What does Expansion of Consciousness Mean?

What does Expansion of Consciousness Mean?

A person should understand and become inwardly aware of the necessity to expand his Consciousness. For example, occupy oneself with one’s health. If physicians are unable to help him, he should let the information of health in the range of his consciousness (within one’s virtual Universe) and busy himself with studying of this problem! He must comprehend, understand what he needs and how health can be achieved. I.e. the expansion of Consciousness goes through cognition, studying, comprehension and applying of the new information in practice.

One needs money? The man should admit that his aims and ideas concerning the ways of earning money have become out of date, and new methods of solving this problem must be found according to the demands of the times! The labour market must be studied, one’s knowledge and capabilities must be evaluated. If they do not conform to the spirit of the times, one should learn and adapt oneself to the current situation, but not break or ignore it! As the weight categories are far from equal in this case. The person should increase his value through training, learning, labour and make himself worthy of good money! Otherwise his dream will remain a “fixed idea”.

Similarly, if a man wants to be alive, his Consciousness should be oriented to Life! Life is a way of the Universe manifesing and existing. It’s a process. This means that the Consciousness should be oriented toward this process and include all the Universe in its scope of life. Only in this case he begins to become aware of being Its particle, cell, involved into the common process, the Life!

Then the biorythms of the Universe will support the vital functions processes in a person infinitely long. Here’s where the secret of physical immortality is hidden! The secret lies in the fact that there’s no secret at all. If the Consciousness is oriented toward all the Universe, the person perceives oneself Its particle. He knows and is aware of the fact that all other people are the same particles summoned to serve the common process of Life as he is! The Universe gives him all the necessary for supporting Life. The man doesn’t have to affect, override those surrounding him, subject them to his stereotypes.

In various world religions and human minds the dogma exists that God fights the dark forces, the Devil, and it is still a question who is to win. Non-existence indeed is the Devil together with his dark forces. God gives life to all the Existing including the man. How he is going to dispose of this gift is his private affair, his right for a choice! As we mentioned before, the man’s choice is the Law for all the Universe including God.

The man’s reluctance of taking responsibility for all that occurs to him together, to all mankind and to the Earth, his categorical reluctance of working at self-improvement, passing into the next evolutionary class means the Choice of the way leading in the direction of Non-existence, opposite to Life. in this case nobody may contradict him, for he is absolute master of his gift, the Life.

Nobody may forbid a beautiful life. The activation of the self-destruction mechanism by the Mankind, the presence of the Apocalypse and death in general are the confirmation of the wrong choice. All these abnormal processes and phenomena have nothing to do with the Life in the Universe and exist only on the Earth!

The Life vibrates in a narrow range between Existence and Non-existence. It is a constant interaction, their mutual inter-change-over of one into the other. It is his very inter-change-over that the man calls life vibrations, living space and Life in general. The interaction of the two Worlds, opposite by their properties, is effected due to various exchange processes: particles  change into anti-particles (e.g., photon), chaos change into order (and vice versa), action into counter-action, etc.

The exchange processes are universal. They are inherent to everything, i.e. practically omnipresent. The universality of the exchange processes is manifested in the mass and energy conservation Laws which state: “If a body has lost something, it must acquire exactly the same quanttity of something else to make up for the loss”. There are three exchange processes in Nature: metabolism, interchange of energy and information interchange (exchange of thoughts for the man).

All the remaining Conservation Laws result from these three main processes. These are: mass conservation law, inanimate matter, dynamics law (action is equal to counteraction) heat exchange law, etc. All these are manifestations of metabolism.

The Consciousness, i.e. God’s thinking process, is the moving force of in all the Universe. A great deal of the interchange processes of all the Existing have been automatized by Him and needs no interference. These processes are supported by God’s mental energy potential which means that all in the World have been preprogrammed.

From this the main Law of Information Conservation results: “each phenomenon is preceded by the information about it”. That’s why all Existing, any body of the Nature, is a program and programmable product. Any body is a receiver, reading informatioin from the Energy and Information Field of the Universe, the information of its way of existence! Only the way of existence when everything is controlled by the Field has the right to be called a process. All other ways when the role of the Field is kept secret or completely ignored, as it has occurred with the Mankind are the facts which are not connected among themselves and which do not oblige anybody to anything.

