Microflora of Organism

Microflora of Organism

Before examining the next topic let’s remember that our organism is not only an aggregate of various cells, organs, tissues. The organism contains a great number of various microorganisms fulfilling the work of no small importance. The microorganisms inhabiting our organism and situated in different organs and tissues are called microflora.

Our Consciousness has divided the microflora into “good” and “bad”. Of course this separation is relative and conditional: both groups of the bacteria are essential and dear to the organism. If the “good” microflora participates in synthesis of nutrients, their assimilation, the “bad” microorganisms participate in cleansing the organism. When the organism is healthy there is a balance between the “good” and “bad” microorganisms. This balance is supported and corrected by the immune system. In case of a healthy condition the balance changes in favour of “good” microflora, and in case of an illness in favour of the “bad” one, as a necessity of cleansing of the organism or an individual organ arises.

At the common slag-forming nutrition the poisonous matters are spread by the blood to all organs and tissues, accumulated in them, which require some cleansing efforts on the part of the organism. In the locations of accumulation of poisonous matters “bad” microorganisms develop.

The breathing processes of “good” and “bad” microorganisms are basically opposite. The “good” microorganisms breathe with oxygen while the “bad” ones with carbonic acid. Naturally in the locations of slags great accumulations of carbon dioxide are observed, this attracts “bad” microorganisms and various viruses. If viruses get in these locations, inflammations appear. It must be noted that different viruses get on with certain types of “bad” microorganisms, that is why at inflammations great accumulatioin of staphylococci in the muscular tissue, at inflammation of mucous membrane of the stomach helicobacteria develop., etc.

Thus destructing viruses with the help of medicines kill a part of “bad” microflora, but don’t remove the slags, that is the cause of illnesses. After a time they break out again. Naturally at a correct nutrition, at the photosynthesis process turned on and set going, “good” microflora develops in the organism, which participates in the process of photosynthesis. The “bad” microflora is supported on the necessary level to carry out the cleansing processes at the decay of the cells.

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