Cooked Food Means Statics of Organism’s Vital Functions

Cooked Food Means Statics of Organism’s Vital Functions

As it has been stated, the enzymes get ruined at thermal processing of food. Any food turns into clay if there are no enzymes in it. The man is the only being in the Nature who constantly feeds himself with clay. All the nurishing ingredients of the foodstuffs dissociate into the component parts at cooking. We have determined earlier that the death is everywhere where there is no place for a unified process. The isolated parts of the nurishing system are not perceived by the organism and are identified by it as poisons because they do not represent the dynamics, but statics. They make the organism turn on the mechanism of its protection and cleansing. The thing physiologists perceive as a process of digestion and metabolism in fact is a process of organism cleansing and its protection from poisons, or organism functioning in an emergency mode. Its being in the mode of feeding with lifeless, static food exhausts its inner powers and decreases its immunity. The organism becomes unprotected against various viruses and microbes. It gets ill, acquires chronic deseases and dies. 

To effect the process of digestion in common sense the organism must do certain work:

  • determine the contents of the food and give the organism a signal for extracting and synthesizing of the necessary matters from its stocks (depots). Everybody knows that nutrients are deposited in various organs. E.g. iodine is accumulated in the thyroid gland, trace elements – in bones, energy – in muscles, vitamins – in the skin and liver, and so forth;
  • having chosen the necessary components, the organism synthesizes ferments from them which enter into reaction with the elements of food, bringing them to a condition suitable for safe transportation. A ferment is a complex of various nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, if necessary, trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids), united by the enzymes of the organism into a system containing life energy. Hence, the synthesis of ferments is connected with consumption of the energy of organism which means its weakening;
  • effecting its transportation to the destination, on reaching which the given compound dissociates again to the initial elements with their subsequent utilization.

Let’s consider this on an example of protein assimilation. Each protein product has only some certain protein within itself. To make the protein fit for usage the organism must evolve a number of amino acids known as irreplaceable: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, methonine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine. The organism takes these acids from its depot. If a single acid is missing, the process of protein processing ceases, it is not assimilated and decays in the intestines.

Where do amino acids come from? Every minute in the organism billions of cells die and undergo utilisation. The cleansing systems disassemble the cells into the composing elements and deposit them to their destination. The amino acids are important parts of each cell. It is they that the organism takes from the depot and directs to the gastrointestinal tract for the protein assimilation.

A similar process accompanies the processing of other so called nutrients. Thus for carotine, or vitamin “A”, assimilation organism must synthesize vitamin “C” which it has a catastrophic shortage of. Calcium assimilation from nutrients requires genitals hormone and a certain quantity of fluorine.

The just described activity of organism is known as internal synthesis and assimilation of nutrients process. It is an example of an ideal functioning of organism. In reality we have quite another picture.

The cells of the organism are capable of assimilating only natural matters which have biological activity. Other matters cannot get inside them. It is known that cooked food loses its enzymes and therefore all its components lose their biological activity. This means that these components are not assimilated by the cells and  remain in the intercellular substance. With time such unassimilated matters completely soil the intercellular space preventing the cell from being fed.

The cells blocked this way are unable to participate in the internal synthesis of nutrients. Therefore the organism cannot supply to the digestive tract the required quantity of ferments and this results in incomplete assimilation of food.

The indigested food decays within the intestines. Putrefactive bacteria get in blood and are distributed around the organism by its flow. Accumulating within the intercellular substance deposits they interact with viruses and cause inflammations.

As a result of thoughtless, wrong nutrition the matters harmful for the organism generate directly within the gastrointestinal tract. These poisonous matters spoil the blood making its reaction acid. The blood becomes aggressive to the cells of the organism, as their natural medium is alkaline. It spreads the poisonous matters around all the organism accumulates them within the intercellular space, but never takes them back which causes a general intoxication of the organism. Within the certain part of the body all the living processes change, stagnant phenomena appear, inflammations arise. As a result the structure and functions of the tissues change, chronic desease develop.

The common nutrition has only one drawback: it’s the same statics, which is formed in the food constituent of the Existence. The sense of our nutrition is in processing and cooking delicious food. Actually the food is decomposed into components, changed into inactive form, and finally this causes sad consequences. One by one billions of the cells fall out from the unified Process of Life. This process of self-destruction is supported by the Consciousness, by its stereotypes, by its fears of hunger in the form of the dogma that we cannot survive without food. From the very childhood we have been assured that to get fed up one should have a certain quantity of calories, or otherwise we’ll fall ill. Till the present time the evaluation of body condition is effected according to the weight acquired due to fatty tissue development and not to the mass of the healthy muscles which provide us with all the processes of the life activity.

All unrequested matters received by the organism are arrested by fat due to which they are kept at a certain place. According to our idea it is connected to an increase of the volume of the cells of the hypodermic cellulose. In fact all muscular tissue may be embraced by obesity and this causes a loss of the internal organs tone. All of them get covered with fat. It appears among the muscular fibres of our organs. As you understand, in this situation without changing one’s nutrition using any other ways, the improvement of one’s health is practically impossible.

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