Should everyone and at once pass to the energy nutrition?

Should everyone and at once pass to the energy nutrition?

At present in increasing frequency the mass media publish messages about people residing in various parts of the world who have switched to the energy nutrition completely. One of them follows:

The Sydney Morning Herald. Mr. Prahad Jani, 76 year old indian, has nonplused the physicians and scientists. He states that he has not been eating, drinking and defecating for 68 years. A small group of fanatic devotees has formed around Mr. Jani. Mr. Jani agreed to a full medical checkup at a hospital of Ahmedabad.

400 physicians from Sterling Hospital have never managed to prove that Jani lies. This man wearing a red sari, all in bracelets doesn’t seem to have been eating and drinking for years, the doctors say. Mr. Jani has been for 10 days under a constant supervision of physicians. All his actions have been recorded by supervision cameras. Mr. Sadhir Shah, neurologist, asserts that Mr. Jani has not been eating, drinking and defecating during all 10 days. As to the 68 year period he is not still sure, the doctor noted.

The physicians emphasize that they can give no scientific explanation to this phenomenon.

Mr. Jani himself asserts that at the age of 8 he heard a voice from the heaven and was “chosen”. “A hole opened in my palate through which I receive elixir of life“, - Mr. Jani says.

Dr. Dinesh Desai stated that next time the physicians will examine the paient’s mouth to find out what sort of a hole there is. “May be then we’ll manage to get an answer”, - stated Mr. Desai. It took the physicians more than a year to make Mr. Jani undergo the checkup. Now the NASA specialists are willing to examine the hermite. His experience may prove useful for astronauts”.

Dear Sasha and Tamara,
There is no need in waiting for 10 years to prove the System efficacy!!! Here’s what I have dug up:

Alexandre Klyuev’s meeting with the woman who hasn’t been eating and drinking for 2 years.

On the 19th April, current year, at our Travels and Esotericism Center a meeting with interesting people, Alexandre Klyuev and Zinaida G. took place.

Alexandre Vasilyevich Klyuev, psychophysiologist, candidate of medical sciences, and the author of the book “Freedom from Death” recently issued by “AIF-print” publishing house. The second part of the book has been already signed for printing, and the third one is on the brink of completing. He has been following the way of “conscious evolution” for many years combining Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga and Jeed Krishnamurti’s active meditation.

In his books Alexandre Vasilyevich tries to answer the questions: “what is the man”, “Spiritual birth”, “Evolution of man’s Consciousness”, “how ignorance and death can be defeated” and many other questions, generalizing his own experience as well as the life of Masters and Saints of India.

In his books he also tells of limitless potential and unique capabilities of the man, including unique capabilities and history of our contemporary woman, who has been neither eating nor drinking, getting nurishment from Cosmic energy for more than 2 years.

Yesterday this amazing woman and our compatriot Zinaida G. who has just come back from a trip to India, took part at the meeting. She told of her unique experience. More than 2 years she has been neither eating nor drinking. HAS BEEN NEITHER EATING NOR DRINKING ANYTHING! ALREADY FOR 2 YEARS!

Nine years ago she gave up eating meat and switched to vegetarian nutrition, four years later she changed to water and broth mixtures and from the 27th March, 2000 she ceased taking food and water. According to physicians opinion her biological age is about 35 (physical is 66). More than that, her reproductive functions have restored. She says that she does not starve, but just receives energy from Cosmos and not from food. 

At all stages of her way some Guiding Star has been accompanying her in the form of a Divine voice which prompted her how to behave.

A full trust to this voice, God’s voice, (same as with Niel D. Walsh, see “Dialogues with God”) resulted in this giving up eating and drinking, unique from the point of a common person.

In further issues of “Good News” we’ll develop the topic “Man and his Capabilities” in detail.

All the best, Roman.

So life has had the Mankind facing the next fact. The phenomena themselves are unable to explain the facts. And therefore they cannot pass their experience to anybody. It’s true that some of them make loud statements that there are about 8,000 people like them on the Earth. Most likely such statements should be closer to myths than to reality. The presence of such number of uncommon people necessarily implies the presence of a Teaching and practical System for transfer of the skills and knowledge. They could stay secret for a month at the most. All the most preserved secrets of such nations as the USA, China, Russia are kept secret for half a year maximum. This means that such statements should be referred to the category of tales and myths.

