Chapter Two

Chapter Two

God is the triune beginning, the source of all vibrations, duality, correlations (interactions).

The triune beginning of God manifests in unification of such universal components as Existence, Non-existence and Universal God’s Consciousness. This means that God’s Consciousness embraces the processes both in the manifested World (Existence) and in the non-manifested World (Non-existence), i.e. all the processes that take place in both Worlds are under God’s control. It is this God's intelligent (sample) vision of all the process of Life as a whole that is, as they say, the objective reality of the Existence.

The presence of so opposite by their nature components forming both the Existence and Non-existence leads to the duality of the World components. There is always something with certain characteristics and there is another thing with opposite characteristics: particle – antiparticle, electron – proton, order – chaos, cause – effect, creation – destruction, movement – rest, etc.

If the Existence is the manifestation of the matter as some construction material of the Universe, the Non-existence is the non-manifestation of the Existing. The coercive materialization of the particles, bodies and all that exists, as well as the movement, order, creation, harmony are the main characteristics of the Existence. The Existence manifests itself in the form of Life: living (organic) one and inanimate (inorganic) one.

Naturally, the Non-existence possesses the opposite properties by its nature. If the Existence consists of particles, the Non-existence – of antiparticles. Chaos, destruction, disharmony and rest (cemetery) are inherent to it. The Life is created through interaction of the Existence and the Non-existence. God’s Universal Consciousness, His Thought, born by His Consciousness is the Driving Force of this process.

The Space of Life may be only three-dimensional. Absolutely all processes of the Nature are embraced by the interaction of the three components of God (Existence, Non-existence, Consciousness)!  The Consciousness’ capability of embracing  of all the Existence’s and Non-existence’s processes determines the dimensionality (scope) of the Consciousness and dimensionality of the world in which the man lives.

As to the Life processes control, the dimensionality of the Consciousness determines the possibility of actualization of the man’s manifested capabilities.

The origin of organic Life and its existence are possible only in a dimensionality equal to “pi” number, i.e. in a three-dimentional space. This means that the space where the Existing materializes and the organic Life exists, may be only three-dimentional. The difference among the seven levels of the Existence is determined only by the scope (dimensionality) of the Consciousness and the thinking (mental) processes of the people living on that or another Level. These two (the Consciousness’ scope and  thinking processes) are closely connected between themselves. Opening of the Consciousness’ scope for two to five per cent is not the evidence of our vainness or narrow-mindedness, it’s just the standard of our material world, our starting capital!

The meaning of the Evolution (at our Level, as well as at any other one) is the man’s capability of going beyond the standard (comfortable zone) of his world. He must feel able and  courageous to go beyond the “universally accepted standard” established by the public opinion, unwritten constitution in the milieu of the like, must not fear to become different from the others or absurd, to feel able and courageous of rising above this milieu (to go over there not knowing where it is, to find the thing which is not known).

This test is not for the nervous ones! And it  is going to be like this at each step, at each Level of the eternal Way.

The “pi” number is not a universal constant. Its value is approximated to “3” number, but is not exactly three. Due to this approximation to three (divergences, lack of convergence) the various Levels of the Universe are created.

If organic life arises at the p “pi” value equal approx. to 3, the  Consciousness appearance level in our world, on the Earth, is determined by “pi” +0.1 (i.e. at the value of “pi”=3.1). The presence on the Earth of dimensionality within the limits of approx. 3.00017 means that the Mankind isn't close to Consciousness discovery to put it mildly. One must remember that manifestation of the existence is not limited to the given range. It's the starting line, initial point for a continuous expanding of the Consciousness, for creation of various levels of organic Life existence within the Universe.  Each Level of the Universe has its own, conforming to itself scope of Consciousness. From this the space dimensionality changes and grows.

E.g., in God’s World the dimensionality of the space and Consciousness is from 4 to 4.5. The dimensionality of Consciousness of God Himself is abt. 5.5 units, and it doesn’t stand still, as the Evolution doesn’t let Him sit too long either. His dimensionality grows, all His (ours too) Universe dimentionality increases, which means that all the population must increase their dimentionality, march in step with God! There is only one objective Truth uniting everyone in the World of God, that is the Law of Unity. The plot lies in the fact that on the Earth as the starting point of the Dimensionality of the Consciousness and space it is invisible, unreadable and disrespected. For your reference: the Dimensionality of the Consciousness of God of the higher Universe is 10 units, the Creator's, God Father Sabaoth's, Consciousness Dimensionality is 100 units.

We do our best not to fall back. During seven years of our working by our system we’ve increased  our Consciousness dimensionality up to 3.98 units (85%). The people who follow us come up with us. As you see, anything can be achieved! Anybody’s fundamental disagreement with such statement of the question automatically activates destruction programs within him, (irrespective of his level!) with a prospect of his finding himself in the Non-existence.

The science asserts that the space in which we live is manydimensional. In fact at each Level of the Subtle World the space is as three-dimensional as on the Earth: length, width, height. However for every Level there are certain scope and dimensionality of the Consciousness expanding from one Level to another. The distance, scale or spacing from Level to Level has the value of 0.2. If at our Level the Consciousness scope is from 0.1 to 0.3 (3.1-3.3), the next Level will have the range of up to 0.5 (all calculations are made in relation to the “pi” number=3, which is a constant). On this the stability of the Universe has been exhausted. All other Laws and Processes are relative and are in continuous reciprocal motion. Only this is not a chaos, but a movement, controlled by God’s Consciousness with a programmed and predictable result!

The ‘pi’ number shows the dimensionality of the space in which we all live and the decimal value after the point determines the dimensionality of our Consciousness. The Level of Developed Consciousness in our world alternates from 3.1 to 3.3. The next Level (or dimension) of Life of intelligent beings will be from 3.3 to 3.5.

The Universe has seven Levels of intelligent beings existence. The highest Level of manifestation of organic life (for people born and living on the Earth) is determined by the 'pi' number = 3.9. It's the fourth Level of the Universe, but by no means the Fourth Dimension!

The next three Levels are started and determined by the 'pi' number value equal to 4. The  Consciousness Level at them is from 4.0 to 4.5. This is a World of Perfect People, the Management of the Existence, the Universe. The form of Existence of the people in this World is bodiless, invisible, for us. For us it is energy form of existence or particle-beam one as Tsiolkovsky called it. But for themselves these people are the same people as we are in dense material bodies living on similar ground as we do.

Other names for this World are God's World or Eden. This is the so called Fourth Dimension. The people on this level carry out the work on correction and support of the Existence. The Fourth Dimension will not be heaven-sent to us as a certain quantum leap or the Second Advent, it has always been on the Earth and populated by the collaborators of God's World. Everyone of us has a chance of entering it, but not  marching or in a mob, but with a group of associates and with the help of one's Evolution. The harshness of such approach is based on the principal impossibility of bringing destructive processes (death) to that desired Eden from our physical world.

The matter is that the Existence in the Universe is supported by the Consciousness of God, His thinking processes, mental energy, or the Holy Spirit. The people living on the lowest Level of the Consciousness (i.e. all of us), exist  solely due to consuming of this energy, dully dispersing it for our ambitions and "problems".

It's quite another matter when a person learns not only to consume God's mental energy efficiently, but also to increase it supporting one's own existence. Such capability of the man expands his possibilities much more. He becomes a master of his fate, his Life. It is the ability of a person to turn oneself from a  fast liver and a beggar into a Creator, that our stage of the man's Evolution lies in. It is this thing that our System teaches!

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