Let’s Make a Conclusion

Let’s Make a Conclusion

Statics mean death, illness, misfortune, stresses. Dynamics mean Life in harmony with the World, or well-being and health. All our stereotypes and the life experience, orientation toward Ego are connected with the statics. Having got rid of them, re-oriented the Consciousness toward Supreme “Self”, we become open to Life, switch over from the statics to dynamics. It’s not a simple process and rather a painful one for each of us.

To become healthy one should remove all the stereotypes of illnesses. To stop being always hungry and turn on the mechanism of energy nutrition, one should remove all the stereotypes connected with nutrition. To become happy and successful one should remove all the stereotypes interfering with this. All mentioned in this article one may regard as a condemnation of the Mankind. But it’s not so! All the man’s stereotypes and dogmas are not the man’s guilt but his misfortune! And on no account it is a sin before the Subtle World and God! It’s a standard situation, natural evolutionary process.  It is really the thorns that one can burst through to the stars. Verses and songs sound much more romantic and enticing. The life is much more prosaic.

It is for one hundred fifty million years, from the “death” of the Atlantes, our ancestors, that the Mankind has been studying the evolutionary dead ends. There is only one correct direction, while those leading to death are many. The Evolutionary dead ends have one unpleasant quality: to make sure that the chosen way is the next dead end and nothing more the Mankind have to leave about ninety nine per cent of of its population (those who have grown roots in the dead end and are unwilling to leave it).

The stereotypes are the reference points due to which the man becomes aware of being in a dead end. But the stereotypes are also the points of rest having repulsed oneself from which one can get out of the dead end. The acknowledgement to oneself of the presence of stereotypes and dogmas in one’s Consciousness is the criterion of the fact that the person has become aware of the the dead end and is going to leave it, he has decided to act and not to react. “An acknowledgement of a fact is the beginning of any wisdom!”.

All this as a whole is the battle of the “dark forces” with the “bright” ones, or soul-searching! As to the fortune of the ninety nine per cent of all the civilizations’ population who have chosen to stay in the traps, it’s normal for the Evolution. The man’s Evolution for it is not the intermediary stages (like the one representing the modern Mankind being an abstract function in the form of six billion Souls), but the final product: a Harmonious immortal Man-Creator, who has created himself. It’s the beloved and desired child of the Evolution. The Evolution is indifferent to everybody else. “It’s in the Fall that the chicks are to be counted”.

Everyone is to face an inner struggle with oneself, with one’s sereotypes, if one steps on this Way. It's an internecine struggle. If you stand up to it, you’ll win! If not: - you’re free to stay in your dead end, the mousetrap, so dear to your heart (Where nothing is, nothing can be had). It’s you that is to make your choice! You’ll be able to find out the details concerning all these problems and the ways of their solving, the ways of controlling your Fate and Karma when you have joined our System and mastered it in full!

Having read one third of the book the sceptics may suspect us of making an undisguised advertising. In this case let us cite the letter of a reader of the paper “Na Grani Nevosmozhnogo (On the brink of impossible)”. This person addresses us for the first time, but even the best image makers would not make up a better advertising of our System and the approach chosen by us. We quote the letter as it is.

Dear Alexandre and Tamara!

In 2001 I decided that I had completed my self-education  and needed nothing else, as due to a good knowledge of the Buddhism, Vedas, Bible, as well as due to thirty year long studying and practicing Hatha Yoga I healed all my 13 ailments. Now, at the age of 71, I considered myself healthy, i.e., I ignored all the physicians except the dentist and I believed I had reached the top of my capabilities, as I was capable of doing everything with my own hands.

But once in one of the issues of this paper (“Na Grani Nevosmozhnogo”) I came across the article “Sun Eaters” which intrigued me very much. This method is used by Hatha Yoga for correction of one’s sight. At 15 minute contemplation of the Sun I felt a decrease of my need in food. When the limit of 30 minutes had been passed I decided that a more serious step should be made. I started a 21 day complete fasting, but could stand only three days.

In 1981 I came across an article by Souren Arakelyan, biologist, where he gave a cell rejuvenation techniques with the help of monthly three day fasting. I tried this techniques then, but managed to stand only two days. My physician told me that one having a low blood pressure should not practice this. I normalized my blood pressure with the help of Hatha Yoga and as it recommends a yearly week long fasting too, I decided to pass this test again. But now I faced a new problem: my weight decreased sharply, my pulse increased from 60 to 100 beats a minute, and I had to take urgent measures to normalize the situation.

Recently looking through the last year issues I came across an article of yours, where you had stated that the point was in activation of synthesis mechanism. But the woman from Australia who advocated this technique wrote that all had to go in a natural way, within a 21 day fasting. After long contemplating I decide to contact you. I must know at least the reason why I cannot overcome the three day fasting limit, as it’s abnormal. If you don’t clear the situation, all will have to be decided by the time and the Lord God!

Yours faithfully,
Mikhail Alexandrovich.
The town of Yeisk

Here’s the best publicity for our Personality and Health Harmonization Comprehensive System. The publicity of advantages of a comprehensive approach to solving any problems. This letter clearly reflects the Mankind’s knowledge level of the man himself. Each one of the connected to our System and having studied at least 2 to 3 parts of it is an academician as to the knowledge of one’s organism! In comparison to such person all the specialists who perfectly manage the telluric knowledge in medicine, having mastered various practices in self-invigoration are just pupils from the preparatory classes. You may believe, it’s not an exaggeration!

Just judge for yourself: for 50 years the person has devoted himself to his health, self-education, sacrificed all his life to the techniques, having spent it as a hermit. The result of his 50 year labour is evident: a person who hasn’t activated the mechanisms of synthesis and photosynthesis, doesn’t work with his Consciousness, hasn’t awakened it wastes his mental energy, is unable to stop the process of organism ageing! All his achievements are a feeling of a victory over himself and a certain  delay in the old age coming and further on all is as with everybody! As to the fasting in pure form (like that, without turning on the mechanisms of synthesis and photosynthesis within the organism) presents a great danger indeed, especially three weeks long.

There is a pithy saying: “All roads lead to Rome!” which doesn’t mean necessarily that anybody has to get at the wheel of a car to get to Rome. But the matter is like that indeed when it comes to one’s health! The man’s aspiration for “attending” to his health without realization, embracing by his Conscioussness of all processes going on in his organism (in their interconnection, and interdependence with the processes of the surrounding World, the Universe) does not yet guarantee obtaining health and immortality. “Ability to control” one’s organism through mastering certain techniques it is not at all enough to get it.

As you will have understood after reading our books through the human organism is “foolproof”, that is it has a system of  blockages from an ignorant, unauthorized access of the person himself (or anyone else from outside willing “to do good”) to the controlling system unit of the organism in the form of four external shells of the energy body. Otherwise they are called the Heavenly, Particle-beam body or body of Light.

Without having awakened one’s Conscioussness, without having expanded its scope up to 65% a man has no smallest chance of getting access to his system unit, obtaining control over himself having become the master of his fate. More than that he may cause irreparable injury to himself and those around him! This letter is also an example of anti-advertizing to the refined techniques, lifted out of context of Life, it’s a warning to those no less strong-willed and resolute but relatively young people who think that they have a whole life ahead, and that they must achieve everything by themselves!

We asked through the channel concerning this: “How many years would the Mankind need having consolidated their efforts to create something similar to our System with the help of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tsigun and other health-improving systems and practices?”. The answer was short: “1000 years”. Those who doesn’t believe may experiment.

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