Technology of Photosynthesis Turning on

Technology of Photosynthesis Turning on

Water and Sun energy nutrition. Our subconsciousness possesses amazing qualities of perceiving the patrimonial experience and habits information from the Energy and Information Field. Including the nutrition habits and predilections. Our subconsciousness knows very well what the organism requires and in what quantity. It also knows which foodstuffs all this can be taken from.

Theoretically our organism is capable of doing without food at all, i.e. consuming the Nature and God’s energy and the vegetative cells are responsible for these processes. Those of you who will manage to master this System completely and quickly, and will advance in his development enough will be given this technology with the approval of the Subtle World. And this is nothing else than a switch to the “Holy Spirit” Nutrition and a step to immortality. So everything is much simpler than we thought..

But even being on the present stage of your development you can activate your vegetative cells and make the brain control the the process of synthesis of nutrients within the organism with the help of of various procedures.

The up-to-date man daily uses enormous quantity of  foodstuffs which can be called “food” with much difficulty. But the man reassures himself that it contains at least some matters and components useful for the organism. This might be so, but they are unbalanced either in contents or in ratio, and therefore they either neutralize one another, or are accumulated as a stock. Here we must make things clear: all that does not participate in the metabolism process, that is, all that has not been claimed by the organism, accumulates in it as slags makig it disorganized still more. There is only one way out: decrease the quantity of consumed foodstuffs and make up for the missing substances in correct ratio with the help of biologically active admixtures (BAAs). With their assistance we saturate the organism with the required quantity of enzymes and restore the internal process of nutrients synthesis. Note! We make up and replace, but we do not add.

Formerly I thought: “I hope, all will change”, then I understood: “The only way to change all is to change myself!” (Jim Ron).

You may return that one can use medicinal herbs and that’s cheaper. But here the problem of your competence arise. A BAA contains enzymes in quantities satisfying the daily needs of an organism in them. To get an equal quantity of enzymes from herbs a special technology is required which demand great volumes of raw materials and which cannot be used at a standard kitchen and financed with an average budget, as it requires great investments of labour and time. Finally we have to say: we have proposed a rational way out from the situation, you are to choose.

During the years of channelling with the People from the Subtle World we have got used to trust their recommendations and we can assure you that they do not waste their words, they offer the most optimal and rational ways for solving that or another problem. If they recommend something, it’s better that we agree with them, our variants are always worse. One should mark  that when the photosynthesis mechanism has been on, the requirement in BAAs will be no longer relevant, but until that time to cleanse and  replenish the organism is impossible without them.

That is, in any case, our system and all recommendations given by it are not exotics which in principle can be done without. All this is the barest vital necessity for everybody and all, but a person must sense, feel deeply, become aware of it for oneself. It’s a painful process, requiring long time, but ninety nine per cent of tellurians have already exhausted their time for this!

The matter is that enzymes are the most valuable component of the BAAs. To fill only one capsule with them one must have a special energy consuming expensive technology and at least 10 kilos of specially grown, ecologically clean, correctly cropped of herbs or berries, vegetables and fruits. As you understand BAA production is no cheap enterprise, as apart from the expensive production their formulas and recipes are still more expensive and nobody is going to share them just for nothing.

BAAs have become very popular in CIS countries and a demand always creates supply. Many companies having doubtful quality products have rushed to the market immediately. Our producers do not want to fall back either. This has resulted in such enormous quantity of BAAs on the market that the consumer’s thoughts have become in a whirl. He is in confusion, doesn’t know, or to be more precise, isn’t willing to look into all this, change his stereotypes, as he wants to be informed honestly, impartially and truly, in full accordance with his views.

You may return that it’s not about us. We can’t be fooled like that! We must assure you it’s all about us only (the former USSR population). Dental pastes containig fluorine firmly settled down here around 35 years ago. It took the civilized countries five years at the most to realize that chemical fluorine is harmful. All the world produces this tooth paste, but not for the internal markets, they sell it to us. And if one judges by the advertising we are just starting to get a taste for this sort of paste. There are lots of such examples, we, the former USSR inhabitants are small children, aborigenes, as compared to the experienced western consumer.

As you see stereotypes are not only dangerous, but infectuous too. The interested state and commercial structures carefully grow these stereotypes in our Consciousness through the mass media. After the required stereotype has been formed and grown in the Consciousness of the compatriots a person won’t be able to be dragged by one’s ears from any chewing gum. People fear some zombying while we have been zombied round the clock by anybody who feels like it.

With the help of our System we offer to remove one’’s ignorance both in BAAs and in many other problems of one’s life. As it is ignorance that is the reason of all our troubles while we are sure we know all!

We emphasize once more that a BAA having a therapeutic effect is not cheap. Many companies put common weeds into the capsules instead of enzymes to get a bigger profit. Of course such BAAs have little use and that’s another topic to be investigated.

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