“When I say that we all, healthy people, live outside of our mind, I’m not just threading beads of meaningless paradoxes. The ego for the unconscious presents the same thing as the mind presents for us. So we are the unconscious of our mind. It is only from a peculiar position of estrangement that we perceive the Source of Life as a certain Something. The Mind who we are not aware of is quite aware of us. It is we who lives outside of our mind. We are not in the least disturbed by the fact that we are completely ignorant of our own inner life”.

It is reasonable that the man himself, the creator of the virtual Universe, is the center of this Universe. All that is within its limits belongs to the scope of his Consciousness, is called upon to serve him, to solve his problems. No surrounding world exists for him who lives his own life. According to his firm conviction all the Universe centres around him and his problems, and he sees and observes nothing around him. In his opinion, those around him are to please him, satisfying only his own needs. They don’t have their own problems and cannot have them in principle. The person perceives only those people who are within the scope of his Consciousness. He doesn’t “see” the other people and  doesn't take them in earnest.

If the people who populate the man’s Universe state that they have the right for their own life, for solving their own problems, the man is astonished. He is shocked and dumbfounded. It is a stress for him, he is eager to change the developed situation: but the  must serve him. Mutual misunderstanding and conflicts arise, the stress for both, as the “disobedient one” sees the situation exactly the same way only on his own side!

As far as information is concerned, then the man perceives only that one which is accessible to his Consciousness, accordant to his truths. He doesn’t see and perceive (categorically rejecting) even having read it many times the other one belonging to the higher Dimensionality! If his Consciousness is not oriented to health, any information about health is rejected! If his Consciousness is oriented toward the fact that health may be given only by a doctor, any information that all necessary for health is inside of the man himself becomes inaccessible to him! The Dimensionality of his Consciousness and the Dimensionality of the information have different values being in completely different space-time continuums; therefore, they neither agree nor intersect. There is only one way of uniting them, that is, to increase the Dimensionality of one's Consciousness! "If the organic life originates at the p (pi) value equal 3, then the Level of the Consciousness appearance in our world is determined by the p (pi)+0.1 (i.e., at the pi value equal 3.1). The presence of the Dimensionality of the Earth within the limits of 3.00017 indicates the fact that the Mankind is a bit short of acquiring the Consciousness to put it mildly". As you understand, it is an objective reality requiring no proof.

This concerns all other aspects of the Existence. If, for example, the Consciousness is oriented toward the fact that money can be earned only through physical, “honest” labour or trade, the man doesn’t see any other way of earning money and will reject indignantly any information asserting that money can be earned some other way.

In this case an appeal to the human common sense is useless. This sense is limited to two to five percent of his Consciousness, being under a voluntary confinement. In such a state a person cannot react to a situation adequately and accurately choose what is advantageous to him and what is not. He blames everyone and everything in his troubles. Everybody around him is bad, as one must serve the man and “please” him, but doesn’t! Only how one can do good, if one is in a situation when any good turns into evil? This will go on right to the time until the man hatch from the egg of the material world, or free himself from his cocoon. This may be explained in different ways, but it can be done only one way, that is having become a personality independent of the material world. Without acquiring the independence all ends in talking, and also how and where can one go, if one is swaddled within a cocoon?

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