Skin and Blood

Skin and Blood

On the skin there are many active points called “acupuncture points” which react to the external energy, liven up at its effect and pass it inside the body. This process is effected under the direct guidance of the somatic nervous system closely connected to our mentality.

Hence any stress affects the perception of the external energy. For a correct carrying out of this process the condition of the skin (which is paid so little attention to) plays a role of no small importance. Inside the body the energy movement agrees with the blood flow channel. It is the blood that is the carrier of the energy. Taking this into account the condition of blood is very important for the organism vital functions. Long ago the scientists have discovered many unique properties of blood, which they are still unable to explain.

To have good health one must have good blood, healthy, elastic vessels. The blood must have an ideal alkaline reaction. The usual traditional nutrition upsets the blood acid-base balance to the acid side. At that considerable derangements in the body energy processes arise, stagnant energy phenomena in the organs and tissues in the form of energy poisons, impurities and viruses appear. Free radicals accumulate in the organism, they paralyse its normal vital functions. Its catastrophic ageing and consenescence begins.

Acidity of blood and organism as a whole causes an increase of organs, tissues and systems internal temperature which leads to destruction of DNA molecules of each cell and that causes still greater ageing and destruction of the organism. You should agree that there is no sense in talking about any effective assistance from outside (and about possibility of such assistance at all)! Neither most up to date medicines, nor extrasensory individuals, nor religion, nor even God Himself can be of assistance. Pumping such an organism with any energies is the same as increase electric supply voltage in a city destroyed by bombing. At the places where there are broken lines the energy will not get in any case! But short circuits and new fires will appear without fail (we mean the systems of the cells with destroyed DNA).

It’s only you having purified your blood and restored its energy properties that can help yourself. Everyone having studied and realized the processes occuring in the organism must become a healer for oneself! Unfortunately the tellurian science and medicine have little that can help us in this. They are not “informed” so far that blood, energy system and health are a single indissoluble whole which is much more dangerous to be studied and treated (healed, corrected) in parts than not intrude in this whole at all.

The condition of blood vessels is of no small importance for one’s health and a good circulation of the energy in one’s organism. The walls of the vessels are of nonstriated muscular tissue whose condition is closely connected to our mentality. Stresses destructively affect its condition causing spasms of the vessels. Hence changes of blood pressure, susceptibility to hypertension, dystonia appear. The condition of muscular tissue fully depends on physical activity of the person. Hypodynamia decreases the muscular tissue tone which affects the blood pressure, the person develops a susceptibility to hypotonia.

It must be noted that catarrhal diseases affect the condition of the vessels. Vitamin “C” is necessary for full-fledged health of the vessels. Our organism experiences disastrous shortage of this vitamin at the common “full-fledged” nutrition. Vitamin “C” is easily destroyed at catarrhs, physical and mental workloads, wrong nutrition. Any virus having got into an organism tries to affect the enemy’s transport communications first of all, so that to cause tangible, sometimes irreplaceable, damage to the enemy! The blood vessels are the transport communications of our organism. “Blowing up the main line” the virus tears out a part of the road-bed from the vessels and makes holes in them. That’s why tea with lemon is good at catarrhs. But there is just one snag to it… Fruits and berries containing Vitamin “C” are rather sour. If one takes them in a great quantity even with sugar, they affect the gastrointestinal tract, burn and destroy the stomach mucous membrane. It’s one more reason of vitamin “C” shortage in the organism.

To improve the receptivity of the skin, vessels, blood to the life energy, training treatment is good, self massage, using external needle-shaped applicators etc. Physical exercises are a must. It's useful to mention here that the skin is a universal organ. It can be on autonomous nourishment and pass the synthesized in it nutrients to all the organism. That is the reason that it’s so important to take care about it! From the times immemorial people fed their skin with various aromatic oils. It’s very important that these oils be natural. The creams which you use must be natural too. Chemical preparations affect the skin’s function stuffing it. Certain spots of the skin are connected to specified internal organs. Giving the skin natural feeding you give nutrients to the organs of all the body, improving the condition of the blood by that.

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