Cause of Illnesses

Cause of Illnesses

The science has ascertained that any illness causes a damage to the cell genetic system. Petr Garyaev, M.D., a Russian scientist, carries out researches on this problem. He created a science named “Wave Genetics” on the basis of his researches.

The scientist decided to find the key to the cell genetic system recovery problem. The DNA (desoxyribonucleic acid) molecule has proved to be the key. It was found out that the index of human health is the integrity of the chromosome (containing the DNA molecule). If this integrity has been affected the DNA molecule loses genes and the person falls ill. And the more lost genes in the chromosome of each cell there are so much the worse his state of health is. 

A DNA molecule has two spirals: the sample one and the working one. If only the working spiral loses genes, the person himself can get them back easily using special correction methods. Special techniques are required if the genes start dropping out of the sample spiral. On this stage of DNA molecule destruction serious health injuries, incurable illnesses are found. An avalanche destruction and process of ruining of the organism are in progress.

Within a number of years DNA properties researches have been held at the Institute for Quantum Genetics of Russia Academy of Sciences directed by P. Garyaev till recently. It has been discovered that the DNA is very keen to the manner of speaking. Thus abusive language impact equals to 10 to 40 thousand of Roentgens per hour making chromosomes fall apart, DNA molecule bursting into pieces. Anger, irritation, curses, aggression - all negative emotions of a person, including the classical Russian obscene language cause such an effect.

A negative thought becomes a missile capable of pierceing any membrane, or protection at any distance. It has no obstacles. This emotional shell literally bursts the organism from inside.

All this has been confirmed by researches of scientists of various countries.

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