About the Sound “Om”

About the Sound “Om”

You couldn’t help getting interested by the word “Om” which concludes all the tunes and programs of our System. It’s not a fashion tribute, nor is it a sort of apery to satisfy common people interested in Orient, but the practical necessity.

The designation is Оm, where O is the symbol of the evolutionary spiral. In the Nature all the processes evolve, develop. The Universe itself develops too. One evolutionary cycle is equal to a graphical image of one coil of spiral (spiral of Archimedes). Aggregates of several coils of the spiral make the repeated evolutionary cycles.

“m” is the symbol of the triple Nature of the Existence: the left line is the symbol of the past (a certain process); the right line is the symbol of the future development of the process; the middle line is is the symbol of the present unifying both principles of Duality.

“Om” symbol indicates at the triplicity of the Existence, i.e. they are in development and dynamics due to the active, dynamic component unifying the past and the future. These are the processes of the continuous momentary manifestation of the Existence directly affecting us. At the same time having appeared once these processes never disappear. They repeat themselves many times and this provides for their eternal presence in the World; they develop and evolve. “Om” unifies both the current dynamics of the processes (their transformation in the horizontal plane) and also the dynamics in perspective (transformation, Evolution of the processes in the vertical plane). Om is the basis of these processes.

Just the only repeated pronouncing of the sound “Om” contributes to unifying of all processes in the organism.

In Russian language Оm [ot] conforms to the latin “Om” the Russian (m) is a symbol of firmament, materialization of Existence. This also indicates at the fact that all physical manifestations on the Earth starting from elementary particles and ending by the man are subject to the laws of firmament, or imperishability and unity of the three components: two static and one dynamic.

The Russian Ом [om] symbolizes something a bit different.

М is the symbol of musculine spiral, semen, musculine, fiery, active principle, having increased energy potential.

М is the source of life, its existence and development in unity with the sound [O]. Actually the sound Ом may be translated as “Giving and supporting Life”.

“Ом” is also inherent to all Processes absolutely, it is the source of all the Processes and the guarantor of their evolutionary development. By the way, the word which sounds as [om] means “man” in Rumanian and Moldavian languages.

You couldn’t help getting interested in the hieroglyphs pictured in the beginning of each chapter (see also the colour insert). They have been received through the channel as a part of the Cosmic alphabet. They have a deep sense and a practical destination. You should agree that they attract and charm one’s eyes. The sign put in the beginning of the article “The Book Review” symbolizes choice. Its lower part means the Evolution halt by the man. The “pi” sign, changing into Taitze means the infinity of the Evolution.

The hieroglyph shown in Chapter One and Chapter Two (Key) symbolizes connection to the Channel of God, to one’s Supreme “Self”. The hieroglyph shown in Chapter Three and Chapter Four (Way) reminds a small ship and the man (the figure at the stern, which steers the midget ship) starts control his fortune. Learns to find the correct and safe way in the worldly vortex, gradually goes away from the Karma as he obeys the Triplicity of the Existence (the sign over the ship which blesses and guides the brave seafarer as a lodestar). The third hieroglyph (Working with People) is Karma working out by uncovering one’s Consciousness through working with people, bringing to them one’s information. This is shown by the sign at the bottom part of the hieroglyph depicting a larynx with an arrow. And finally the fourth hieroglyph (Flight of Neocortex) is a bird flying over the waves of the material world, under the protection of the Universe and God. The bird is an Evolving Soul, united with the Consciousness.

There’s also a sign depicting an eye which is the sign of Doctrine, Personality Harmonization. The eye itself may be decifered in various ways. It’s the symbol of the Existence, the omnipresent Universal Energy and Informational Field. It is also an obvious hint at being the high time for getting awakened, for opening one’s eyes (for removing the scales from them and from the surrounding World) and for taking a sober view of the situation. The Taitze sign in the middle of the eye means the flatness of the Choice which is set by the Existence before every man. This sign is the symbol of the Existence duality in the form of the Life Pendulum, which nobody is allowed to stop. The p (pi) sign is the main constant of the Consciousness Evolution. The whole sign of the Doctrine is enclosed into a ring symbolizing the infinity of the Evolution. All this is perceived by our subconsciousness when we look at the signs and is recorded by it in the form of programs, guiding lines. One should copy the signs from our site, print them out and display in plain view.