As the man is a defective receiver, with his neocortex disconnected, he is mildly speaking far from being capable of perceiving the Life on the process level. That is why all the History of the Mankind seems to him in the form of separate, discreet facts, when a personality either raises to the peaks of the Spirit or falls into the abyss of spiritual meanness. That’s what a discreet thinking means, which has no ability of seeing the general picture and know the stimuli moving the people and events.

It’s not the next  accusation of Homo sapiens, but a statement of fact that a person who has not activated his neocortex can operate only discreet, static elements and concepts of the Existence which do not enable the vision of a general picture. It’s just because a mammal’s brain cannot manage the information on the energy level. It doesn’t have access to the Continuous Logic Thinking. This means that such elementary notions as: mental energy (thought), space, time and, consequently, God perceived in dynamics by their essence, on the energy level, for a mammal’s brain remain concealed, unreachable and dropped out of the reality.

It’s surprising that people having read through our books and actively going in for the System write to us: “Some authors express ideas similar to yours, but at somewhat another angle. They have the same purpose: expanding the Consciousness and the Evolution. I’ve got a feeling that the information comes from the same source. But they go to the Consciousness expansion through active meditation. What do you think of such a way?”.

And the matter really is in the “at somewhat another angle”.  Only whatever angle of looking at Life has been chosen for a person with a mammal’s brain being in sleeping state the same range of sight remains: 2% to 5%. We mean the percentage of world knowledge mastered and applied in practice for his own welfare and not harmful to the Evolution. There should be only one source of knowledge, that is the Energy and Information Field of the Universe. But the mammal’s brain without fail will extract some obscenity like a machine gun or a nuclear bomb, which may not be called otherwise than a mechanism of self destruction, may it? And natural aggressiveness of a mammal’s brain without which the man with sleeping Consciousness cannot survive is the reason. To tame, subdue or train it is a completely impossible undertaking. And still more impossible plan is such person’s aspiration to conciliate the Subtle World and God!

It’s also a great puzzle how one can go to expansion of one’s Consciousness and Evolution through active meditation. After all even if one can reach the alfa-level this way, without capability of neocortex activating the active meditation turns into a sweet half-slumber.

Our respectable sientists studying the elementary particle level processes will have to be disillusioned here. Even in theory such phenomenon as annihilation cannot exist within the Universe. It’s because God’s Consciousness controls the process of a particle into anti-particle change-over and this process has been automated. This program of His excludes accumulation of any anti-matter volumes within the material Universe, as otherwise this would have been self-destruction for it!

The scientists have determined that not only the man but all the Existing in the World, in the Universe are under control of the Universal Field. As you will notice we in our practice (in the seven parts of the System) get all automated. Without this one would have to practice daily from morning till night. This “know-how“ alone may be placed among the greatest world discoveries!

The same way as God the man is provided with the capability of controlling through one’s mental energy not only the processes of one’s organism, but also of all the ambient space, all the Universe. That’s why a non-harmonized man presents a great danger for the Universe and he won’t be let out of the Earth Noosphere (Solar System) in such a state neither in the form of astral travelling nor by space ships however eager he were and whatever attempts he made!

In the previous Chapter we’ve mentioned that “each phenomenon is preceded by the information about it”. The Field is the carrier of the information. It has been called morphogenetic field, but in fact it’s that same Energy Informational Field of the Universe. God or Supreme Mind is its source. The Life manifestation is possible only at continuous not interrupted for a second interaction of all existing with the Field. This Field contains all information of the Universe, the Field is controlled, corrected by God’s Consciousness (His thoughts) and evolves together with Him.

Rupert Sheldrake, biologist, is the initiator of the Morphogenetic Field theory. He named the Field Morphogenetic as it affects directly the structure and the form of things. It is a Field of images, its main property is the capability of thought materializing. A certain field of images exists, common for all people. Similar fields exist for animals, birds, insects, plants and even for metals and chrystals. The capability of that or another chrystal of taking its own, strictly determined form (not a voluntary one!) is transfered by the very Morphogenetic Field.

