Vegetative and Animal Cells

Vegetative and Animal Cells

During the process of Evolution of the man two independent systems have been created in his organism. One system has the qualities of plants, let’s call it “vegetative”, while the other possesses the qualities of animals, and will be called “animal” system.

Connective tissue (blood, lymph, bones, gristles, sinews, various membranes covering organs, vessels, intestines) and “good” microflora are referred to the “vegetative” system. This system sinthesizes nutrients.

Muscular and nervous tissues, as well as “bad” microflora are referred to the “animal”. This system consumes that which the “vegetative” one produces and synthesizes waste products (poisons, slags). These wastes are not fit for secondary usage, unlike the matters produced by the “vegetative” system. The cleansing system is used for removing and processing of the wastes from the organism.

Let’s examine the functioning of the vegetative cells. How do they work? Just look at the plants, they take trace elements from the soil and under the action of the water, air, Sun energies synthesize more sophisticated active elements, containing vitamins, trace elements, enzymes. When the food is cooked the enzymes dissociate into vitamins and trace elements, but these  component elements are deprived of the main, active part and no longer have value in themselves. It is evident from the above that the informational energy coming to the plants from beyond with water, from the air and the Sun is the stimulant for the plants’ photosynthesis (forming and producing the nutrients).

A similar process occurs in the man’s organism. The vegetative system cells catch the informational energy from beyond and under its influence synthesize the nutrients which further on will be used by the animal system.

Note: the animal system consumes the product of matter synthesis wihin the organism, but produces wastes (poisons). Of course, consuming the nutrients produced by the vegetative system the animal system carries out a certain job determined by the physiological function of the organism, producing wastes as a result. The wastes are utilized by the “bad” microorganisms and by the cleansing system of the organism.

A common person has the process of energy supply from beyond turned off. Therefore the vegetative cells are deprived of nutrition and are unable to sythesize the nutrients. These cells starve and die. Thus the nutrients synthesis ceases in the organism and therefore many other functions which the vegetative system is to fulfill cease too.

The animal system cells without getting the nutrition from the vegetative one are unable to assimilate all the food we give them (as the vegetative cells are to fulfill this function), and therefore they cannot dispose of the received nutrients in a correct way. They are continuously hungry demanding their nutrition assigned them by the Nature. At the excessive nutrition which the modern man so much suffers from the quantity of wastes, poisons increases. The animal cells (these are: brain, nervous system and muscle cells) are choked with them. In this case our organism doesn’t function as an harmonious bioenergetic and biochemical system defying ageing and destruction (which it must be according to the Creator’s concept). It is with such disposition that our children are born, but the parents break all these natural qualities and mechanisms of their children by their devoted “love”.

All the illnesses are from this. Without restoration of the vegetative system it is absolutely impossible to win them. To recover one's health one must restore the vegetative system cells. One can restore them only by having provided the organism with natural fresh vegetative nutrition and the energy of the Nature.

All the Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System previews a gradual, phased restoration of these primeval processes, the restoration of the status quo. That is why one should not treat it as a fact (everything right away and now), but  as a process (all is to be received, but gradually).

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