Digestive System

Digestive System

It participates in perception of the energy containedd in food. As this chapter is devoted to nutrition let’s examine all that is connected to this process in more detail.

The main value of our food is the particle-beam energy of foodstuffs. The particle-beam energy is the bioactive part of any plant, i.e. the energy synthesized in the plant by the effect of the Sun, Earth, air and water. This part of plants is called enzymes. Mr. Walker, an American physician, was the first to discover enzymes. It is he who has discovered the meaning of enzyimes for organism and invented the juice therapy. According to his ideas a person must have at least 6 liters of freshly squeezed juices of vegetables, fruits. If one doesn’t have this quantity, one doesn’t supply the most valuable nutrition component to the organism, enzymes, and therefore short supplies the organism with the required construction material. The organism becomes ill.

Having got into the organism enzymes regulate all digestive process and provide for an ideal health. It’s they that provide for assimilation by the organism of various nutrients: amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, microelements and macros, easily assimilable carbohydrates. Enzymes penetrate directly into the mitochondria of the cells by which their participation in the cell processes is conditioned. The enzymes regulate the energy processes within the cell itself as they bring into it the programs of the Nature (which cannot replace the brain programs though).

The daily quantity of ensymes used by the person should be such that the shortage of energy within the cells of the organism be corrected. The ensymes turn on the inner process of photosynthesis, i.e. the ability of the cells to perceive the energy of the Nature, of God and to synthesize on its basis all the nutritients which are needed by the organism. At the presence of creative programs within the energy body of the person all the systems of the organism regenerate and get restored according to them and approximate to the standard of God. That’s why one should not only have six liters of juices a day, change to uncooked plants diet, one should also take care that certain creative programs be formed in the energy body, and that means labour and your personal fight with the stereotypes of the Consciousness.

Going on with the enzymes we should emphasize that if you want to make up for a shortage of enzymes in the organism the products containing them must be consumed fresh only. At that if the required quantity of juices is 6 liters, 2 to 3 times more solids in the form of vegetables and fruits have to be eaten. Nobody is able to do that. Orienting one’s Consciousness toward provision of the organism with enzymes we throw out of the scope of our Consciousness’ perception other no less important properties of food. Any product is a biological system indeed, containing enzymes and other nutrients: acids, vitamines, carbohydrates etc. Many vegetables contain cellulose. All these matters not only can make up for building material of the cells, but they can affect the organism in a rough way. E.g. fruit acids may irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. That’s why this problem must be approached with skill and in full range.

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