Nature of the Soul Nature of the Soul

This happy festival of descent made go round its head,
Only it was too exhausted to come back to Heaven again.

The soul has an Energy and Informational foundation. It is born due to gemmation of some God’s energy during the process of His mental activity. Therefore it has in its potential all the properties inherent to God: life, mental potency!

Its potential capabilities are realized gradually, in the form of energy clots on each Level of the Universe. There are seven  such Levels in the Universe.  Staying on each of them the Soul develops, evolves from the simplest energy clot to an  energopsychic Matrix of Man. As the Soul develops it builds gradually its shell, or body (from an elementery particle to man). As you see the Life Pendulum is present here too, it has an interconnection with the energy Entity of the Soul, with its physical (material) manifestation. You just have to stop it and the Soul will scatter changing into nothing together with the body.

Passing through seven Levels of the Universe, acquiring certain experience of its development at each of them, the Soul records it not only in its Energy and Informational Entity, but also in the Energy and Informational Field of the Universe leaving a sort of track in them. This track is nothing else, but a hologram, or the exam record-book of the Soul.

So the Soul has a prototype, its own memory, at each Level, it is closely connected to each of Them. More than that, the soul is not left to the mercy of fate, but from the first moment of its existence is under a close supervision of God and His People (collaborators of offices of the corresponding Levels of God’s World). The Soul is always in unity with the Life flows and is subject to its rhythms, it has been placed in its very nature.

While developing the Soul moves from God’s World (the World of Subtle Vibrations, or Subtle World) into the world of rough vibrations, to the Earth. This transfer is necessary as only in our world the Soul completes its development, having acquired a material shell! It is sort of replanted from hothouse condditions into the open soil. The Soul completes its development, forms a man’s body for itself and acquires its own awareness and realization of the world in which it lives. The Consciousness is an integral part of the matter. Unlike all other Levels of the Universe the unification of the Consciousness with the mind takes place only on the lowest Level, in the world of coarse vibrations. So the highest form of  Consciousness is born, but it’s a developed Consciousness yet! It’s to become a developed one still.

Having acquired the highest form of Consciousness the Soul may aspire to selfrealization, to Life. Having received a Developed Consciousness the Soul together with the physical body becomes immortal. So the Soul comes to the Earth with the only purpose: to get Consciousness! This is connected with the fact that in all huge Universe only God and Man possess Consciousness. While the Soul has been travelling along the Levels of the Universe, it has been using God’s Consciousness. After it settled in the man it has to live with one's own brains, form its own Consciousness, and having picked up God’s Consciousness carry it as a light source, and come back with it to God, so that go alongside with Him futher on, but now consciously!

A Soul makes the same way as a child born on the Earth makes. After the conception the parents give life to their child. Mother carries it giving birth subsequently. Then it is nursed till one year age, and only when it stands on its feet, becomes aware of itself and the reality, calls its parents Mom and Dad, extends its little hands to them, makes its first deliberate steps. From this moment they go together along the life.

The stages of the Soul forming up to its incarnation in the man is the child-bearing stage. At this stage it (as the child in the womb) is in no danger. The infantile age is the most critical age for a child until it acquires Consciousness and masters the communication with the parents in a dialog mode. This dangerous period ends with the first steps of the child toward its parents. It gains them realizing its parents late first year of his life (first time from the moment of birth) though they are a single whole with it from the first minute after the conception. The parents do not care if the child believes in them, what it knows or is able of. They know that it is to be taught anew, step by step. The main thing is that it should make its first steps and extend its arms toward them. All further way they will go together.

The same thing is with the man: having come to this world he stays in the critical stage of his existence until he becomes aware of himself and his Parents (makes his first steps towards them). Nobody is going to overcome this stage instead of him, everyone passes it individually. But not alone, and together with his Parents: the Subtle World and God, who take care of us keeping within their sight from the moment of the conception of our Soul. There is only one obstacle here: it’s the Consciousness of the man himself, which is blinded by various conditionalities, dogmas and stereotypes, which have been ranked by our physical world as indisputable Truths.

