Ways of Addressing God

Ways of Addressing God

There are lots of ways of addressing God that the people have worked out. The simplest and most accessible one is a prayer (meditation). Og Mandino, a wonderful author, in one of his works has defined the prayer very accurately:

Is there a single person among us who wouldn’t appeal to God for help when he is in trouble or misfortune? Who wouldn’t appeal to the Most High when he is faced with distress, death, disaster or another manifestation of the force which is beyond our control and comprehension? An appeal and prayer are the most ancient, deep instincts, and nobody knows where they have come from. But there has not been a person who having faced a dreadful grief wouldn’t have appealed to God.

If you wave your hands before a persons face he will start blinking. Just give a knock on the patella, and the leg will twitch. If you tell a dreadful news to anybody he’ll exclaim: “O, Lord!”. Why? It’s the same ancient instinct that moves his speech and feelings.

Even a person who is not very religious will admit that at a moment of terrible blow we all call God for help involuntarily. And that is one of the mysteries of our life. All the living including the man calls for help when in trouble. It’s an instinct. But is it possible that the Nature is so stupid that having given this appeal to Creator of help to the beast, and bird, and man, has not taken care of this appeal being heard?”.

Such is the case, but we must specify that we need diverse help, in all the aspects of Existence, in various situations. Thus the appeal for help must be specific, but not just: “O Lord, please help”. The prayers given to you have been worked out and proved by time. They reflect all the range of your desires and requests in all aspects of Existence.

O Lord, Light of my eyes! Please enter my body with your Gold Energy, heal and rejuvenate it. O Lord, lighten my mind and let me have reunion with You. Om, Om, Om.

O Lord! Save our Souls. Enlighten and inflame them with the Heavenly Fire. In the Name of Father and Son and Holy Spirit. O Lord bring your grace into our hearts and fill them with the Light of the Heavenly Fire. In the Name of God. Amen.

O Lord, my preceptor and defender! You have the power of punishing and granting mercy to me. Help me to be humble and to see my sins. Help my soul to get cleansed of these sins and my predecessors’ sins, wicked and cunning people. Chase away the demons standing in my way and interfering with my labour and martial deeds, done every day and every hour in Your Name, O Lord. Amen. Om, Om, Om.

O Lord, Jesus Christ, St. Nicholas, Panteleymon the Healer, the Blessed Virgin, please, relieve me. In the Name of our Heavenly Father free my subconsciousness of mine and other people’s programs interfering with my life and my labour in the Name of God. Amen. Om, Om, Om.

O Lord! Be my preceptor and defender in my labour done in the Name of God, but not for my sake. Amen. Om, Om, Om.

Mother Blessed Virgin, help me in my deeds and labour of this day. St. Nicholas and all the Saints, please, help me with your piece of advice, assistance, irradiation of the minds of those with whom I talk. Please render assistance in all that is necessary for raising my prosperity.

Please, remove all obstacles standing in my way. Help me to raise my income, which I need in the Name of God, and which is obtained by me for the sake of His Kingdom and not for the sake of greed and egoism. Help me in my trade, help me in my martial deeds in the Name of God. Amen. Om, Om, Om (read 3 times).

One shouldn’t understand the term “trade” as selling some commodity at a counter. In our daily life we exchange information on the conscious and subconscious levels. A constant mutual evaluation (brisk trade) takes place with subsequent “buying” or “rejection“. “Martial deeds” means daily, sometimes exhaustive fight in acquiring independence from one’s Consciousness, born and controlled by the animal’s brain.

But the modern intellectually developed person is not satisfied with this explanation. What’s prayer? How does it work in practice? Where are the facts?

A prayer is a special appeal with the request of rendering that or another assistance. With the help of prayers read with sincerity, the mental energy, the energy of thought penetrates the Noosphere of the Earth, goes out beyond its limits into the clean layers of the Cosmos, joining the flow of the life energy, emitted by the True Entity of the man. The greater power the Entity possesses the more tangible will be the help to the person who asks for help. To strengthen his Entity the man must perfect himself.

All religions of the world are filled with belief in might of the prayer, but only few people understand the mechanics of this process, only few understand why some get assistance through the prayer and others would seem not to. Most people of the West believe that the people in the Orient either pray or do not pray at all. Both these statements are false, one just should take the prayer from the mysticism sphere and use it for one’s good, for a prayer is a real force. It is one of the greatest forces on the Earth, if used as it should be. It’s all because during the prayer the man addresses himself, his higher “Self” (his 95-98% non-realized capabilities), which is connected to God directly.

The  meditation is a more complicated but more perfect way of connecting to the life energy and the man’s Entity than the prayer is. The degree of connection to the life energy in this case depends on the person’s perfection.

