Left and Right Cerebral Hemispheres

Left and Right Cerebral Hemispheres

Our brain consists of two halves – left and right hemispheres. These hemispheres specialize in solving completely different tasks and carry out complementary functions as the science has determined. The left hemisphere is oriented and specializes in percieving of only three dimensioned space, it perceives the world we live in. the Consciousness connected to it assists us in perceiving this world and working within it. It perceives the speech, words.

But the left hemisphere is not in the state to perceive the processes happening in the world as a whole. That is why it differentiates them, divides them into the component parts.  The left hemisphere has exhausted its potentialities completely: everything that can be divided has been already divided. All our perception and life are directed to developing of the left hemisphere and that is why we can perfectly dismember, prepare and divide everything.

But we cannot combine these discreet values. Because the left hemisphere has not been supplied with such function by the Nature and it cannot be taught to! Therefore we cannot foresee and understand the after-effects which we’ll be brought to through our actions (including the scornful treating of this information).

Just remember who in the Bible plays the role of the differentiator and whose motto is “Divide and rule!”. And now answer to yourself whose tool we are, developing only the left hemisphere. You don’t think God’s, do you? Discreet thinking inheres in us, and that’s from the Evil One.

But just to establish the fact and accept this point of view is not enough. It must be taken as the guide to action and to change your reference points having made a U-turn. As the practice has shown it’s not a simple thing to do, as one have to conquer oneself, overcome one’s inability of disconnecting the left hemisphere and simultaneously connecting the right one on the way to the victory.

It must be taken in earnest and routinely. The people are so deeply involved into the mirages of the discreet world that find neither time nor desire for working on themselves. Is it sad? It is, as nobody will save youself and your children! And not because of one’s bad temper, but no one can as no one may interfere in your Choice!

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