Safety Measures Rules while Working with Information  Any information carries a certain energy potential in itself

Safety Measures Rules while Working with Information

Any information carries a certain energy potential in itself, and therefore getting in touch and especially working with information involve mental energy consumption. So that this consumtion does not end in destruction of the person, the received information should make up for the loss of energy. This can be done only one way: tuning one’s Consciousness and actions to practical realization, putting into life of this information.

The information received with the purpose of just being informed, for the sake of erudition, consumes, burns the mental energy. If the acquired information is practically realized (finds its creative putting into life), the man’s Consciousness accepts it and perceives it as something very important and useful, its mental energy is not consumed. “Blessed are those who verify their ways!”.

But you have to convince your Consciousness that the given information is required by you. This is done with the help of realizing of what you require it for, what you are going to use it for and how you are going to realize it making practical use, profit of it. Having realized this you must have your Consciousness acquainted having read or listened to the information once. The Consciousness perceives what you want to get from it. If it is just a with the information and further on you decided that you have understood all and have no intention to come back to it, the Consciousness immediately starts the process of clearing the files of the brain from the acquired, but unnecessary information. This clearing as well as the familiarization are made for the account of mental energy consumption, the holy of holies of the man.

Should you set a task before the Consciousness that the information is required by you and you feel the necessity of its usage, comprehension and realization, i.e. of its practical application, in this case the Consciousness activates the mechanism of memorizing. This process is accompanied by the brain cells’ generating of the matter called myelin a thin layer of which covers these cells. Of course consumption of mental energy accompanies this process too, but unlike the previous one in this case the energy is not dispersed, but concentrated in the myeline, fulfilling the function of creation, and not the one of destruction!

The more often you will read the information, the more released energy will be accumulated in myeline, the more qualitative your thinking process will become. Interpreting the received information, thinking over it, realizing, uncovering its potential possibilities and meaningness for yourself, you provide for the energy exchange between the information and mental energy.

In this process there are some important moments:

1. The mental energy oriented toward certain information, at first has a limited nature. Its quantity and potential grow gradully, while the myeline layer is growing, i.e. while you are memorizing the information and getting used to it. As soon as the myeline layer has got worked up and reached the maximal value, the process of information memorizing ceases. Your memory can play it at any moment. The information exchange ceases.

The Consciousness oriented toward the given information having got used to it, immediately turns it into statics, into something unshakable, into the final truth, into the dogma, directive! But any statics limits the flexibility of a mentality, violates your adaptability to the informational flows of the Universe, which ultimately constrains and even stops your Evolution making it impossible for you the involvement into the rythm of the Universe’s and God’s Evolution. 

The Consciousness being well-intentioned and protecting its information acquired through hard labour, renders disservice to you, tries to reconnect you from the programs of Life dynamics, that is creative programs, to the programs of statics, destruction, Non-existence trying to lull you: “If you feel like working, lie down have a sleep and all will pass by”.

So that nothing like this happen you must keep a continuous informational exchange within yourself with the purpose of misleading your  Consciousness and not changing the acquired informatioin into a dogma: “So that one neither beat the air, nor mill the wind It is day and night that one’s Soul must be working hard!”. For this purpose one should switch over one’s Consciousness to getting new information. Switching over means repeating over and over again the process of memorizing now newer information, so that to grow over oneself, to evolve.

You must remember that the Consciousness is always on guard of the acquired information. If while reading a thought just flashes across your mind that you don’t need the information, as you have known this long before, that you will just get acquainted and will never use it in future, you may be sure that the memorizing process hasn’t turned on! You are wasting your mental energy, your Gold Reserves!

If your thoughts have been set to the state that the information is required by you now, will be required further on, it is just a must to you, the process of memorizing turns on, the process of accumulating and conservation of mental energy, of its realization takes place. That’s why preparing for memorizing some information get yourself tuned to this process both mentally and emotionally. Feel its importance for you. If you analyze the mechanism of memorizing, you will find out that the key to it, the Law for your brain, is your Choice as ever!

2. Now you have memorized the required information, you have produced the maximal myeline layer. Now you are to realize it! The realization lies not in its materialization through producing some technical device or through influencing only yourself. The realization lies in the fact that you repeatedly come back to the information.

