Health Guaranty is in Using Power of Thought

Health Guaranty is in Using Power of Thought

A good thought does miracles. It is capable of neutralizing the results of negative emotions, acts as a medicine, heals and gives fresh strength, restores the structure of the cell, restoring its DNA. 

The scientists exposed wheat and barley seeds to X-ray emission of 2,000 R to 10,000 R. After this they managed to restore the genetic system of the seeds with the help of words: the broken chromosomes united, the seeds sprouted and further on they developed normally. The radiated seeds were healed!

Luther Burbank, the well-known American botanist proved in practice the power of thought. Back in XIX century he managed to raise new varieties of potato, plum, various flowers, fruit plants and trees without crossing, influencing the plants only by mental suggestion, moods. At that the new qualities of the plants were inherited. Many of those varieties are still known.

Apart from that it was proved that a thought can assign a new program for DNA. This effect is valid for any biologic cell, including those which the human body consists of. At that it isn’t only the DNA of one’s own organism that a person is able to affect! One can change the state of the cells genotype of another person by means of one’s thought (one can, but shouldn’t). Such capability has been put into us by the Nature.

It’s far in the past that the Psycologists have been using auto-training techniques effectively helping people to manage their problems. During an auto-suggestion session the person affects one’s genes with one’s thought. Each cell of the lever (or rather, the DNA of each cell) starts functioning according to the new program when we are talking to our lever, for example. Which program has been chosen depends on our thought, as all depends on the person. An optimist’s thought heals as he believes in successful healing and his strength. A pessimist’s thought aggravates the illness as he believes in nothing. Luther Burbank’s and Petr Garyaev’s experiments made the scientists conclude that affecting our genes with our own thoughts and emotions we can change our genetic code. Of course it’s never done all of a sudden and at once. Constant efforts and time will be required.

It’s all very simple. The way to health lies through undrestanding and realization of the process, through capability of controlling one’s thought, while receiving a great and unconditional advantage. It must be noted here that only your own thought can be understood by your organism. Informational flows going from the brain to your cells have a priority importance. Other, undesirable foreign flows, impacts can be blocked by the power of thought. Late 2004 a message was published in mass media that all believers have a common gene. The conclusion has been made from this that God’s chosen ones are marked in this way. In fact the so called “fanaticism gene” was identified. All muslim terrorists have this gene. Aren’t you confused of having such relation?

Many fear evil eye, bedevilling, curses, zombying. The area of the unconscious (being beyond Man’s control) is his most vulnerable, unprotected area, his Achilles' heel. Here everyone of us is completely unprotected and open for interference from outside. It’s only the lazy bones that doesn’t meddle with our unconscious processes, e.g., having thought of us badly, cursing, scolding, etc. But if you learn to deliberately control your thought becoming invulnerable for them, there’ll be no room for this interference in your organism.

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