Key to a Better Understanding of Waves and Particles Interaction are Water Chrystals

Key to a Better Understanding of Waves and Particles Interaction are Water Chrystals

During the recent hundred years the science has ignored the wave aspect of the matter, basing on a dogmatic and onesided perception. And only now that some scientists have brought it to life, and this assists them to be more and more successful in their elaborations. Masaru Emoto is one of such pioneers. He managed to make microscopic shots of water chrystals. Detailed researches of Masaru Emoto and his research group demonstrate clearly the effect of the environment, music, to the extent of superfine vibrations, for instance, a thought (wave aspect), on the matter by an example of freezed water. Healthy and pure spring water result in forming of aesthetically beautiful, sparkling, symmetrical chrystals, while the chrystals of polluted city water or some other chemically and physically polluted water look dim, have a very primitive form or have no structure at all. So due to the memorizing capability of water one may make a conclusion concerning the impact of the environment quality on drinking water. Deep scientific researches also make it evident that depending on the character of music (e.g. classic or Heavy Metal) appear extremely different chrystal forms. Such methods assist to objectively contemplate the impact of Art on the surrounding world.

So the beautiful in Art bringing spiritual pleasure is not only a subject feeling of an individual person in the form creation of the matter, which always seeks beautiful and harmonious forms in a wonderful way. This seems to be one of the most important distinctive characteristics of life which also can be guessed in the beauty of the vegetative and animal world. Here the impact of guiding Cosmic Laws manifests and the man being a part of nature is subject to and must be guided by them in his activity.

The fact that water possesses a sort of memory and intensively reacts to the most superfine vibrations, e.g., classical music, has been confirmed by many researchers. And every year their number becomes greater. As an example we can mention the results of scientific researches by Professor Bernd Kroeplin of Stutgart University. Making detailed microscopic researches of liquids he arrived to astonishing scientific conclusions comcerning the informational flows in Nature, which are still out of the scientists’ view. The Matter is capable of forming and changing even under effect of the most weak vibrations, including thoughts and electromagnetic emanations of an individual human being which cannot be registered by the measuring instruments. This experimental data till now referred as metaphysics find more and more wide acknowledgement and is confirmed by facts (see the coloured insert).

In our Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System you will find specific ways permitting to control organism on the cell level, that is, on the DNA molecule level. We must note at once that no similar techniques working on the cell level exist it the world by one reason: the man hasn’t learned to control his mental energy, his thought. He is reluctant to understand and feel his organism, to overcome himself and his stereotypes.

Our Consciousness is concentrated on solving of urgent everyday problems. This worldly fuss captivates us so much that we completely devote all our energy, care and attention to it. All connected to the health of our cells, the process of their vital functions have dropped out of our field of view and our Consciousness’ zone of responsibility. These processes running automatically on the unconscious level with the help of the somatic nervous system (but far from heedlessly) are actually let run by themselves by the man.

Informational flows, circulating within the body, have two directions: from the brain to the cells and from the cells to the brain. The key to all problems of the man lies in integrity and immaculacy of these flows functioning. Our organism has two levels, or “subjects” vested with memory, connected to the Energy and Information Field of the Universe and obliged to work in close contact, understanding and trust to each other. These subjects are the brain and the cell.

A pyramid may represent the Hierarchy of the human organism. The brain is the top. The cells are the body and the base of the pyramid. The pyramid becomes eternal if all the body, billions of its cells, support it. Finally, it’s Her Majesty the Cell and not an abstract speculative organism or a separate organ that realizes all the plans and fulfilments of the brain! So the Secret of Man is in inseparable tie and interaction of the two “subjects” of the organism.

But the stumbling block is in this same subject: this process has been competely let out of sight of the Consciousness. It dropped it out of the range of Its perception and responsibility zone. It is in the restraining of the confused process of the cell control having made it controllable that the way to the true health is! The man is capable of learning how to listen and to feel his organism, his cells, to be aware of them. Only  then the thought will become a progam, a guide to action for them and the cells of our organism will start to work according to the program set by our thought. Our thoughts must send creative impulses to the cells and be fully controlled by the Consciousness.

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