Statics and Dynamics in Man’s Consciousness

Statics and Dynamics in Man’s Consciousness

There are two notions, two sections in Physics: Statics and Dynamics. The first one studies the bodies and objects in the quiescent state, the second one – in motion. It is impossible in principle to mix, even more so to combine them! It is as impossible to combine them as it is unthinkable to combine the space and the time.

But evil tongues assert that sergeant Ivanov managed to do that having ordered a squad of soldiers to dig a trench from where he was standing to the lunch time. As you see nothing is impossible for searching minds not overburdened with True Knowledge and intellect. The things impossiible in theory may be very easily realized in practice by them. From the time immemorial the man has contrived to combine statics and dynamics having immediately realized his know-how. And though in theory one cannot find even the term for this discipline, he managed to materialize it in practice with easiness (as the man’s choice is the Law) and called it the “death”. All started from the Biblical “scattering of stones”. The man separated the indivisible Process of Existence and his Life into individual sciences, phylosophical trends and teachings. All of them together seem to describe the Life and bring knowledge of it, but for all that since they separate it into individual parts and components they inevitably turn the Life into statics, killing it. They kill it regardless of what they teach: be that everyday things, initiation of the chain reaction or they touch upon eternal aspects of Existence, speaking about the Universe, God, Eternal Life, and so forth. This occurs automatically and starts from the left hemisphere perception of Existence, which is unable to perceive the Life as an integral process.

Having separated the Life into components, the man like a small child, who has broken the toy, tries to find the cause in defects of separate details why it has ceased moving. We dedicate all our life to searching the Panacea (Truth) in all things: in our health, affairs, fortune, relations, etc., but cannot find it. We must note that the Truth is possible and accessible only there where there is Harmony (mutual understanding in the form of multiple feedback) in everything. And it, in its turn, may be given to those people who have intelligent perception of the integral Process!

During all the History the man has been looking for the key to immortality in the place where it never existed! He is never able to realize why he himself dies while the Life on the Level of the Universe and God is eternal. This is unnatural, illogical and ridiculous to him! He doesn’t have any guilty conscience: he hasn’t stopped the Pendulum of Life on the Level of the Universe, so why should he himself be mortal? The reason lies only in the man, in his Consciousness oriented toward the left hemisphere development!

On the level of the Universe the Pendulum of Life has two directions: one towards the manifested World, Existence, Life, unifying all its processes, which makes the Life eternal. The opposite movement of the Pendulum of Life is in the direction of the Antiworld, dematerialization, separation of the spent material into the components with their subsequent utilization. It follows from here that should anything be separated in the Universe it is to be utilized and dematerialized automatically. It is like this that the Life Preservation Law works, otherwise It ceases being Life. That’s why the separation of an integral Process into its components contradicts to the initial conditions of its manifestation.

Similar processes occur within all self-organizing systems, for instance, within the man’s organism. All the organism is aimed at a survival, at the longest possible Life. All its systems and cells are aimed at Life. Let’s assume that some individual cells have chosen “their own way”, have gone off the common rhythm, the Process of Life, by which they turned off the Pendulum of Life within themselves (the medics call this kind of cells tumor, cancer). Their appearance immediately turns on and activates the protection mechanism of the organism. These opposed cells must be destroyed. The organism has full authority for this: for the sake of its survival it gets rid of tumor cells without slightest shudder and never giving a thought of how “clever and civilized” these cells were! No altruistic propensity of the organism, no commandments and morality, talks about good and evil are relevant here. The organism must get rid of cancer cells for the sake of its own survival, for the sake of Life manifestation in itself, so that to escape turning into a big cancer tumor! And is in train of getting rid of them every minute and every second wrestling for life or death with them.

The man having declared himself Homo sapiens, have gotten off the Life of the Universe common Flow and unjointed himself from it. The self-destruction mechanism had been turned on. Yes, it is only due to the fact that the man had introduced himself not in accordance with his “rank”, that he aggravated his position a great deal. They say: “One should behave according to the rank one has given onself”. Having called himself “Homo Sapiens”, the man should have turned on and activated the neocortex with a view to establishing at least his security. But the modern man prefers to proclaim that everything must be perfect in him: his countenance, clothes, Soul, and thoughts. But we fail to notice the main thing: while calling ourselves a Human Being, we keep staying in the power of animal brain. Since we still have no time to do this, we have to be responsible for incomplete compliance,  dis-harmonization of our word and deed. And we do emphasize again that the reason of all man’s troubles lies in his Consciousness!

Many ask the question: “What’s Consciousness?”. Consciousness is the brain’s operational memory, which is used by the person right now, in the present state of affairs: something is memorized today and it is forgotten tomorrow as not wanted. Consciousness is a special state of one’s mentality permitting to become aware of oneself in this world.

