself in it. Life is an invaluable gift given by the nature. Thoughtless wasting of this gift is punishable. Such useless way of life leading to dropping out of life process inevitably tells on the state of Consciousness and vitality of the Soul. Unskilful and indifferent attitude to life decreases the potential of the Soul (blocking the programs providing for survival), which involves brain passivity which means indifferent, sleeping state of the Consciousness.

The criterion of the Consciousness state is very simple: if you are in the thick of things, looking for ways to the health, well-being, constantly contemplate the events, improve your ability in perception of life, without fear before its everyday newness then your Consciousness is not sleeping. But if you are lazy by mind and by body, you are indifferent to everything in Life provided that nobody disturbs you, if you expect that all required should be handed to you on a platter, it means that your thought is paralysed by indifference and the Consciousness sleeps!

You’ve just read such dreadful things about the situation on the Earth, about the Apocalypse and about the fact that less than 1% of tellurians will survive. You are shocked, your first reaction is to contact somebody, make practical steps for saving your life and the life of your relatives, children, grandchildren. In this case you may be congratulated: your Consciousness doesn’t sleep and react to the external irritants!

And vice versa: you’ve read all these dreadful things, slowly stretched yourself and concluded: “So what? They write many such things!”.  – Why?! Don’t you see? We are on fire! Run for your life! It is this way that one in one's senses reacts to a fire, isn’t it? One takes steps for saving one’s home, but if it’s late, one tries at least to save one’s and one’s family’s lives! What a sleeping person would do in case of a fire? You are correct – nothing! He sleeps on. You must be having a solid argument: “But there are State bodies, institutes, scientists, state persons responsible for all this and they are to strike alarm”. Yes, they are! But they also sleep and their sleep is as sweet as yours and they see in their dream pictures which are more beautiful than yours, and that means they are still harder to be waken up, as there’s a note in big letters hanging over the head of everyone of them: ”Do not turn over at an Alarm, at a fire take out first of all!”. Having received our exhaustive information about our System and having thoroughly studied the preface at best such a person says: “With God's help I’ll take it up”. At the worst such person treats such information as if there’s something very frightful in it

It’s very easy to pick out a person with a blunt Soul and sleeping Consciousness: he is just afraid of any changes, any novelties in all aspects of life. So he first of all sees a threat to his “well-being and stability” in anything new instead of making a step forward to meet a novelty or a person bringing a novelty. He treats the bearer of novelty as the enemy No. 1.

Sometimes such a person manages to join us, and he ventures to connect to the System, but the sleeping Consciousness easily steers him away: he may become a healer without solving any of his own problems. He may settle in the contaminated territory of Chernobyl zone to learn surviving in extreme conditions having got scared for his children’s and grandchildren’s fate. But in both cases he turns his and his children’s life into an extreme sport, a source of adrenalin. In other words he hurries up to do “good deeds” and continues to turn everything in his life upside down. There may be lots of similar “creative work” examples!

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