Triplicity of Existence

Chapter Four

It’s not important that they are unable to see the solution.
The matter is that they are unable to see the problem.
Gilbert Chesterton

Triplicity of Existence

The World, Universe, exists as a unified organism due to its harmonicity, i.e. full co-ordination and interrelationship of all its processes due to the presence of feedback in them. The Harmony is subject to the general laws of Physics and Mathematics, it can be described in mathematical equations and formulas. The Harmony laws apply to absolutely all qualities and manifestations of the Nature, to all processes of the man’s life and activities, to his thinking, relations among the people, and so forth. The Harmony is the basis of Existence and Life in general.

The Life can exist where there is a motion, a certain rhythm, inherent to all its forms and manifestations. It is known that any motion is a certain process confined between starting and ending points (or between starting and ending data).

The initial data are given: black and white, two Principles. Their reciprocal conversion of one into the other creates an interim condition – grey. Night and day are the initial principles; their reciprocal conversions are dawn, morning, gloaming, evening. Similarly winter and summer are the initial principles; their reciprocal conversions are spring and autumn.

The past and the future are the initial principles too; their reciprocal conversion is the present. If we go on with examining many other phenomena of the life, certain initial conditions and final ones will be detected. Here are always Initial Principles which are the core of the Duality of the Universe.

Its main energy properties must be mentioned here. Everything that exists in the World is bent on such a condition which requires the lowest energy consumption. Hence it is this property that is inherent to the Initial Principles.

Of course in the beginnig of a certain process the initial condition of the Principles possess a balanced energy condition. The final condition of the Principles acquires such a condition on completion of the process, and this turns the the given Principle into something whole, stable.

Thus the constituents of the Duality are the constant, unchangeable statistical data (the dead points of the pendulum). If one delves deeply into each of them separately, one finds there complete rest, non-existence, darkness and primitive void. At that any sense of Duality is lost in this void. There are no reference points in it with the help of which one could determine which of these constituents is the initial and which is the final.

Real manifestation of the two constituents of the Existence become apparent only in their reciprocal transition of one into the other. To put it more precisely, in their constant motion, which is the third constituent of the Existence. Indeed, if we have a certain Principle, at the appearance of the third constituent, or the motion pushing the Principle to changes, we’ll receive a certain intermediate, and then Final condition gathering its potential, its force.

Having formed itself into something whole, the Final Principle turns into the Initial one of the next process. Thus under the effect of the active constituent of the Existence one Something gradually turns into another. We have received an Initial Principle, but it’s quite new, changed one!

For instance, the Day which has come to relieve the Night will be a new, changed one. The yesterday’s Night and Day are the past, they have fallen into the Non-existence. We still have the initial stable data: Night and Day, but they are new, having undergone dynamic changes! They are different from those which were before them and which will be after them!

Due to the third, active, dynamic of the Existence such notions as Space and Time appear. The characteristic and properties of the Space and Time are entirely determined by this constituent.

We must draw your attention to this: Motion is the transition from one condition to another, a new one. This transition is gradual, smooth. It’s not a fact, but a process.

All is very simple. The initial Principles are the two extreme points of the Pendulum’s amplitude. That’s why there is no either Space or Time in them! The extreme points are Facts. The Process is the third Constituent of the Existence. It’s only the Process that the Space and Time, which  promote the Life Process, are inherent to.

The duality is a structural property of the World, Universe. There is always something having certain properties, and something else having directly opposite properties. Due to motion connecting these opposite conditions the Universe exist. It’s the secret of the expression: “Life is a progress”. Motion is the third  Constituent of the Existence. Let’s call it the Life Pendulum.

Thus the Manifested World is the world of dynamics, the world of motion! The triplicity is peculiar to it. Therefore if the Triplicity is somehow removed from a certain process, the Life Pendulum (motion) will be stopped, and we’ll get the statics of the duality, or the cemetery repose.

Anyone who received a general education knows that the Law of Unity of Opposites and the Law of Conflict of Opposites are the fundamental (main) Laws of the Existence. Analyzing all the above mentioned, one can make a conclusion: the Law of Unity of Opposites have complete domination where there is Triplicity! Really the two structural units of a certain process are antagonists, but when they are united by the Life Pendulum, providing their reciprocal transition of one into another, an imperceptible moment arises which is called Life. Due to the Law of Unity all the multiformity of the Universe becomes apparent.