All the fundamental Constants (in the form of general Laws of Existence and functioning) have been recorded in the Energy and Informational Field of the Universe and are obligatory for the man’s execution, if he wants to live in peace and harmony with the Organism of the Universe, to have eternal, never-dying Life. Our right hemisphere is connected with it through our subconsciousness, our right hemisphere having access to these imperishable Constants.

During his life the man fills his Consciousness with various stereotypes and dogmas, or to put it simply, complexes, so that to compensate the critically noticeable shortage of constants (Truths). This way he tries to replace the function of the subconsciousness and to fill up the shortage of Constants. The greatest and the most harmful stereotype suggested to us from the very childhood, is the stereotype of self-praising, of the man’s special magnitude for the Nature, Universe, God, his outstanding place in the Nature’s evolutionary development (Man is the king of the Nature, its God, etc.).

This steretype orientates the Consciousness of the man toward its Ego and develops it to a hypertrophied size. He exaggerates his meaning, has built a Virtual personal Universe being limited to its tiny size, and is quite satisfied with it. Very often it doesn’t extend beyond the triangle: fridge-Tvset-lavatory pan. We must note that a two year old child has a Virtual Universe of this size. According to his growing up his Virtual Universe must expand. At an age of 30-35 it must extend to the size of the True Universe!

This personal Universe is called a person’s comfort zone by the psycologists. But whatever name it has been given there’s only one sense: the man has formed an egoistic enough personage of himself, having re-aimed the life flows in his Consciousness at solving of his own problems and satisfaction of demands of his own concernment. “Ah, what a bliss to know that I’m a perfection!”. But at the same time this doesn’t prevent him from calling himself “a servant of God”.

All the main complexes and principles of the man are built on the basis of the “Ego” stereotype. All our sciences, religions and teachings have been built on this same quite unreliable foundation. In this world all and everyone are summoned to serve the man’s requirements, otherwise he seeks to punish the disobedient person be that person even Jesus Christ. That is the objective reality.

Let’s examine the stereotypes of behaviour on the example of parents’ perception of their own child. E.g., the mother knows that the time has come for the child’s feeding who is absorbed by playing. Its Consciousness has not yet used to the time and values of this world. The mother calls her child for the lunch, but for the child the thing with which it is occupied now is more important than the meal! Its Consciousness hasn’t yet learned to make a cult, or fundamental principle of life, of eating. But its mother’s Consciousness is oriented toward the importance of eating: she believes that if the child doesn’t have the meal, its metabolism, health, and development will be affected. The mother takes the child’s disobedience as a challenge! Maintaining her point of view, she makes the child have its meal by force. Hence tears, irritation, obstinacy start to be involved… It’s the most harmless example of a conflict of two stereotypes.

The war of stereotypes in our life acquires more and more aggressive nature: the man perceives the world through stereotypes, reacts to life with stereotypes. All his life is aimed at defending his own stereotypes in the form of opinions, judgments and points of view! This involves all those stresses, illnesses, conflicts, falures. We’ll discuss stereotypes and how to fight them in more detail in the following chapters, and so far let’s go on with the statics and dynamics examination.

It is the Consciousness stereotypes, our life experience has built on our own complexes that stops the Life Pendulum in us and brings our perception of the Life to the statics. Orienting himself toward the aquired complexes and dogmas (actually crucifying himself) the man makes his fatal choice towards the death and keeping violently defending it through all his life turning everything whatever he touches into statics.

Statics is a swamp which engulfs the man more and more. He calls to God for help. What help? God means Life, Dynamics, absolute and full Harmony, subject to general Laws. It’s here where the roots of the Absolute are, to which the man must strive for and which he is to unite with according to the Oriental phylosophy idea. By some reason this Harmony has been forgotten by everybody…

Life has no room for any dogmas! How can a person realize oneself, even if he dilligently keeps all ten Commandments, but has a Consciousness stuffed with all possible dogmas and complexes? In no way! He can only harm himself and those surrounding him!

Sitting in such a swamp it’s useless to call for God, though He helps and is ready to help all and anybody. But to obtain and feel a help real and significant to oneself one must deserve this help, get rid of stereotypes, having aimed one’s Consciousness toward Life in dynamics and Harmony. It’s a very complicated process for each of us, breaking oneself. Not everyone can make such a step, even more so endure it. That is why only one per cent at the most will survive and let’s hope that the number of these will have proved greater than the assumed percentage is.

Our system grants a chance to everyone, but it’s up to your will and your problem how you will dispose of this chance. What should the orientaion of Consciousness be if we wish to survive? The Life Pendulum makes oscillations between the left and right hemispheres on the Man’s mentality level. That’s why it’s very important to learn using both hemispheres simultaneously. It is only in this case that all the processes of our “Self” become subject to us. Our “Self” is the most complicated biochemical and bio-energetic system which, unlike our Consciousness, is always ready to be subject to the Common Laws.