The science as usual proved unable to clearly explain the events. The common man reacted to appearance of people possessing fenomenal abilities by creation of fanatic devotee groups.

And the most zealous perceived this as a command for action. Below is a letter from one of them:

My name is Serguey.

Now I’m occupied in switching to so called photosynthesis. Actually I write to you with the purpose of getting your assistance in optimizing my change to this all-sufficient, independent of “eating” nutrition! So far I effect this change with some hesitation and want to consult with you concerning the most optimal  carrying out of complete change to giving up food!

Please, reply to me as fast as possible as I’ve been following the “stereotype full value nutrition” technique practically for a week. This means that I have meals once per three days at the most!

You see, how it’s all simple! So said, so done, without any theories and subtilizing! Equally well the man could have said  that he had built by hand a rocket in his yard and was starting for the Moon. By the way, the Rostov-on-Don inhabitants had been having opportunity of watching such a rocket in the yard of one of the residents of Yasnaya Polyana Street for 20 years. The take off was postponed for indefinite time due to the psychiatric ambulance visit to the astronaut.

We wish it were so easy and simple. Now it’s known that even experimens with such seemingly harmless occupation as various diets and fast switch to uncooked plants diet in particular, resulted pitiably to many experimenters. The people got problems virtually from nothing in the form of persistent indigestion, ulcers, pancreatic diabetes, adiposity and many other ailments. Though, one could say: “What’s the difference? Many write that eating meat is sinful and immoral”. That is switching to a vegetarian diet is a good deed.

The man doesn’t see any difference between himself and those who write books about the advantage and necessity of switching to uncooked plants diet. The same two hands, two feet and the head are in place! The main argument is: “Is he better than I am (Am I worse than he is)?”. Here lies the main error not only of an individual but the whole Mankind. The people compare themselves to others believing they are completely identical individuals. The comparative analysis is made very subjectively on the “good” and “bad” level.

But the difference among each of us is quite noticeable. It’s this difference that is the elusive, until now unsolved mystery of the moving force of ascents and descents of the Human Spirit: from self-sacrifice to treachery, from love to hatred. All forms of Art get inspiration from this source, never having able to get beyond ascertaining of the facts and describing the external, naturalistic side. But the difference of the people lies only in their filling, in the form of the programs of the Supreme “Self” and Soul.

If, for instance, a man easily and simply just through his volitional decision has resolved to switch to the uncooked plants diet from the next Monday and done it with the same ease, this fact doesn’t mean that he has some special volitional qualities. This also doesn’t mean that others will be able to do the same with the same ease.

What’s his difference from the others? He’s got a different level of software and also there have been programs of natural nutrition present in his previous generations. Symbolically speaking his parents, previous kinsfolk, the Evolution showed a bit of generosity and included the processor Pentium-4 with  the due set of software. Others received a calculator chip, or even a set of pinions from a calculating machine. As you see the contest conditions are far from being equal. But this should confuse nobody: “Chickens must be counted only after they are hatched”. Everyone has time till the “hatching time” for working on one’s processor (neocortex) perfection and creation a powerful software in the form of a personal thoughtform. Note, there’s no talking of the stomach taming yet.

Generally speaking all these computer components are present with everyone, but not everyone of us has traditions, habit, experience and taste for working with it. In many respects this depends on the power of the kin and of your computer literacy buildup in the former incarnations. If, say, in your kin there’s a tradition of giving the children a university education as minimum and keep the correct natural nutrition, then one half of the business has been done. But if your kinship undergo mainly prison “universities”, you’ve got a problem of another type. But, frankly speaking, nobody knows who’ll have an easier progress: the one who’ll have to relearn or the one who starts from a clean sheet, or from the zero.