The simplest way of realizing the information is its implementation through communication with other people: you have to just to play this information having told it to other people, to those who need it as much as you do. While the process of memorizing is in progress there is nobody to whom you can convey your information. But as soon as the process has completed sooner or later you’ll come across at least one person to who needs your information, then you’ll find another, then more and more… So, memorizing every minute you should be prepared to convey your information to another person.

One thing must be made clear: the man is a social being, he cannot exist outside a community. And though each of us dreams of one’s own individual Universe, from  the Above the man’s Evolution is regarded only on the scale of a community, or an individual’s interaction with the like, on the scale of their mutual aid.

There’s no other Evolution in the Nature. A person can evaluate himself only having looked at one’s personage with another’s eyes. One can evaluate the verity of all one’s knowledge and skills only when they have been accepted and claimed by another person.

There are objective reasons for that. As to the mastering and passing on the information the mankind must be mobile to survive. Hence the importance of each of us is evaluated by one and the same criterion: how far one together with all one’s knowledge and skills has been claimed by those surrounding ones. The information belongs to all the Mankind. If the person thinks: “I need this, why should he have it?”, you may be sure that those from Above will treat this person the same way. If he needs nobody then nobody needs him, however pious, holy, right and good he is!

It is only due to this fact that you must keep the information ready and active and say it again from time to time keeping it in good condition. To train the functioning of your thought and the verbal system tell the received information aloud. First to yourself and then to your relatives and friends. It is obligatory that you learn to state your thoughts in a written form. All this not only develops your eloquence, but also will get rid you of many complexes. A process of your personality growth, your Evolution starts and it starts in reality, and not on the level of declarations and conjurations.

And what will happen if you ignore these recommendations? The information which has been once learnt but never rendered gives the Consciousness a signal that it must be deleted as it has not been claimed! The mechanism of myeline layer destruction turns on. The mental energy preserved in myeline is released and dispersed, destructing and maiming all living creatures around. use. The myeline being destroyed turns into deathly poisons, affecting the nervous system, internal secretion organs and all organism. The person falls ill.

So that this doesn’t happen one should master and memorize only the information which is very important for oneself and from time to time tell it to other people. That’s what is going to become a soul-searching and priority arrangement. All that will happen to you further on is the consequence of such soul-searching.

In this case a kind of myeline layer ventilation with a flow of fresh mental energy occurs. Referring to your memory you release the stale mental energy, cleaning by this  the myeline from decay products which are removed from the organism through blood and limph! Myeline is replenished with clean, fresh mental energy. Being released it participate in informational energy exchange with another person.

The more energy you release the more clean and fresh one you acquire. This is Energy Conservation Law in informational exchange and a inexhaustible source for replenishment of the man’s mental energy final supply which is strictly limited. All this process as a whole is nothing but a development of your spirituality (work with Holy Spirit). All the remaining is going away from the spirituality regardless of its name and its form! Apart from that while transferring the information from a person to a person you contribute to solving the universal task of enlightenment of the Mankind, which means that the Powers of the Universe will assist you in your life!

By such action of yours you show to the Universe that you orient yourself toward It, and not toward your personal interests. Of course one shouldn’t present oneself as a Saviour, i.e. it’s not wise thrusting the information upon the people. You are to tell and that’s all. You have fulfilled by this your task of ventillating the myelline stock. Whether the other man perceives your information or not remains his own problem.

All people know that they can obtain the required information on the unconscious level. I.e. they know unconsciously that you possess something what they lack! Their unconscious will bring them to you! You don’t have to worry about how their Consciousness will perceive this information and how they will behave in this situation. There’s no need in imposing the information and defend your point of view, the people will come to you for themselves! You should only make your Choice and support your readdiness for transfering the information. For this purpose render to yourself what you have memorized the way you understand it. With the deliberate choice the process of memorizing develops fast enough.

All the rest in your life and fate will be solving by itself! How? Of course it is not going to fulfill as if by a magic, but as a reward for working! As we live among people, our wellbeing fully depends on the fact how important we are for them. When our Choice, advance, spiritual growth and experience begin to conform to the interests and expectations of the people (as well as fully conform to the tasks, algorithms of the Universe and God)they will be claimed. Then we find ourselves on the point of the interests of all the Universe, becoming Personalities and Leaders with a capital letter. Each individual person, all the Mankind and Universe will be ready to create maximally comfortable conditions for such people’s habitation on the Earth, receiving in exchange an appreciable profit for themselves.

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