There where the Life Pendulum is turned off, the motion ceases, the Law of Conflict of Opposites starts to operate. The initial Principles of Duality enter an uncompromising struggle. In fact, one cannot expect a peaceful coexistence of two Principles with absolutely incompatible characteristics! This is an ancient struggle of two antagonists, uncompromising opponent debaters in which there’s only one eternal winner: the one who requires less energy for one’s existence. I.e. with the Life Pendulum turned off the statics, death, and Non-existence win.

The modern science, phylosophy, religion form their world outlook and concepts orienting themselves on the dead points of the Existence, or the Duality. Without doubting for a moment they refer the Space and Time to these points, believing that it is self-evident that the third constituent be enclosed with the first two!

Therefore (according to their belief) the participation of the Main Dramatic Persona, God, is implied an obligatory fact which has already occurred but doesn’t oblige us to anything! It is meant that after the Creation God retired having set all the processes of the Universe to the automatic mode. All that’s left of Him is the Energy and Informational Field and some energy entity, or Absolut, the source of all energies. And that is why only the man stays the master of the situation (home alone: does what he likes!). And singing lullabies in the form of mantras  and prayers is quite enough for God. Such life is much more comfortable and peaceful!

The news that God is safe and sound and never retired will be a shock for many. Having once together with His staff untwisted the Universe He rules It and has no right (so far as we know) to turn It adrift for a second! We, the tellurians, have been invited by God to this Festival, and we are not the hosts here, but the guests and we should behave in a worthy manner!

Thanks to God’s constant activity we, the people of the Universe and the Earth, owe Him the presence of the third constituent in all the processes of the Existence. Due to God’s Mental Energy, His Thought, the Life Pendulum is kept in active condition on the Level of God and Universe. It’s the Holy Spirit indeed! Without It the Life in the Universe and on the Earth would have been impossible in principle.

Under no pretext can God retire, for He is the Source of Life! The first secondd of His retirement will become the last for all the Existing in the Universe, that’s why it’s better even not to think about it.

The Life passes between the two Poles of the Existence: the particle-beam form of life on the one hand and the protein form – on the other. The particle-beam and protein forms of Life are the two opposites of the Existence, two its Poles. The Life is dynamics, providing for the reciprocal transition of the two opposites one into the other. It is in this reciprocal transition non-ceasing even for a moment that the Pendulum of Life, Evolution of Life, of Existence, of God and of Man is contained. The unity with the Pendulum of Life is the guaranty of the man’s acquiring of the right for Life. Beyond this unity the man is nobody for the Universe!

And it is strange that the modern man ignores this fact with stubbornness! One should understand and accept the fact that God’s Thought Power, His Holy Spirit (or as we say: God’s Mental Energy) is the live and continuous source of the Triplicity and existence of the Main Law of the Universe as a prescription. One cannot apprehend the Truth and live in a worthy manner without understanding of all this. As God’s Thought turns on and constantly keeps in an active condition not only the dynamics of all Universe, but also turns on the Life Pendulum in each of us on the level of thinking and the World realization. It is only due to active interaction with God’s Mental Energy that we are able to turn on the neocortex evolutionary development and use our 95-98% of non-realized capabilities confirming by this our right to be called “Homo Sapiens”.

On the level of the Universe the two Principles, Existence and Non-existence, are unified by the Pendulum of Life (God’s Mental Energy). The incessant reciprocal transition of the Existence into Non-existence and back makes the Life on the level of the Universe never-dying, eternal. God’s Mental Energy sets going the Laws of Unity and Conflict of Opposites due to which all the Principles with opposite properties not just get along together peacefully, but bring Life to all Existing in the Universe!

On the level of the man the Duality is represented in the form of energy and physical bodies, whose interconnection is effected by the man’s Thought, his Mental Energy. This way our Triune Entity is manifested.

We should emphasize here that of all Universe only two: God and Man possess the ability of controlling the Mental Energy (thought)! Other living creatures do not have such ability. A person unable to control his Mental Energy automatically stops the Life Pendulum within himself, turns off the Unity of Opposites with his own hands. The inexorable Conflict of Opposites is set into action when the antagonistic properties of the energy and physical bodies become most apparent, interdestructive. As a result the person having found himself between such sort of millstones gets ill and dies inevitably.

This outcome will pursue us until we learn to control our own Holy Spirit (thought) with the help of our Consciousness. Our purpose is to learn to find the Life Pendulum in all the aspects of Existence and constantly support its motion, making it eternal, continuous. A successful solution of this problem is to be made fully by our Consciousness which we must turn from conservative (hidebound) into free (developed) voluntarily and with our own hands. Only then it will be able to control our indefatigable and unbridled mental energy!

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