Preparation for Working with Energies  The energies of the surrounding world are the main tool of our System of recovery

Preparation for Working with Energies

The energies of the surrounding world are the main tool of our System of recovery. The purpose of working with them is to cleanse and strengthen one’s own energy body, for its condition affects the condition of the physical body. All the processes occuring within the physical body are directed to support of its vital functions, most part of them is directed to mutual exchange with energies with the environment. Thus the respiratory apparatus at inhalation perceives the subtle energies of the air, transform them and recharge the body with the necessary quantity of energy.

The place of concentration of a great quantity of energy is abdominal cavity (abdomen). Here also the energy received from food by the organism is concentrated. That is why it's not all the same to our organism how we breathe, what we inhale, and what we eat. The violation of breathing and digestion natural processes leads to illnesses. The main reason violating the process of breathing is smoking. A smoker poisons not only his own organism, but also the organisms of those living with him, and also the outsiders who are next to him at the moment of smoking.

With the help of our technique one can easily get rid of this ruinous habit should one be willing. (All necessary recommendations are given individually, on demand). There are cases in our practice when people have given up tobacco smoking and alcohol dependence, at that without subsequent recurrence!

As to the digestion system, it is also meant for perception of subtle energies of the food. Modern nutrition supply the organism mainly with coarse energies, they bring about disorder not only in the functioning of energy processes, but they also disturb mental processes, thinking activity. The thought is chained to the material and is not in the state of flying up, soaring. That’s why we have what we have…

The nutrition is a topic of a special and long talk. If the Nature has enabled us of receiving joy from natural foodstuffs (and in small quantiies too) the modern man has turned these natural processes into gluttony, distorted them completely and now time and knowledge are required to bring these processes into the first-born state!

The recommendations for transfer to natural nutrition (fasting, uncooked plants diet, separate diet) are not right for most people. They are not right because all these theories were created many years ago, when the soil, air, plants were not spoilt by the economic activities of the man! In up-to-date conditions new knowledge and special technologies completely different from those known by the Mankind till recently are required. The contemporary conditions require new knowledge and special technologies for recovery of the digestive system completely different from those known to the Mankind until now.

Our System has all of them. We wish to remind that the midpoint of working with energies is your attention, thought. The energy always flows in the direction of what your attention is turned to and fulfills the work which the thought orders to. One more very important point can be added to this: for your body to be able to perceive subtle vibrations of the Nature one must clear it from the processed energy. The preservation Law is valid for all processes including he processes of your body. The quantity of “dirty” energy released from the body will be replaced by the same quantity of “clean” energy!

There is one more Law, which governs all material bodies: it’s the Law of inertia. All changes occur gradually and gather strength of their manifestation as gradually. That is why using the System techniques one must master it step by step without jumping over the stages efficiently estimating one’s strength. By the way, failures in using some technologies of working with energies occur because a person is given much more than he can hold, and that leads to a negative effect.

It is also follows from the mentioned that attention, thought and the degree of its effect on the energy and physical bodies develop gradually. That’s why, to get a visible effect, in the beginning of the work with the System one should use its methods often enough and in emergency cases to a headache! This is connected with the fact that the feedback between the thought and the organs of our body has been lost. To restore it one should affect the organs as often as possible, every minute and every second, in fact till you feel a headache. The more often you will work the better! With time you will notice that you have only to think of what you want to do that and that and this “that and that” is done by itself! This means that your organs have learned to hear you and return their feelings to you!

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