That is the universal, common Universe. All the Existing is in direct connection with it. A special part of the Informational Field, Egregor, conforms to each image (a totality of similar thoughts).

The field is not uniform by its structure. Its layers which conform to the high frequencies interact with the human brain neocortex and urge him to development of the sixth (mental) feeling. In this case the man’s Consciousness perceives the information of the Supreme, Subtle layers of the Informatiional Field.

The Field layers conforming to the coarse frequencies interact with the inferior sections of the brain and with the common five organs of sense. The man’s Consciousness reads the information from these layers of the Informatiional Field. In this case the higher, subtle layers of the Informatiional Field are not accessible to it.

It is in the World of God where all Existing is conceived that the human Matrix (the program human Entity) origin takes place. The energy-informational processes actualized due to God’s mental energy are effected in this Matrix. That’s why the disposition in the form of vast potential universal capabilities has been put in every man.

Due to the fact that the origin of organic Life is possible only in three-dimensional space, it is only in it that the man’s Consciousness as a physical object is originated. This is the lowest level of the Consciousness fully oriented toward the three-dimensional space, although the man believes firmly that in this, the best of the Worlds the Truth has been concealed and he has come here for the sake of its possession. But alas! “self-conceit is proportional to ignorance”.

So that the disposition received from God be fulfilled in a person one must develop one’s Consciousness. Only in this case one’s energy Matrix is filled with substance and meaning (Consciousness), and one starts consciously control the programs of one’s development, or Evolution. It is in training and ability of self control that the Man’s evolutionary development task lies! “The lion is the strongest beast of prey, the elephant can eat more than anybody else, and the man has come to learn” (sufi aphorism).

Primordially the man has been connected to the creative processes, but during his development orienting his Consciousness toward destructive processes of the material world he has connected to them, got under their dependence and is fully controlled by them.

Within our System a person with the help of the Subtle World reconnects to the creative processes of Life again. To keep ourselves in this condition we must work out creative programs of our further Life. as this process is supported only by the Consciousness (thinking processes) it should embrace all this process, and the thought should support the potential of the creative development programs.

These programs in our System are set by the person himself both for the organism in general and for all his organs, tissues, systems, as well as for each cell of the organism.

Life is motion which is manifested and realized through various exchanging processes: metabolism, energy exchange, information, thought exchange. These processes are controlled by certain regularities and must function as a whole. One of the main Laws is the Law of mass and energy preservation. For particle manifestation as well as for the support of the Existence processes within the matter the process of energy exchange is the most important one.

All in the Universe startting with elementary particles and ending with planets and galaxies (naturally including all the living and Man himself) exist exclusively due to energy exchange! Without it the motion and Evolution would have ceased immediately. The energy exchange supports the motion. This process has its own regularities which the man may cognize and learn to control if he wishes.

All material objects startting with elementary particles and ending with massive enough objects like planets are locatted at a certain distance one from another, i.e. exist in space. This space is not empty, materialization doesn’t tolerate emptiness! The space among the bodies (even among the elementary particles) doesn't stay empty, it consists of still smaller particles. The totality of these small particles, surrounding greater material bodies, is called Field. Any moving object creates vortical flows of the Field making its particles move.

It must be noted that the moving is always normalized and directional: negative partticles move to plus and positive ones to minus. This way various energy flows arise.

If the fact that the materialization of bodies starts with movement of field particles taken into account, one can understand that the degree of materialization and the way of existence of a material object depends indeed on the field particles movement and on certain order (program, Law) of their unification into a system, on general potential which is created at that. It is the program and energy processes that provide for the existence of the matter.

There are two types of things in the Nature which the matter consists of: a particle and antiparticle. A particle is the materialized manifestation of an antiparticle. All our physical world studied by various sciences created by the man consists of material particles.

