Cleansing Body of

Cleansing Body of “Bad” Energy

The surrounding world affects us both with “good”, or positive energy, and “bad”, or negative one. The positive energy comes to us from the Earth, Cosmos, Nature. The negative one comes from the surrounding us people, mass media and even from all the things and foodstuffs, made by the people’s hands! The negative energy is created by our organisms as a result of ailments, bad thoughts and negative emotions. All this energy is “dirt” for the body, that’s why further on we’ll use the “dirty energy” term. Both external and internal dirty energies may lodge themselves both outside the body and inside it (on the internal organs). It's following from this that cleansing the body from dirty energy is as necessary as the daily hygiene of the body and oral cavity is!

As you see there is no slitest hint in the Nature of any danger from outside: from the Cosmos or from the Subtle World. Beyond the Noosphere there are no dark forces with negative programs and dirty energies which could encroach on our Soul, having stained it, and which one have to save oneself from. All these exist and not as an external danger, but as our own work out, the product of imperfection, grown within the Noosphere of the Earth!

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