What is to Be Done to Turn on the Photosynthesis?

What is to Be Done to Turn on the Photosynthesis?

1. To use the power of one’s own thought, the power of one’s mental energy. Turning on one’s inexhaustible resources one activates the photosynthesis process in the organism, creates the necessary potential within the energy body. This helps to considerably decrease the quantity of used food, to diverge from its variety.

It should be stated here that in the second part of our system a person is taught to turn on the photosynthesis process in the organism. It is only after he has learned to fully control his emotions, having freed his Consiousness from habitual dogmas and stereotypes, having learned to detect and control them that a final change to energy nutrition is possible. Only then a possibility of considrable decrease of consumed food quantity will be uncovered. The final change to energy nutrition will become possible only when you completely have removed hypodynamia from your life.

Here a small but a very important explanation and addition must be made: many of you feel inner disagreement and even a protest to the above information. You are urged to change to a vegetable and then to energy nutrition, having given up all that your parents accustomed you to. It’s quite illogical and irrational as it would have been easier to teach you this thing starting from your first days on the Earth! Yes, it would have been much easier if our parents had been taught this: “If youth but knew, if age but could!” (If age could have given up its stereotypes). And this is not all yet.

2. Your Consciousness must be disconnected from the problems of eating. For the modern man eating means a way of neutralizing stresses, decreasing and trying to make up for the consumption of mental energy.

In the vicinity of the stomach a cluster of nerve-endings (solar plexus) powerful enough is located. To prevent a destructive effect of the stress and of the thrown in the organism at that deathly, unrealized mental energy, its impact on the brain and on the vital organs, the Consciousness (meant to protect the brain and the man himself) switches this impact to the solar plexus, and consequently to the whole stomach (as an autonomous protection system) thus producing a desire of chewing.

But since the modern man constantly wastes his mental energy, being in a continuous stress condition, he always chews! This habit has become an inherent part of his life. To reduce the consumption of food to a minimum one should learn to spend the mental energy economically and switch one’s Consciousness from eating to any other problem, for example, muscular activity.

Just remember your behaviour when a child. Children become so absorbed in playing that completely forget about eating! The parents have to make a great effort to divert the child from its occupation to feed it! And it must be noted that they greatly harm the child gradually switching its Consciousness to the importance of eating. It starts becoming its vital problem!

By nature, on the subconscious level playing is a vital task for a child. It thinks that the current day has been wasted if it has not learned anything useful from playing! Eating is not included in its Consciousness as something that deserves its attention, it has been completely provided for with nutrition due to internal synthesis of nutrients! Having solved its problems the child will eat, but it will eat just as much as it needs, and only the food it really requires. After all it, as animal's young is fully connected to Mother Nature’s channel and listens to Her attentively!

The parents’ subconscious jealousy to Nature and their fear that the child is hungry, gradually pass to the child and as it grows up while the playing goes to the background and less vital tasks are brought to the foreground, its Consciousness switches to eating. That’s why if one is eager to learn how to eat less one should find any vital task for oneself to switch one’s Consciousness from eating problems to it. Muscular activity may become such a task.

Hypodynamia is the Humanity’s scourge, and therefore people deprive their organism of the opportunity to generate vital energy, disturbing the energy exchange by that. The matter is that this energy is generated by the muscular tissue. If you set to your Consciousness the task: “Feeling hungry is a sign of the necessity to increase my organism’s Vital Energy level through physical training. Om, Om, Om”, providing for the loading of the muscles will become a vital task, the Consciousness will switch to its solving and will start forgetting about eating. The more often you will switch your Consciousness to physical training the less you’ll be chewing! Don’t forget setting all your thoughts to an automatic mode.

Of course everything isn’t done right away and all at once, but is to be done gradually. The main thing is to learn in the beginning to control one’s Consciousness: as soon as you feel like eating, get to physical exercises. If you are in a situation when doing physical exercises is impossible use static gymnastics techniques or do your exercises on the mental level. If this is impossible too, switch your Consciousness to anything vital to you. And don’t forget to address God for advice, assistance and support.

3. When you get to eating orient your Consciousness toward a small volume of food. Before eating have some warm water, convince yourself that you have already received the required volume of food. The Consciousness may also be deceived by sham chewing, just imitate chewing by alternate pressing your jaws with the molars. You may also imagine chewing something. Only do not try to cheat your stomach with chewing gum: you’ll get nothing except a gastritis or an ulcer!

4. Forget of your stomach. Move it to your mouth, all the more that the digestion process starts in the mouth indeed! Put into your mouth, say, a date, or a fig, or something sweet (natural) and suck it until you switch your Consciousness off eating. You might chew a small piece of a carrot or cabbage leaf. Orient your Consciousness toward the necessity of getting nutrients not from your stomach, but from your mouth!

5. People who lose their weght fast, should not confine themselves to decrease in eating until they restore the required weight at the expense of developed muscles. One should remember though that the organism loses weight till a certain moment. I.e. you will lose weight to a certain limit and further on you will stop losing weight! Many face problems of loose skin, of reduced muscles, of wrinkles, etc.

All these problems will disappear if you switch your Consciousness from them, are not concentrated on them, but direct your Consciousness toward developing preventive measures and their solution. Any techniques will do, above all you must accept it. Concentrating on a problem, you fix this condition as a dead end, final one. Such condition is very, very hard to get out!

Choice (parable from Paulo Coelho)

A 32 year old patient visited Richard Crowly, Physician.

- I cannot stop sucking my thumb, - he complained.

- Do not be too much concerned with it, - said Crowly, - just suck different fingers every day.

The patient tried to act as he had been told to. But each time when he brought his hand to his mouth, he had to Consciously choose the finger to be made the object of his attention for that day. Before the end of the week the habit was cured.

- When a blemish becomes a habit it is hard to be treated, - Richard Crowly said. – But when we need it at forming new relations, taking new decisions and choices, we understand that the effort is not worth making”.

6. If you have limited the meals and your stomach or intestines start to ache: this means that you have not  turned on the mechanism of photosynthesis yet, and your Consciousness is still oriented toward eating. Change the orientation through your work in this direction, change the style of nutrition gradually, unhurriedly .

7. If you have decreased the quantity of consumed food do not lose weight at that, more serious work on oneself is required. This problem can be solved only having restored the hormone status of one’s organism and normalized functioning of the internal secretion organs. This means that the rhythm of these organs functioning has become much slower. One can’t do here without exercise and a considerable one! The main thing is not to despair but to orient the Consciousness toward achievement of the goal and strive for it. One can achieve weight normalizing through only muscular activity improving the energy potential of the organism. Keep in mind: at a very low potential the Consciousnes will not let the organism lose weight! Activize the “good” microflora function by your thought. Do often enough the “natural cleansing breath” described in the System.

The Consciousness may be cheated (disconnected from eating problems) with the help of various breathing exercises, e.g. with the help of abdominal breathing. It should be done as much as necessary, it does no harm. The abdominal breathing is just necessary to everyone. This type of breathing activizes the function of the diaphragm, which in its turn massages the abdominal organs and lungs, improving their activity. The massage of the stomach removes the spasm from the solar plexus eliminating the false hunger feeling. Doing this exercise you switch your Consciousness to it and thus take the Consciousness away from the eating problems!

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