The antiparticles are the representatives of the other World where Existence is absent. The Life is always a sort of some order. Until recently the scientists believed that chaos reigns in the Anti-world. But it also obeys to certain regularities, one of which is the anti-partticle change-over into a particle and its existence, but in the form of a material object. Due to this process atoms exist, the elementary material systems which any physical object consists of. It is the movement of anti-partticles that provides for the movement of material objects and serves as the origin for manifesting energy processes.

Knowledge of these Laws is necessary for us to understand that rules the world. It is the energy exchange that is the source of all other processes and exchanges of the manifested matter. The man is no exception! The Human body exists due to the energy exchange. It’s inherent both to the cells and to the body as a whole. Our Life and health are fully depend on this energy exchange.

Before the man comes to the Earth his energy body tuned to a certain strictly individual rhythm of particle movement, to a certain potential and scope, has been originated. The conception of an energy body takes place in a different, unknown to our Consciousness World. Just created energy substance passes a long way of Evolution starting from elementary particles and ending with a man.

And now, during the process of its Evolution this substance has been forming its energy (program) field with which it’s been keeping a constant informational exchange. Changing its evoluttionary way of existence (being incarnated in minerals, plants, animals, in man) this energy substance continuously connected to its program field keeps forming and improving it. 

For instance, a materialized particle existed in the form of a photon. It was connected to a photon informational field and was controlled by the programs of that field. Any changes happening to the particle at this stage of Evolution were immediately recorded in its program field. Then the particle evolved and entered a system consisting of a group of particles (say, atom). Now it obeyed the programs recorded in the informational field of the atom recording them in its program field too.

Subsequent evolution of the particle has led to its becoming a chrystal and it is controlled by the programs specific for chrystals having modified its informaional field again. Andd so forth until this substance has grown to a man. All its processes will now be controlled by the programs specific only to a man.

Materializing in conformity with the acquired programs the substance builds its physical body (usually this substance is called a Soul). As you have already understood from the above, a Soul is not just a certain energy substance, but it also is a program and programmable product, carries in itself kinship, personal programs of the previous Evolution or its previous incarnations.

The purpose of the new incarnation of the Soul is its Evolution, which consists in improvement of the programs which it is conrolled by! As you see a Soul does not have its own personal aspect, it’s just an of certain programs formed by the previous generations of its executors. This means that a person, the possessor of the Soul, is aware of his being a person and its owner only while he possesses the Consciousness!

The Consciousness is a material product, connected to the physical body and the given interval of the Life (of the Soul existence). So, having lost the Consciousness (having stepped over the threshold of the death), the man ceases to be aware of himself and his Soul remembers of him nothing!

Further on this Soul according to the programs it has already accumulated, incarnates into a human body and is born on the Earth. This process will continue until the energy resources of the Soul has been exhausted and it disintegrates into antiparticles or until it passes to the new step of the infinite Evolution, that is tto the realization process.

I.e. until it incarnates into a Man who will connect the Soul with his Consciousness, and will make this unity lasting. Volunarily, deliberately and with one’s own hands. From this moment finally the Soul assumes its peace and haven for all its infinite Life. And the man receives immortality in his physical body living on the Earth. His True Birth has taken place of which we had been warned long before: “You must be born again” (John 3:7).

Anybody is able to master this process, and it is quite controllable. How this can be done you will be able to learn having joined our System.

Now we’ll go on with consideration of urgency and importance of the energy processes. It’s clear to you that all the Existence is ruled by the energy and informational processes. They are primary. The processes that take place in a human body are secondary. The man is not an exclusion too. Our task is to cognize these processes and control them. The existence of any material object (including a human body) is possible until it has a certain energy potential..

As a result of energy exchange and in accordance with the placed programs all the material objects (including the man) in the material world on the Earth are programmed for destruction! During the process of physical life a constant dissipation of the energy which exhausts the general energy potential of the object takes place. As a result all the bodies in the material world are subject to destruction while biological persons die: “Nothing is eternal under the Moon”.

To be able to change such way of existence one should learn to continuously support and increase one’s energy potential on a proper level changing the programs of one’s body control. For this purpose each of us will have to change one’s “residency”, having rebuild one’s virttual Universe, and move from the world of Effects to the World of Causes.

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