Purity of Intentions (Thoughts)

Purity of Intentions (Thoughts)

The man’s thought is the main carrier of information, it carries in itself a certain energy potential and subsequently enters changes in the environment. Having appeared once it never disappears but settles both within the energy body of the person and energy structures of the environment.

A of the man (egregor) is created. One and the same repeated thought that has created the increases its potential. The thoughtform power increases, it becomes capable of interacting with the  thoughtforms of other people, unite with them. At that the clot of energy becomes an independent energy structure which is recharged by similar thoughts of people. If negative thoughtforms has been generated in the energy body of the person, and he doesn’t get rid of them, these free energy structures attach themselves to him and start to conrol his psyche, emotions, create negatve, receiving recharge from the person.

Moreover, these homeless, restless energy structures are capable of creating those similar to themselves, “cheer-leader”, recharging stations. With their assistance the energy persons can connect to any man, provoking a depression, vascular dystonia, neuroses. Here we have the contingent ready which the nutrient medium for similar entities. Can the man be called the King of Nature after this? With the help of their testicles (energy flows of negative thoughts directed at a certain person) the energy entities stick to the person who has been the aim of the thought. And if the person starts to worry concerning the unjust accusations or by some other reasons, the energy entities recharge themselves with his negative emotions.

The main donor of the energy entity is the person who has created the negative thought, as he is the parent of the negative thought. A physician would call such process a cancer tumor development. This is a layout of negative thoughts transformation. They are characterized by coarser energies which are very close to people, they live and multiply only in the immediate vicinity and contact to the man.

People with low level realization, subject to material associatings, idealizations, dogmas are the main source of these structures feeding. At that all the dogmas in the form of division into: “good – bad”, “good – evil”, “truth – falsehood” etc. – all that works in the phantom material world, feed these energy and informational monsters. Our dogmas are static thoughts, their principle is “divide and rule”.

It is only positive spiritually ennobled thoughts sent to God and Subtle World that dominate over these entities! Having gathered the required potential they get recharge not only from the people who created these positive thoughts, but from the Subtle World too. Having support from the Subtle World such positive thoughtforms can control energy enttities (energy and informational monsters) neutralizing their negative effect. This is an example of dynamic creative structures functioning as well as illustrative example of functions of a person living in the World of Causes. The person masters this techniqes starting from the fifth part of our System.

We must note that the ways of the thought impact on other people is a very extensive and delicate topic. It’s important to keep in mind that while sleeping (being unconscious or in slumber) a person easily perceives a foreign thought and is programmed by it, i.e. one is absolutely unprotected while in these states!. In the presence of such a person no TV set or a radio must be on, nobody must brawl or convey aggressive thoughts, otherwise the person gets ill for an unknown reason, with unstated diagnosis! And an aggressive thought expressed by someone being near the person with disconnected Consciousness may well be the reason. This thought enters changes in the processes of the brain and it (conforming to the “new” program) obediently alters the unconscious processes of its organism.

First such alterations appear in the form of vascular dystonia, depression, then organic diseases develop. Finally the person acquires various complexes, erroneous views, stereotypes, interfering with his achievement of whatever success. And that’s only one episode from a person’s life existing in the world of effects.

It’s important that all thoughts expressed or not cause changes in the environment all the same! At that any thought must be suppressed! One can suppress a thought (if it’s negative) having directed it back to the source. But still there are other less barbaric methods of self-defence.

A positive, creative thought may be connected to the Subtle World, and they will help you to realize, materialize it within the physical, material world. A positive thought may be transferred to another person from hand to hand in a line, enforcing and recharging it. But this skill has turned out to be a stumbling block, unsolvable problem. But we’ll have to solve it all the same, we teach this with the help of the System.

Any thought either bypasses the person or passes through him without causing any harm (if the person creates no obstacle to it). But only a person with flexible mentality, with expanded scope of awareness and perception of the World not liable to stereotypes can possess such qualities. Such a person can easily manage thought flows, and his inner peocesses as well as form events, manange the situations in the surrounding world with the help of a certain techniques.

From all the mentioned follows: the man must control his thoughts, while the inner contents must conform the outward appearance. He must not deceive himself. If the “flame erupts” in his heart with a smile on his lips, he stays in the power of negative thoughtforms and there’s no use in calling to God for help: the man has made his choice which is in uniting with the thoughtforms or destruction programs!

One can be a senior disciple of a Great Sage having dedicated all one’s life to spiritual practices and mortification of the flesh at a monastery or ashram while being connected to the Noosphere destruction programs and being the slave of one’s Ego. But one also may live in the world being a possessor of uncountable riches staying free from Ego, without being attached to the material. In this case the man has an open Consciousness, his choice has been deliberate and therefore reliable.

