What Does the Orientation of Consciousness for Two to Five Per Cent Mean?

What Does the Orientation of Consciousness for Two to Five Per Cent Mean?

A common person's Consciousness is oriented toward his concerns and problems: home, family, work, etc. The scope of the  Consciousness includes all that the person thinks of what he is concerned about. He is not interested in the things beyond this scope.

One must note here that newly born babies have a manydimensional Consciousness. It represents a clean sheet of paper where anything may be put down! While it starts to absorb the dogmas of the family and public upbringing and concentrating oneself on the scope of its self-fulfilling, application of its capabilities on the emotional plane of the man, his feelings and problems, the scope of its Consciousness decreases sharply. The efficiency of the thinking processes decreases together with the scope of its Consciousness.

As the Consciousness is oriented toward life in the material (physical) world, the views, aims and dogmas aquired by the person from the starting point of his development are its foundation, construction material. The  Consciousness religiously protects the borders of this Virtual Universe of the man and all his enumerated “values” being unable of carrying out their unbiased analysis.

The Consciousness builds its world view, inner Virtual Universe only on the basis of its stereotypes, notions and aims. The man perceives the surrounding world and people only through his severely limited range of Consciousness. He evaluates them from the point of view of how religiously  they will be able to solve his problems. All that is beyond this range the Consciousness does not perceive! It is concentrated only on the problems of the man, on his thoughts. That is why the following idea is considered not unfounded: “the brain is an organ with the help of which  the man thinks that he thinks”.

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