When you have mastered this job, you’ll be able to mark the nearest Monday or Tuesday from which you may start a gradual transfer to an uncooked plants diet smoothly passing into energy, Sun nutrition. But no experiments on your health until that moment!

Many will retort immediately that they are unaware of either the brand of their processor or of the completeness of the software package. In this case even more so one shouldn’t be in a hurry, as without awareness a person may easily harm himself. The word “awareness” never stands any interpretations and ambiguities. It may be understood only absolutely particularly: with competence! We must note that no emotions like: “I’d like to try”, “I’ve decided”, “I like it” – are spoken about here.

Having read through the books of “The Secret Doctrine of the Apcalypse Days” you will understand that one may proceed to any affair only when one has made a deliberate choice, produced to one’s Consciousness a full guaranty in the form of a steadfast confidence in its necessity for oneself. Otherwise neither the organism nor Consciousness will support your best and most virtuous undertaking! They interpret the beginning of such “determined” actions as a signal of a danger from which you must be saved and taken away at any price, whether it’s a health or fate blow. And they do take you away having given a good dressing-down.

Then the question arises, why the Nature, Evolution and God let people acquire phenomenal capabilities, if endeavours to repeat them are connected with such a risk. They let this so that the man could have faith in his strength and capabilities. The most important task of phenomenal people is just a demonstration, not more. And the punishment for a thoughtless imitation is given with the purpose of letting us know that no free distribution of phenomenal capabilities will take place any more and to acquire them one will have to do some hard work! We should not forget that Teachers and Pedagogues are the basic professions of the people from the Subtle World and they work as Magicians and Wizards when they feel like it.

The switch to energy nutrition must be very, very gradual. It starts with an energy and physical cleansing of the organism. I.e. first one should cleanse one’s Consciousness from stereotypes and complexes, then bring order to the interaction of mental powers of the organism, Ying and Yang energies, take care of removing the chronic deseases. And it is only after this, that one should think of switching to little food nutrition (about 200 grams a day) with natural vegetative food being the main part of it. Along with this you can create the new software of nutrition in your higher “Self”, if you managed to make a steady communication with It. As soon as your Higher “Self” will be ready to realize your program, the organism will cease eating by itself without any consequences. Haste is unsafe in this affair. The guiding line to switching to the new nutrition must be only reaction and consent of the organism, but not emotions like: “I decided so, I want so”. 

Except for program preparation of the organism to switching to energy nutrition, you’ll have to determine your purpose, i.e. to answer the question: “Why is the transfer to energy nutrition is necessary for me?”. If your answer concerns the necessity of your body transformation for further perfection and Evolution, then your switch to energy nutrition will happen when the necessity in this arises. This necessity is determined by the supreme “Self”. If your purpose of switching to energy nutrition is connected to a desire of having somebody amazed or to some other emotions, then you’ll get nothing except problems connected with your health disorder and loss. The famous people’s fortunes confirm the above:

Mr. David Blane, American illusionist who spent 44 days without food in a transparent plastic box, hanging next to the Tower Bridge, has been put to the hospital. During the fasting the conjurer lost 16 kilos. Several thousands of people gathered at the Tower Bridge to greet the illusionist.

Mr. D. Blane, 30, left his voluntary seclusion with tears in his eyes. “It’s the most important day of my life, - he said during the interview to the Sky One TV-company and began to cry. – During the time spent in this box I have learned about life much more than during all my previous years”. “I’ve learned to value simple things, such as a smile of a stranger or sunset”, - he told the spectators gathered in the center of London.

Not all the spectators treated him with sympathy though. As the bookmaker office William Hill reports, the major part of  the stakes were against his safe completion of the term of staying in the box which he himself had set. Many bystanders having come to have a look at the voluntary prisoner tried to throw golf balls, eggs and other objects at the box, which he was enclosed in. Some ate hamburgeres in an emphatic manner in his sight. Others beat a drum so that he couldn’t sleep. Those people seem to have been the ones who had staked on the project failure.

We must remind that the experiment started on the 5th September. During all 44 days 30 year old Mr. D. Blane has been supporting himself with water only. The last few days the condition of the desperate American has sharply deteriorated. According to the physicians he will be treated with restorative injections and only in several days he will be able to take common food.