If the spirituality is cultivated ignoring the real life, the socium, it has no value. It’s because of the fact that it is not based on the sturdy foundation of life so that to become a reliable support, but is hanging over the person on a thin thread ready to break any moment.

On a Thin thread (Osho Variant of Parable)

The Great Sage has sent his disciple to the court of King Janaki to learn something which the young man lacked. The disciple asked:

– If you cannot teach me, what can this Janaka teach me? You are a Great Sage and he is just a king. What does he know about meditation and awareness?

The Great Sage answered:

– Just follow my instructions. Go to him and bow. Don’t be egoistic thinking that you are a sanyasin and he is just a common landlord, that he lives in the world and you are spiritual. I’m sending you to him so that you could learn something from him, that is why for the time being he is your Master. And I know, I tried to do this here but you are unable to understand that, as you need another context for understanding. Janaki’s court and his palace will give it to you. Just go and bow to him. For these several days he will represent myself.

The young man started reluctantly on his journey very reluctantly He was a brahmin, a man of the highest caste! And who is it that Janaka? Yes, he is rich, he has a kingdom, but what can he teach a brahmin? Brahmins always think they can teach people. Janaka wasn’t a brahmin, he was a kshatry, which meant that he belonged to the Indian worrior caste. They were considered the second after the brahmins. To bow before this person? It’s unheard-of! A brahmin bows before a kshatry! It’s against an Indian mentality! But the Master told so and it must be done. He set on his journey reluctantly, he bowed reluctantly. And when he bowed he felt anger for his Master, as the situation in which he hadd to bow to Janaka was scandalous in his eyes.A beauutiful woman was dancing at the palace, people were drinking wine, Janaka was sitting in this company. The young man was full of condemnation, but nevertheless he bowed.

Janaka laughed and said:

– You don’t have to bow to me, if there is so much condemnation in you. And don’t be biased before you haven’t tried me.Your Master knows me well, that’s why he sent you to me. He sent you to learn something, but this is not the way one can learn.

The young man said:

– It’s all the same to me. He has sent me, I’ve come, but by the morning I’ll go back as I don’t see that I can learn anything here. Actually, if even I can learn anything from you, all my life will have been wasted! I haven’t come here to drink wine or look at a beautiful woman dancing and at all this connivance…

Janaka smiled and answered:

– In the morning you will be able to leave. But once you’ve come, and you are so tired, have a rest for a night and you may go in the morning. And who knows, may be in the night that context will come for the sake of which your Master sent you to me. It was very mysterious. How a night can teach him anything? But neverthe less he had to stay at the palace overnight. Is it wise to make so much fuss about it? He stayed. The king saw that he was given the most beautiful room, the most luxurious. He saw the young man to his room, took care of his meal and sleep and when he went to bed Janaka left. But the young man could not sleep all night, as he was looking upwards and saw an unsheathed sword hanging on a thread right over his head. It was so dangerous, at any moment the sword could drop and kill the young man. And he has kept awake and vigil through all the night to escape a disaster if it happens.

In the morning the king asked:

– Was the bed comfortable, the room cosy?

The young man was indignant:

– Do you call that “comfortable”?! All’s been well, but what did that sword mean? Why have you played that trick on me? It has been so cruel! I had been so tired, I’d come on foot from afar from the ashram of my Master in the woods, and you have played so cruel a joke on me. What sort of a joke do you mean: to hang a sword over my head on such a thin thread, so that I should tremble with fear as a weakest wind could kill me. I hadn’t come here to commit suicide.

The king said:

– I want to ask you only one thing. You were so tired and coukd fall asleep very easily, but didn’t. Why, what happened? The danger was so great that it became your life and death matter. That’s why you have stayed aware, vigilant. The same is with my teaching. You may go. Ot, if you like you may stay for some days more and watch me. Though I sit at the court where beautiful women dance, I am aware of the sword hanging over my head. It’s invisible, it’s called “death”. I don’t look at this young woman. The same way as you couldn’t enjoy the luxury of the room, I do not drink wine. I am aware of the death which may come any moment. I’m constantly aware of the death, that’s why I live in a palace, but at the same time I am a hermit. Your Master knows and understands me. It is because of this that he sent you here. If you stay here for some days you’ll be able to observe that for yourself.

Having read the parable you must decide for yourself who you want to be: a conceited sanyasin whose fate hangs on a thin thread, or a humble king, enjoying all the boons granted by the life. All depends on your Choice!

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