Role Water Plays in Man’s Life

Role Water Plays in Man’s Life

We all know from our early childhood that Sun, Air and Water are our best friends. But few know the value of this friendship and can use it. It is the Sun, air and water that give life to all Existing on the Earth and feed it. The man is not an exclusion in this process.

From the time immemorial many peoples worship the water. Tales, legends, sagas were composed about it, many rituals were dedicated to it. The water has not ceased surprising the modern scientists. If till the 19th century it was perceived as an ordinary chemical element, then as a compound consisting two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, at present the science knows approx. 135 isotopic varieties of water. The riddles of the water does not end with this. The scientists have established that the water is a programmable product. It is capable of accumulating and transfering information. It has been established through experiments that water actively reacts to the nature of our thoughts. We can make water healing or poisonous through our thoughts.

Here we should remind that liquid accounts for almost 90% of our organism and it is also programmable as any other is. I.e. the man represents a program and programmable product. The programming takes place on the cell level, not only citoplasm is programmed but the DNA molecule is too, until its full destruction (just remember the effect of abusive language on the organism). And there are plenty of such “programmers” around. We are programmed by anyone who feels like it. They do that by their thoughts, talking of us regardless the point of the Earth where they remember of us. And note that they program us only for destruction as the man hasn’t been taught to program for creation. It is only due to this, that whatever affair he starts results in a “machine gun” usually shooting at its creator. 

All these arguments are addressed to those who still perceive our System as exotics. It is the prose of life, the barest necessity for each and all.

It must be added that the negative programs are added to absolutely all things touched by the man even if they contain water in a tiny quantity.

It is known that foodstuffs especially natural, i.e. fresh, contain a great share of water. By transfering our thoughts to the water (by programming it) we can improve the assimilability of the foodstuffs. It is this effect that the religious people’s custom of blessing their meals is based on. If you are going to eat an apple by blessing or by programming it, such a program may be created.

O Lord, sanctify my food, unlatch all nutrients in it and feed me with them. These nutrients are fully assimilated by my organism, actively participate in all exchange processes. They give me health, strength, fine complexion, fill all my organs and tissues, every cell of my organism with the necessary quantity of moisture. In the name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. Om, Om, Om”.

While reading the tuner cross in your mind the food which you are going to have (in our case it’s an apple). You may read any prayer after reading the tuner. (All you are reading is topical, and works only after your connecting to your Supreme “Self” Channel, or God’s Channel as it is usually called).

After such simple procedure you may be sure that the food will become a remedy for your organism. Without consecration it is at least neutral and at the most it is aggressive to you as before having got into your mouth it has passed many hands. The tracks of such contacts cannot be washed off only with water even with soap. Apart from that the Nature’s energy in fresh foodstuffs is in a tied, locked condition. You deploy this energy and tune the frequency response of the foodstuff, synchronize it with the frequency response of your organism by its consecration before eating it.

In a similar way one can tune tea, pure water etc. Water may be tuned to any program which you believe the most important to yourself. You may ask water to heal you from some ailment, cleanse your organism from slags, your bones from salt deposits, fill the organs and tissues with the necessary quantity of moisture, etc. Of course to know what is to be assigned to water one must know the processes which occur in your organism and which should occur at an ideal health. The secret of programming lies in the fact that it’s not just an intermediary conditioin that is assigned, but the final purpose, the result. That’s why to become healthy one should study anatomy and physiology. 

Without clear knowledge in the field of physiology, dietology and being aware of what you are willing to receive in fact, all this System, as any other science, turns into a mere set of data and nothing more.

Water may be programmed for the skin rejuvenation. The water must be still (poured into some reservoir). Pour out some water into a scoop or small basin and assign the following program to it:

Dear water, you give life to all that exists, fill all Existing with your moisture. Please, fill every cell of my skin with your moisture, restore its turgor. Under the impact of water energy my skin becomes flexible, tender, smooth, resilient as it used to be in my early youth”.

Or assign this program:

Flow, water, flow, holy water, flow, rain-water, flow, spring water! O, my face and my body, rejuvenesce from old to young! Absorb all active, rejuvenating elements of the holy water from Holy Mother of God and our Supreme Father, Creator of all existing. Amen. Om, Om, Om”.

While programming water it is very important that you look at it and cross it in your mind. The matter is that our eyes receive more than 90% of information of the world surrounding us and transfer our thoughts to the object which we are looking at. The mode (of information transferring or perception) in which the eyes function, depends on the thought which we reproduce. While the water is being programmed the eyes are transferring the information to it.

Any programs may be assigned to water. If you do not manage this, we’ll assist you in compiling your individual programs at your request.

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