In Chapter Three we do not examine the organs from the point of view of the anatomic structure of the organism but from the point of view of their perception of the external energy.

Practically 100% of information of the surrounding world is received by the man through the eyes. They are closely connected with our Consciousness. Our Consciousness reflects the reality with their assistance. Many stereotypes (e.g. connected to nutrition) have been formed by the Consciousness not without eyes’ assistance. Should we see some picture, our Consciousness immediately reacts to it in a certain way. You have just to see the food you are fond of, and a desire to eat it appears there and then. Our task is to manage the information supplied through the eyes, so that we could keep our Consciousness’ stereotypes under control. Apart from that our eyes are also connected to our mentality. Stresses affect the eyes function. From the point of view of physiology the eyes are a part of the brain taken outside.

As well as all the organs mentioned above, the eyes percept the energy of the environment: from the Sun, Earth, water, Nature at contemplation of plants, various creatures, etc. the eyes pass the energy received this way to all the organs, tssues and systems of the organism. It is by this reason that the eyes are supplied with blood vessels and capillars in abundance. One can judge about the condition of any organ by the condition of the eyes.

Contemplation of the Sun, water, skies, trees, flowers etc. is very useful for the eyes. Many eye deseases are connected to insufficient being in the Sun. It is the Sun that activizes the informational perceptibility of the eyes. To improve the eye condition it is useful to perform the exercises for the eyes several times a day. To wash the eyes with tea, affect the acupuncture points around the eyes. To harden the eyes through washing them with cold and hot water alternately (splashing from the palms having closed the eyelids).

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