In the beginning of studying of the Personality Harmonization System you’ll get acquainted with only five hieroglyphs, the sign of Doctrine and seven magic sounds: 6 healing sounds and  “Om”  sound, which are the letters of the enormous cosmic alphabet. It consists of 400 letters, symbols, sounds. Each of them carries a collossal semantic burden and has a practical incarnation, realization. E.g. only six signs from Book One carry the information which we have managed to expound in three books of the Secret Doctrine. People are familiar by hearsay with the fact of the cosmic alphabet existence, but they only guess about its practical usage.

If one takes into account that many letters of the cyrillic and latin alphabets have been borrowed from the cosmic alphabet, one can say that we know it in general. Where’s its secrecy and newness? Well, strictly speaking, there’s neither secrecy nor any newness in it for us. But if we know almost all, why can’t we use the Knowledge in practice, where’s the intrigue?

Well, dear reader, the intrigue is very simple. The Subtle World doesn’t use the alphabet for the purpose of compiling words from the symbols and sounds which we, the tellurians, have reached a great skill in and are very proud of. Every letter, symbol, hieroglyph, sign or sound of theirs has a semantic burden which isn’t simple for being put in words. Each of them represents: a notion, process, algorythm, idea, category, objective law, image, association, aspect of Existence. In most tellurian languages a letter represents only one symbol or sound. The Japanese and Chinese hierogliphyc writings are the exclusions, where each hierogliph caries a semantic burden an order greater than that carried by a letter. Each hieroglyph carries a notion, an image.

“So, what’s the problem? – you’ll ask. – Just publish the cosmic alphabet with detailed explanation of each element and everybody will start to study it diligently”. Only the result will be the same as with that student who was to be scared with the news that the Chinese was to be added to the systematic curriculum. “When is the exam going to be?”, he asked. And it’s the same thing that will happen to the cosmic alphabet: we’ll read it, study it and put it aside having turned it into statics. How many tests and exams have we passed during our life? And let me ask you: have they made us cleverer and happier? Not at all! It’s all because we were taught to work with the information as it is, enclosed into the frame of the formal logic, statics, which conflicts with the life, is separated from it!

One may make a conclusion from this that learning and erudition are not the synonyms of Knowledge, Evolution and life, it’s rather their halt. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? And a big one too! This implies that the tellurian alphabet is not the lamp of wisdom at all. From what time? From the time when the man turned off his neocortex with the continuous logical thinking inherent to it and remained “Homo Sapiens” only formally but not per se. From that moment the formal, discrete logic became his element. This logic involves the principle: one letter – one symbol, one sound and nowise else! Having read this just imagine what a precipice lies between a letter of the tellurian alphabet and exactly the same letter of the cosmic alphabet. It’s here that the roots of the axiomatic statement: “God and Truth are inconceivable!” are.

One should add to the axiom that they are inconceivable only if the Consciousness sleeps and the neocortex is turned off. But one has to turn on one’s neocortex as the world transforms before one's very eyes. Every letter, symbol, sound carry quite different semantic load. Often their sense acquires quite opposite meaning. And it becomes evident that one doesn’t have to travel to Shambala or to cosmos to find knowledge. The knowledge covers the Earth with a one meter thick layer, only it’s accessible to the neocortex, but it’s unattainable to the mammal’s brain. So the Truth and God are primordially inside the man!

And now we are to find out the difference between the notions of “formal” and “informal” logics. It is without knowledge, critical realization and creativity that the formal, superficial logic is inclined to be.

For instance, the formula e2-e4 will provoke absolutely neither any associations nor images with the person whose knowledge about chess does not reach beyond the presence of “move of the knight” there. But how many of them will a grand master have?! So, it is this world of creativity completely based on an associative, creative thinking that is the informal logic indeed. There are no unshakable dogmas and directives here except objective laws and they are impossible of being squeezed into any frame. So that not to mix up everything we must add that the informal logic does not reject the formal one, it just results from it. The world of feelings and images is based on the erudition, or to be more precise on the contradictions which it provokes. Only there are few who ascend to admission of their presence.

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