This means that the prayer and meditation (working on the alpha-level, but not just remaining in the praying, meditating state) let the mental energy overcome the Noosphere of the Earth and feed on pure God’s energies. The more perfect the person, his thoughts, are the more energy he receives. At that mastering the appropriate skills and practices of our System, the more grandiose and grand-scale work the person can carry out with the help of his mental energy.

The people treat the facts of miraculous healing with watchfulness and will believe in them only when they get a similar result for themselves. So let’s point to a fact also connected to our health but from another area.

In Spring, 2002 there was a broadcast concerning the Chernobyl zone over the Byelorussian TV. While making dosimetric metering the specialists came across an appallingly unbelievable phenomenon. At one deserted small village where the radiation measuring instruments went off scale, they decided to measure for hack value the radioactive background in the church. The instruments were silent showing zero. The church was disassembled and moved to Minsk as an antiquity memorial.

You must agree that no miracles exist, the radioactive cloud covered all the territory of the village, but somehow the radiation hadn’t affected the church. This miracle can be explained very easily. The man’s thought is material. The thought addressed to God is several orders more material. The people had been praying in this church for a good hundred years and charged it with such potential of their mental energy against which the radiation was helpless. “It’s all very well, - you’ll say, - but we are beaten by the radiation now. We do not have a hundred years in stock. What are we to do?”

We wish to cite a fact from our own life as an example. We moved to Minsk about ten years ago. The flat which we made our home had been thoroughly neglected. One couldn’t even think of positive energy. Nevertheless carrying out selfenhancement, making regular purge of ourselves and the flat from the “darkness”, constantly setting the protection for ourselves and for the flat, using every spare minute for reading prayers or at least the mantra “Om, Om, Om”, we have not only cleared our home from the energy dirt, but raised its energy potential during the period of one and a half to two years.

We have discovered this fact by the rasor blades. In the beginning a common blade could be used for 2-3 days. Then I noticed that the blades do not grow blunt for several weeks, then longer: up to 4-5 months. When we asked through the channel what it was connected to, we were replied that we had prayed off and charged our living-space. At present our flat energetics has accumulated the potential similar to the one of the ancient temples and Egypt pyramids. As They explained to us steel atoms and molecules behave as live tissue atoms do, restoring their lost parts in these biologically active energetics. I.e. there are no miracles, all is quite ordinary, the mechanism of self-sharpening has turned on.

At present, connecting to our System and actively mastering it, a person can improve the potential of his home within the period of 6 to 12 months. Consecrating water and food we neutralize nitrates, poisons and radiation blocking their access to the organism. We neutralize all radiation inside the organism while actively practicing prophylaxis without failing to set the protection for ourselves. Living in one’s house or flat we turn it into an unassailable fortress against the material world including radiation by just our presence and regular purge.

It is a vivid example of the efficiency of our System as compared to a common prayer. The System as a whole exceeds the prayer in efficiency as much as one hundred times at least as the churches have been attended by tens and hundreds thousands of people during a century, while we manage to do the same alone or in two just within a year. And note: we do that in passing, in between times, without retiring to hermitage.

All is very simple, a prayer is perceived by the man as the all-sufficient fact, Truth. One believes it impossible of asking something for himself while reading a prayer. The religion reiterates to him constantly: “Do not mention the Lord’s name in vain”. And our System is a process which is urged by the man himself through connecting to God’s Channel and thanks to God’s assistance. At that the man becomes the master of space and time at the first steps already.

O yesterday, forgive me, please, and current day forgive me too!
Let all my errors of the past and present leave my routes.
Let all displeasure with my fortune and all around disappear.
And let the property of Laws of life start shining as the Sun for me.
I love you, Earthly World, such as you were and as you are.
My unity with You is fair, being friends with You I think an honour.
I’m grateful for the lessons that fate of mine has offered me:
The time has come for comprehending the Law, Your deeds are wonderful, O Lord.
Forgive Your Earthly child for awkwardness of its deeds and feelings,
For wicked treating of the World and lawlessness infinity.
When having cleansed my mind from spider's web I comprehended where there’s hell and Heaven,
I understood the tales and legends and their most secret meaning.

Spirituality! What is it? Synthesis of perfection?
The aspiration of the spirit to new heights?
“The way to God!” the priesthood state,
A sage will simply say: “It is the way to Self”
An artist’s and a poet’s opinion is inspiration,
A singer and composer believe it’s Soul’s song.
A politician – conscience, a stoic – the creed.
And all of them correct in their own way.
Spirituality is the creativity’s beginnings,
The flight of Soul directed toward the Hights,
Where the String of Cosmic Harmony has sung
In sweetest melody.
Spirituality has no postulates.
The Holy Spirit is in it.
And only possessing it that we are rich.

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