Already before the beginning of the experiment the illusionist had been warned by the nutrition specialists that such long fasting was fraught with appearance of irreversible processes in the brain. Also a wrong recommencement of eating was fraught with death, doctors stated. At present the specialists make cautious estimates that the process of Mr. D. Blane’s restoration will take at least half a year”.

The fate of Mr. Saveli Kramarov, the famous soviet film actor, is the second example of what shouldn’t be done. Being in the peak of his fame he emigrated to the USA. Having tasted boons of civilization the film star decided that they are worth of making the pleasure longer and extending his life. For the sake of this a decision was taken to switch to uncooked plants diet in the form of an order. As a result Mr. Saveli Kramarov died very soon.

You also must know that the switching to energy nutrition requires a full rebuilding of the organism. If you have chosen the way you should be sure of your choice, of your will, otherwise you’ll lead the organism into a dead end. Before proceeding to full giving up of food you must know what happens to people at the moment of giving food up, realize this situation and determine your readiness. One mustn’t confuse the organism. One mustn’t handle the problem basing on the principle “let me try”. Here only one alternative may be: either you have chosen the way, or do not try at all. We remind that at the moment of transition to the energy nutrition a full rebuilding of all organism occurs. You have installed a new software into it according to which it starts functioning, the old software has been removed, it’s not there, and, suppose, having got scared of your step you go back to the previous nutrition. What is your organism to be guided by, which software? And finally you get a complete confusion of all exchange processes of the organism and many uncorrectable diseases will follow.

Of course the nutrition must be changed. A transition to uncooked plants diet is quite sufficient for many. One shouldn’t be in a hurry in giving up food eating completely. It’s better to wait for the organism itself to do that. What may scare you on this way? Only the changes which will occur to you. Usually people think that if the energy nutrition is inherent to us and is inside us, then the transition to it will go painlessly. But all is not like that! The restructuring of the organism is connected to restructuring of all organs and tissues and even the cells. That is why if you have chronic processes (and those you even have no idea of are especially dangerous), their acute condition occurs. Some experience intensive hair falling out, others have problems with bones, intestines, the skin gets loosened, its turgor gets lost, the ageing of the organism intensifies. The person loses energy, becomes weak, exhausted, breathlessness may arise. Seeing such phenomena but being ignorant that this process is natural and temporary, the person gets scared and returns to the previous type of nutrition. We have already discussed what consequences are to follow.

While switching to the energy nutrition you must be sure in your will. You must have enough of it to overcome all the trials and a violent pressure from your relatives and those close to you. Therefore the necessity of such transition must be sufficient, and it must be supported with theoretic foundations without the smallest gaps. Should you feel any doubts in anything, you may forget of the energy nutrition. For instance, you have been eating nothing during several months and you get an information with sufficient poofs that  animal protein must be used for food by the man. If due to a gap in theory you let yourself think: “What if it’s true? And I am experimenting over myself here!” - a failure of the process of switching to energy nutrition takes place. Your Consciousness leads you back. We’ll explain the situation intuitively for the most stubborn who wouldn’t accept any reasons and are immovable in their decision to switch to energy nutrition from the next Monday. Within the recent half century not more than 6 or 7 cases of the man’s spontaneous transition to energy nutrition were published. If we take into account the fact that  there are 6 billion of tellurians, the probability of getting the right for possession of this phenomenon is 1 to 1,000,000,000.

But even if someone is lucky, what can he claim to on the scale of the world Evolution? Only to the laurels within one’s community. But the Evolution will reproach him with this action. The matter is that the photosynthesis turning on is the next point after neocortex turning on in the program of the Man’s Evolution. If one takes into account the fact that all which is against the nature of things (Evolution) is evil, then thoughtless popularizing of a general giving up of food will result in the death of many thousands of naturalists. And this, as you understand, cannot be called good and, what is more, it will get a public response and will become an additional argument against the Personality Harmonization System for those opposed to it.

Here’s a not very encouraging summary of the “Good News” of the mammal’s brain!

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