Ripe Soul (Indian Parable)

Once Fahrid was asked by his disciples:

– Jesus is said to have experienced no physical pain when being crucified. How can that be? Mansur is said to be smiling when his arms and legs were cut off. When his eyes were put out no suffering was noticed in his face. How can that be possible?

Fahrid plucked a green nut from a tree held it to the disciple and said:

– Crack the nut without damaging the core.

The disciple answered that it was impossible. asked:

– What about a ripe nut, is it possible to crack the shell without damaging the core?

– There’s no problem with a ripe nut, – replied the disciple.

– It’s all correct, – Fahrid said. – But you gave a reply to your question for yourself. Most people have their Soul fully grown together with their body. If their body is wounded the soul is wounded too. But there are other people. Their soul is so free that has the body as a shell. Damaging their body is impossible to damage their souls. Jesus and Mansur were the people similar to a ripe nut”.

Having acquired the Consciousness the Soul must keep the body as an integral form for the realization of the Consciousness, as having lost the body it loses the Consciousness too! And for this purpose the Soul must not just acquire the Consciousness, but also unify with it. It's only then will they be able to make their body perfect and imperishable, will they become  capable of tranforming it in accordance with their purposes and tasks.

The stage of evolutionary development of the Soul is completed by the Soul's coming back to God's World (home) together with its physical body and developed Consciousness, and we are not expected and accepted there in a different state. That's what the harmonized man is, it's a personality capable of becoming a true assistant of God. After having acquired the body by the Soul it's evolutionary development cycle completes. The next stage is the Evolution of the man and his Consciousness.

In no case one should understand the man's arrival to God's World as his leaving the Earth (in the form of Soul's ascending or some mythical "saving" of it). The Apocalypse time lets the man (and even makes it obligatory for him!) pass all this Way living on the Earth. The Hrmonization of the man will occur through  merging of our personal Virtual Universe with the True Universe with subsequent transfer of the Earth into so called the Fourth Dimension (or in other words: by the advent of the Subtle World to the Earth).

It's no accidental that the religion expects this moment with fear, having named it "Judgement"!  Then all in this world will be called by their proper names. This discovery will become a disappointment and a great shock for many due to lack of warmth of feeling and intuition before. And the main thing due to impossivbility of changing anything!

You must have already understood that our birth on the Earth is a great personal responsibility both before God and before all the previous incarnations of our Soul! As the stage of the man is the completion stage in its evolutionary development. By this moment it has passed millions of incarnations and reincarnations, but the stage of incarnation in the man may stop all the Evolution (or, which is still worse, go to Non-existence).

It is the man that will be to blame as he has idolized his Consciousness and his physical body and doesn't and wouldn't know his Soul! Though orally he stands up for its purity and puts candles to its salvation (of course from intrigues of dark forces, but not from himself). It doesn't occur to the man that he himself can so dully  ruin his Soul. He thinks that having come to the Earth he has at last received full freedom as all has been predetermined by this, his hands have been untied.

But really he has got freedom of choice only: to take the way of Evolution, making the first steps toward his Parents, or really go into Non-existence having dispersed into the smallest constituents, humus on which the Life in the next  Uniform will grow. And it's not the next scary tale! The percentage of screening of Souls before incarnaion in the man (while they are controlled by God's Consciousness) equals to zero. The persentage of the Souls having become aware of themselves, and joined their Consciousness and come back home (to God's World together with the physical body) is negligibly small: portions of a percent. As you see, the screening is  merciless!

Knowing just this fact one can stop all talking about the grandeur and value of the man: for the Subtle World and God the 6 billion of Souls on the Earth are just a bare abstraction, the children that have not yet been born, who just hesitate over the choice of being born or not! We, connected to God’s Channel, have already done this step, that’s why there’s so much fuss around each of us.

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