The Only Correct Nutrition

The Only Correct Nutrition

It’s possible only due to the photosynthesis. The sense of it is in the capability of the organism of synthesizing by itself of all nutrients having extracted their initial components from the air, water, Sun, Earth, Nature. Even if the person consumes a certain quantity of fresh food: berries, vegetables, greens, fruit, nuts, they are not used to stuff one’s stomach, but to correct some micro-abnormalities in the general process of the photosynthesis. Of course the quantity of the mentioned foodstuffs is calculated in grams and not in kilos.

The sense of the photosynthesis is in the fact that our cells absorb the life energy of the environment and with its help turn on the process of synthesis and assimilation of the nutrients.

The peculiarities of the man’s anatomic structure, which seem paradoxical at the first sight, are the confirmation of the fact that a man can exist nourishing oneself only with the matters received as a result of photosynthesis. The physicians especially surgeons know that the lowest point of nutrients intake is located in the colon. At that this point of intake is directly connected to the cordial artery. Therefore according to the concept of Creator, it’s in it that the most precious nutrient, or the product of the photosynthesis required by the heart and further by all the organism, must get. What we get from the colon at our nutrition with the intestines constantly overloaded, can be understood without words.  And if nothing is to be done and changed in this regard all talks about health must be stopped.

The modern man has the process of photosynthesis completely turned out, as on the one hand it can be effected with the intestinal tract completely empty, and on the other hand with completely clean channels supplying the life energy to the organism. I.e. the skin, respiratory apparatus, vessels, eyes and blood must be clean.

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