As with the Existence and Non-existence being subject to God, the Life statics and dynamics will become subject to us on our level, if with the help of our Consciousness we learn to control the activities of the left and right hemispheres. It is then that we will get access to our neocortex, to our unrealized possibilities, develop and realize them within ourselves, having united with our higher “Self” at that. In this case our Consciousness enters in a special, Fourth Condition (the alpha-level, prayer, meditation, nirvana, Continuous Logical Thinking state).

The right hemisphere means perception of Existence, Life, dynamics and Life Harmony, it’s the guaranty of the Evolution. The left hemisphere in isolation from the right one means Non-existence, statics, degradation and death. All our way of life, development and formation of our Consciousness are orientated towards development of the left hemisphere. Our way of thinking is stereotyped. We live in the world of effects, burn down all our life completely fighting with them trying at the same time to comprehend where it's at and the Mystery of Existence, comprehend the Truths, find out our predestination and even the Mission of coming to the Earth. We take the effects for our dogmas and flounder in the phantom world invented by us, stew in our own juice.

Orienting the Consciousness toward development of the left hemisphere the man automatically stops the Life Pendulum within himself. As the task of the left hemisphere is to divide the indivisible having brought it to discontinuity and statics, at that the man orienting his life toward destruction programs, discards himself with his own hands!

Such orientation is accompanied by a huge emission and unnecessary consumption of mental energy, the holy of holies, (both one’s own and God’s), at that annihilating oneself and all living around with the poisonous emissions of the released mental energy. As a carrier of death and destruction the man is automatically disconnected from the common Flow of Life, Universe and God. Others fear him and protect themselves as if he is a leprous.

One shouldn’t forget that God’s mental energy quota is given to everyone at one’s birth once and forever. It depends on ourselves how we are going to use it. In the Bible there’s a parable concerning this topic which is ususally perceived by the people in a way quite contrary to the one it ought to be understood. “Any fool can understand a genial work, but in quite a different way indeed” (Jerzy Letz).

Here is the parable: “Father called his three sons, and gave to each of them a talent of gold. The young men were to return the amount in a year, after having tried to dispose of it at their own accord. One of the sons buried his talent into the earth as the amount was rather big and he wasn’t willing to provoke his father's wrath, and a year later he returned the amount to his father. The second son spent it on his own needs and didn’t manage to return anything. And only the third son put up his talent, gathered wealth, increased the talent and returned to his father what he had taken”.

The same thing is with God’s mental energy quota, which has been given to everyone of us at the birth. The overwhelming majority of His sons and daughters burn out this gift in a dull way, it’s true that some of them manage to bury it in the Earth and bring it back after death as a souvenir of their former life. Within the last millenniums only a few people (yogins) managed to come back from the Earth to the Subtle World with a profit (in physical body). It is like this: with hands, with legs, with Consciousness which has joined the Soul and the supreme “Self” voluntarily in the material world, on the Earth, that we are expected over there! Now when the techniques of receiving such a “profit” through capability of controlling the mental energy by the man has been obtained and worked out, rejuvenation and real immortality are going to become commonplace things for everyone very soon!

But this will become possible only after the man’s reunion with the Universe Life Flow in the form of his Supreme “Self” and God. What is the reason in pumping oneself with various energies even if they are universal, being in a disconnected condition? Why should one uncover clairvoyance and other paranormal capabilities in oneself? Is there any reason in going in for esoterics and seek after all kinds of knowledge in this case? No, all this is self-deception!

Until the Consciousness is stuffed with various dogmas and oriented towards statics, towards death, towards Ego all the capabilities will stay unrealized and the acquired knowledge unclaimed. The man “puts the horse behind the cart”, he exists due to enormous overexertion, he exists indeed, not that he lives! All supercapabilities used while in the statics just destroy himself doing harm to those around him.

Many seek after revealing super-capabilities in themselves to control other people. That’s why magicians, or those oriented toward evil, are the most carefree living people in the world of statics and stereotypes! It is in this world that they manage to control events and people without great efforts. But a free Consciousness represents a great danger and menace for them. Their propensity and capabilities become completely neutralized and destroyed in the World of Dynamics. Such World is a ruin for them.

If a person is willing to make his Consciousness free, he should orient it toward development of the right hemisphere. It perceives the Life in dynamics and oriented toward the whole Life process, and therefore toward the Existence and God. The right hemisphere permits us to switch over from the world of effects to the World of Causes, to become aware of It, having received a “registration” in It.

The Consciousness stereotypes will always interfere with doing this, for it is with their help that the man adjusts the World and the Life to himself. Only the Consciousness free from stereotypes and dogmas can adjust the man to the Main Life Flows, helps him evaluating the situation correctly, forming advantageous events for him.  And it is only in this case that any appeal to God will bring you real assistance, you become the master of your destiny!

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